The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 27, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.



1) Another “fine person” at the FascistBI has been exposed in the Patriot Day (January 6) festivities, as Luke Robinson (aka, #GingerGun). The only protester filmed with a gun, he is now seen in a photo that day wearing an earpiece.[/embed]

2) How bad are things for DemoKKKrats? The incumbent D senator in Washington has a 2.2% lead (within MOE) over the Republican there. Now, I don’t think Murray will lose, but Cahaly at Trafalgarsays her opponent is “gaining.”

3) BWA HAHAHA. Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake said that the comments by Liz Clusterbomb Cheney against her may be “the best gift I ever received.”

-In case you didn’t know it, Clusterbomb has the popularity of a tumorous polyp.[/embed]

4) If this is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s platform, I say “Hear! Hear!” Not one thing in here I disagree with.[/embed]

5) Female Muslim students at Syracuse demand special swimming time. Why of course they do. For one thing, I don’t think they’re supposed to swim with men who aren’t their husbands, and that lets out the whole transoid contingent on the Swim Team.

6) A newer clot-busting drug has improved outcomes for stroke victims.

7) “The War on Meat.” Psst. Where have you guys been? This started in the early 1960s with the whole cholesterol/fat/meat thing and accelerated when Panera was licensed to be Murder, Inc.[/embed]

8) Some 300,000 Floridians have been ordered to evacuate in the path of Hurricane Ian.



9) The mortgage rate rose to 6.59%, up 129% under Rutabaga.

10) The Fed’s little dot projections show it expects basic interest rates to go to nine percent.

11) Natural gas production has hit an all-time high, but so has demand, so there will be no letup on heating bills. (Why? Because green-weenie-ism has failed massively and everywhere people are returning to oil and gas).

12) The cost of charging an electric vehicle has risen 42% in four months.



13) Lights out, ovens off, as Europe preps for a coming winter energy crisis (brought on by their own green-weenie-ism and stupid slavish dalliance with Russkie gas.)

14) I love this woman. She refuses to be identified as a consumer slave, or a number. She stands for Italy, for family, for sex differences. An Italian Kari Lake.


15) Unfortunately, she is pro-Uke war.[/embed]

16) At a school shooting in . . . Russia, 13 are dead and 32 wounded.

17) Nigerian bandits attacked a mosque, killing 15.

18) Winken, Blinken, and Nod, the Secretary of State, just announced another $457 million for the Ukes. Did I mention U.S. inflation rate is projected to go to 9%?

19) Andrew Benjamin asks if this is the end of the EU as we know it?

-I am reminded of the last days of Napoleon’s empire: on paper it stretched from Spain to Poland, but in reality, hundreds of little kingdoms were held in place by baling wire, just waiting for the chance to jump ship.

20) The collapse of the Brit pound sterling has caused investors to fly to dollars.



21) Shades of “Deep Impact” as NASA’s DART spacecraft smashed into an asteroid in the first test of a planetary defense that could save earth from space rocks.



22) Former Trump spokesgal Kayleigh McEnany’s new Faux News show got three times as many viewers as the Communist News Network (CNN’s) “Inside Politics.”[/embed]

23) Aaaa-reck Bawwwww-dwin looks like he will face criminal charges over the fatal on-set shooting and has offloaded $29 million Hamptons home to shield his assets.

-The greatest actor in the world apparently can’t act his way out of this one.



24) Back to bats: vax-resistant China Virus has been found in Russkie bats. (Batskies?)


And finally...

25) And finally, even in Benghazi-by-the-Lake there are limits to what criminals can get away with: this crotchdodger entered a police building during a SWAT team training exercise and was shot in the face.

-Play really stupid games, . . . .



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