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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 26, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.



1) Trump weighs in on the midterms with a money blitz for his endorsed candidates.


2) Biteme politicized the Post Office, which conducted surveillance on anti-Rutabaga protesters.

3) If New Orleans was an outlier it would be a shame, but it is no different than New Kabul, Benghazi-on-the-Lake, Portland, New Calcutta, and Kinshasha-on-the-Delaware.


4) Vox is greatly concerned that the polling looks too good for DemoKKKrats and that they are being “set up for disappointment” again.

-The right polls have always said the same thing: Rs +25 to +40 in the House, +1 to +3 net in the Senate.

5) . . . but it may be worse for DemoKKKrats. AP reported that more than one million DemoKKKrats have left the D Party for the GOP, especially in the (uh oh) suburbs.

6) Hence this story: “DemoKKKrats warn of massive GOP turnout in November.” Wait, what happened to “muh Dobbs?”

7) The Electoral Count Act is unconstitutional.


8) Harvard has virtually eliminated conservative profs.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.


9) Kollyfornia is delaying the release of state math and English test scores until after the election. Now, why would they do that?


10) The defeated GOP primary candidate for governor in Rhode Island has endorsed the DemoKKKrat. Shocked!

11) I keep saying this. It is impossible to be “hip,” “with it,” and countercultural if today you support the evil government and woke culture in any way, shape or form. Traditional values now are the hippest of the hip, and no, it’s not hip to be square.

12) This analysis—“Is it normal for young voters to be this Democratic?”—has a flaw in the statistics, namely the surge of young voters for Obama (Zero) in 2008. Many have already left, some actually shifted to Trump. So his impact on da youts was sort of like the single jag in the “generations” analysis of William Strauss and Neil Howe caused by the Civil War.


13) Blue cities’ policies and anti-people officials are to blame for the mass exodus of law enforcement from those cities.

-Don’t care. Let them live in Thunderdome.

14) Speaking of Thunderdome, in Kinshasha-on-the-Delaware (Philadelphia) youts brazenly looted and destroyed a food market.

-“Food? We don’t need no stinkin’ food.”


15) The “fine people” at the FascistBI agents lied to a judge to get a warrant for drilling into 1400 safety deposit boxes to seize $86 million in cash.

16) Kollyfornia Christians slam ghoulish Newsome for “disgusting” pro-abort billboards quoting Jesus, calling them Satanic.

-100% correct, my brothers.

17) Finally, it’s being asked out loud: Who is our real president?

-Biteme or his staffers? Or Ron Klain? Or George Soros?

18) Speaking of the Rutabaga, Twit and Fascistbook suspended numerous fake accounts spreading “disinformation” supporting U.S. foreign policy, accounts controlled by the Pentagon.

-Shocked, I tell ya.

19) This is a start: Botoxic savagely booed at her appearance at New York City’s Global Citizen music festival. Maybe she should have sung.



20) The Fed is engaged in a historic collapse of the economy: they “know they are killing the economy, but they are doing it anyway.”


21) After the Wokist assault telling us how to live, gee, it turns out that people really do prefer capitalism, eating well, and staying warm.


22) “Tiny Homes” don’t work as a solution to homelessness because when people move out, they don’t go to traditional homes. They go back on the street where their “homies” are.

-Do they work better than shelters? In some ways yes, in others, no.


23) Want not one, not two, but DOZENS of citations about how the “decarbonization is critical to address climate change?” is a myth? Look here. They all begin with rampantly idiotic presumptions such as continually falling lithium prices if, er, demand goes . . . up and supplies fall.



24) The EU says it is not at war with Russia. Good to know.


25) Is Iran cracking down on the protests?

26) The EU is getting very concerned. First the Brits, then Hungary, and now Italy not towing the wokey/Euro line. Italy warned of “consequences” should it veer away from “democratic principles,” i.e., anything the EU doesn’t like.


27) Peter Hitchens admits the obvious, that the Brits and the EU are stoking the fires of war in Ukraine.

28) There were strange developments out of China, where 6,000 domestic flights were canceled; nearby nations were reporting that Xi was under house arrest and that there was a rebellion in progress.



29) Does the end of the Disney princesses mean the end of American “soft power” and influence? Or just the end of another company that, after the founder was gone, descended into crap?

-If anything, Disney reflects the cautions of Alfred Chandler’s Visible Hand, where, when professional managers take over, they focus solely on the bottom line and not on the vision of the company itself.

30) They don’t have a “Queen Grifter” position in the Royal Family, but if they did, Megxit would own it. Now she complains about “not getting paid” for a 2018 royal tour. She and Cankles are likely sisters from another mother.

31) Tickets for Yankees’ games have gone up to $9,000 resale as Aaron Judge looks to break Roger Maris’s AL record of 61 home runs.



32) Houston Methodist, the hospital with the first vax mandate in the country, relents.

33) The former veep of the EcoHealth Alliance said a group funded by Dr. Fallacy developed the China Virus.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

UncoverDC had the story back in February here and here.

34) A New York judge ruled the vax mandate invalid for police.

35) Rand Paul says there will be a Special Counsel for Dr. Fallacy.

-Ok, Randy. I’ll believe it when I see it . . . AND he better not be named John Sloth Durham.

36) The DoInJustice has charged 47 in Minnesota’s Somali community with stealing $250 million in China Virus funds from a kiddie nutrition program. Guess DoInjustice temporarily ran out of “white supremacists.”


And finally...

37) A little flashback to when Hollywood still had class. The 1981 Oscars audience cheers Johnny Carson’s comments to them that President Ronald Reagan was recovering well from an assassination attempt.

That’s when we had real movie stars.





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