The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 20, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.


1) A Boston High School says assassination is an acceptable means of combating oppression, subsequently taken down.

2) Hats off to Betamale O’Rourke, the perpetual loser who is now fading in the Texas governor race. This guy is the penultimate grifter, raking in millions for losing campaign after losing campaign.

3) The whole Martha’s Vinyard story is so blowing up against libtoids.

4) And this take: If Martha’s Vinyard tried to prove it cared about illegals, it failed miserably.

5) Yeshiva University has suspended all campus clubs after the Supes thwarted efforts to block the homosexual/transoids. This decision was in contrast to an earlier federal court decision: Roberts & Kegger joined the libs in saying that there were still other lower court remedies in NY, passing the buck.

6) Two different federal courts have refused to grant preliminary injunctions against the implementation of the ATF’s “Final Rule” that changes the definition of a firearm in federal law. Yet another one will go to the Supes. These stickerheads just can’t get what the USSC means when it says “hands off guns.”

7) Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said that inflation was the top concern of his service members—not the Russkies, not the ChiComs, but inflation.

-Yet Rutabaga just said that inflation only ticked up.

8) Nearly eight people are shot daily in Kinshasha-on-the-Delaware (Philadelphia)

9) How the Deep State came to America: A History

10) Iconic Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston posted a $900 million loss as a report showed that up to 70% of US hospitals will lose money due to staff shortages and skyrocketing costs.

-Staff shortages due to, well, you know. The elephant in the room.

11) Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul has a solution for all the illegals coming to his “sanctuary city”: Put them on Norwegian Cruise ships.

-That’s right, Eric, brilliant. Tell every illegal out there they get a free cruise. God, you’re dumber than a breast implant without the silicon.

12) Thirty senate Republicans demand Biteme pick a special counsel for Hunter’s criminal probe. Oooohhh. They “demand.” Maybe if they “strenuously demand.”

13) One small step for man, one small sentence for a fraudster: “Gone Girl” kidnapping faker Sherri Papini was sentenced to 18 months. Ben Affleck greatly disappointed.

14) A flying bike that can travel 62 miles per hour and costs $770,000 is now available. The firm says a cheaper model could soon be ready . . . at $776,000.



15) Twilio's CEO has announced 11% of its employees will lose their jobs in “anti-racist” focused layoffs.

-Gee, wanna bet there’s not a single racist of the brown, black, or yellow persuasion?

16) The Rutabaga said inflation was up “just an inch” (to around 7%!!) In a report that tanked stocks.

-Boy, the old Rutabaga sure knows how to instill confidence.

17) Housing woes starting to set in as builders cut prices, cancellations spike, and mortgage rates rise.



18) They’re baaa-ack. The Clinton Crime Family Global Initiative will start up again for the first time since Trump was elected.



19) Audience scores of “She-Hulk” are under 40%, while critics’ views are 83%. Disconnect. It is the first Marvel show not to make the top 10 in any of Nielson’s lists. There has been a downward trend in the Disney+ Marvel series steadily for almost every show after Hawkeye.

20) Dang colonials! CBS cut airing Queen Lizzy’s funeral to air the “Price is Right.” The Brits are right. We are uncouth.

21) Wow, what’s happening? First, Bill Maher makes sensible comments, now Charlamagne Tha God applauds DeSantis and Abbott for exposing DemoKKKrat hypocrisy.

22) The Kansas City Chief’s Willie Gay was given a four-game suspension after an arrest on a misdemeanor charge for breaking a vacuum cleaner in an argument with his son.

-So lemme get this straight: on Sunday, Gay can break arms, fracture legs, dole out concussions like candy, all perfectly legal, right? But the vacuum cleaner is out of bounds. Got it.



23) Actress Fran Drescher, president of Film Actors Guild-AFTRA, called for a meeting of her union’s board to try to end the criminal vax requirements in the industry.

24) And just like that, the Demented Pervert has declared the pandemic is over. Why do you still wear a mask, Rutie? There are all sorts of China Virus mandates still in effect.


And finally...

25) And finally, good news story of the day as a Cleveland mechanic has become an ER doctor at age 51 after starting classes in 2010.

-You go, Marcus Welby. Well, you go, Carl Allamby.




Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, A Patriot's History of the United States, and is the founder of the history curriculum site, the  Wild World of History. Larry can be found at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @WallsOther and on Gettr @OtherWalls and on TruthSocial @CyberneticsLS

Larry's latest book, Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and their War with the Swamp is now available wherever books are sold! You can listen to his interview with Tracy Beanz on Dark to Light HERE

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