The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow October 3, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) According to Richard Baris, in Fetterman Massacre’s internal polling Oz,was about to take the lead.

2) Cankles prepares a 2024 run at Rutabaga based on . . . wait for it . . . criticism of open borders.

3) The public, according to DemoKKKrat pollster Mark Penn, rejects both the January 6 Patriot Day and Department of InJustice overreach. Six in 10 say that if the gubment wanted Trump’s docs, it should have just asked a judge, not staged a raid.

4) Biteme is trying to walk back the student loan payoff, which, by the way, would expose ALL of these kiddos to taxes.

5) Biteme allied with private groups to target 20 news sites for censorship.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

6) The FascistBI is retaliating against whistleblowers.

7) Jesus Carter has turned 98, making him the longest-living president. Seems like only yesterday he was screwing up the country.

8) Biological female volleyball players were banned from the locker room for feeling uncomfortable changing with a transoid.

-So, if the transoid is uncomfortable, bad. If biological kids are uncomfortable, meh.

9) Major unions have lost 200,000 members after the Supreme Court’s 2018 worker’s rights ruling saying they didn’t have to pay dues to unions that were backing DemoKKKrats.

10) The evil governor of Kollyfornia has signed a bill forcing doctors to push China Virus vaxxes or be kicked out of medicine.

11) A massive Arizona school voucher plan has gone into effect after enemies of children and parents failed to stop it.

12) Botoxic says illegals should be allowed to stay in red states to “pick up crops.” If any Republican said this they’d be driven from office in 24 hours.[/embed]

13) Kampuchea Harris, easily the stupidest veep in history, caused alarm after saying that federal aid for Hurricane Ian would be distributed on the basis of race.

14) A judge has ruled against Stacey M1 Abrams in a lawsuit filed by her PAC, over her loss in the 2018 Georgia governor’s election.

15) Someone ought to tell Occasional Cortex: a man plugged an $80k electric truck into his house only to find out his charging time is four days. One of my rock and roll friends had a marriage that was shorter than that.[/embed]

16) The so-called “Election Integrity Partnership” worked with the feds to censor conservative news sites.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

17) Transoid treatments are the new lobotomies.

18) Sign o' the times: while I don’t think Baily has a shot at the Illinois governorship, the fact that he is within “striking distance” says a ton about where this election will end up.



19) Yikes, this is getting scary. Larry Summers warns that we are looking at a global economic risk at the pre-Great Depression level!

-I don’t think he means “Roaring 20s” levels, either.

20) Amazon continues the shift to work from home, closing four of its five call centers and closing 44 warehouses, halting construction on seven towers.[/embed]

21) The bond yield-dollar feedback loop may create a situation outside the control of the fed.

22) Eurozone inflation at 10%.[/embed]

23) Fed’s index shows underlying inflation isn’t slowing down at all.[/embed]

24) George Gammon explains UK’s collapse: Liz Truss (the new Prime Minister) is not engaging in a supply-side tax cut, meaning the UK is stuck with Keynesianism. The UK is stuck at 9% inflation now, and with Truss’s plan, bonds have collapsed, leading to the Bank of England actually increasing the money supply. Bank of England is therefore increasing rates that will cause inflation to soar and stocks to tank. The result according to Mr. T? “Pain.”



25) Pootie-poot has annexed four regions of Ukraine declaring them part of Russia; and reminded the world that the U.S. set a precedent by using nukes.

26) The British Conservative Party vote is in freefall because they are not aligning with the populists. Its share of vote fell by 25%.

27) Now that the Russians have signed documents annexing the Ukraine lands, due to popular votes, all that farmland bought up by Soros/Vanguard/Blackrock and others just went away.

28) Pootie-poot says the west is “utterly satanic” with its “various genders.”

-Wait, and this is supposed to be the bad guy?

29) A Chechen leader is calling for the Russkies to use low-yield nukes in Ukraine.

30) Euro leaders are scrambling to mitigate their own winter freeze while blaming Pootie-poot.

31) Hmm, this seems familiar, can’t quite place it. Something about the “Pact of Steel?” Germany and Japan conducting joint military drills.

32) Rumor mill but there are multiple stories that a “major bank” is about to fail and the name that comes up most frequently is Credit Suisse.


33) Home prices have reached 10x the median income. (Should be no more than 2.6)

34) We are now at $32 trillion in stock value wiped out.

35) Big tech stocks have plunged between 25% and 66% from their highs.

36) Brazil’s presidential election is headed to a runoff, which shocks experts who thought Jair Bolsonaro had no chance.



37) A Russkie firm Deepcake got rights from Bruce Willis to use an authorized digital version of him.

-Bruceski Willisochensky?

38) Homosexual Woke “Bros” is another bust.



39) Steve Kirsch’s column reports that medical examiners were told to lie when filling out death certificates in Massachusetts. They were told to list the China Virus as the cause of death for anyone who died of anything if they had the China Virus when they died.

40) Two-thirds of Americans have said “Nyet!” to the next China Virus booster. Good, but maybe too late for many of them with their future health.

41) Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist who promoted China Virus shots on television, calls for a global stop to the vaxxes.[/embed]

42) American Assoc. of Physicians & Surgeons said that the FDA lied about ivermectin’s effectiveness and FDA should be accountable in court.[/embed]

43) Pfizer’s CEO bailed on EU testimony after a report highlighted a “secretive” vax deal.[/embed]

44) The studies showing the vaxxes were pure poison keep on comin’, this one from Vaccines: a new paper confirms China Virus vaxxes kill brain and heart cells leading to death.


And Finally...

45) And finally, the UK Daily Mail is all a-twitter about 64-year-old Andie MacDowell who “flaunts” her natural grey hair.

-I don’t think they are talking about the part I’m looking at, which is her Kunis.



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