The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 16, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.



1) Oooh, the NYSlimes is really anal-hurt this week. Yesterday was the article prepping its clattermonkeys for the reality that Trump will never be charged with anything, today it’s the reality that Republican women are far more appealing than lipppos (liberal hippos).

2) Ron DeSantis has sent two planes of illegals to Martha’s Vinyard.

-Folks, I strongly oppose sending some of the illegals to Chicago, New York, and leftoid enclaves like Martha’s Vinyard. We need to SEND. THEM. ALL!

3) He also said, “We are not a sanctuary state . . . go to a sanctuary jurisdiction.”

4) And now they are shipping busses to veep Kampuchea Harris’s residence. LOVE IT.


5) Margot Cleveland argues that Sloth Durham “botched” the “Muh Russia” hoax case.

-No, Margot, he didn’t. He did exactly what he intended to do, which is to ensure that no one above the level of a janitor actually got investigated.

6) Richard Baris, on his “Inside the Numbers,” has Republicans gaining net-two in the Senate (52-48) but has Blake Masters in Arizona barely trailing because of fundamentals. If Baris is right, the Senate would be 53-47. (“Arizona is almost back to being an R+5 state”). He also noted that pollsters are still blaming Trump for social biases in polling.

7) Delaware struck down its mail-in voting law.

8) Rutabaga breathes a sign of relief as railroad employees and railroad execs reach a tentative deal to continue service.

9) Predictable: University profs support tweet calling for “excruciating pain” regarding the death of Queen Lizzy.

10) This is actually good news. The out-of-touch clogspook media has ignored the top 10 voting issues in favor of the climate hoax, transoidism, and the Patriot Day (January 6) junk. Good.

-The more the Hoax News media is out of touch with voters, the less influence it has.

11) As usual, with solar and wind, we are probably looking in the wrong place for the replacement of fossil fuels in 100 years.

-How about “Hydrogen Production from Air?” (Hint: they use sponges)

12) New Mogadishu (SF) woman has sued San Francisco after DNA from her rape kit was used to arrest her for an unrelated burglary.

13) Inevitable: a Latino New Mogadishu cop was branded as a racist for arresting Hispanic drug dealers.

14) After Kampuchea Harris said “the border is secure,” an illegal told a reporter, “the border is open, we came illegally.”

15) The Arizona Superintendent for the Department of Education has been hit with a lawsuit for sending sexually explicit material to kiddies.

16) President Trump declassified the Mar-a-Lago docs.

17) The DoD’s new “equity” chief (i.e., the head of racism & sexism) went dark on social media after Faux News reported on her anti-white posts.

18) Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka is tied with the horrendous MurCowSki on the latest Alaska poll.

19) Customs and Border Protection told Congress that its database of phones, laptops, and other electronic devices that were seized as a screening process to enter the U.S. can be accessed by 2,700 officers without a warrant.

-“Warrant? We don’t need no stinkin’ warrant.”

20) I’ve been saying this: Trump’s MAGA army could transform Congress. Yep. If we win all of AZ, GA, NV, OH, PA, and NC (all MAGA candidates) this cycle and have about 7-8 next? Watch out.

21) The left’s latest attempt to censor dissent is called “Stochastic Terrorism.”

22) U.S. cities have worse murder rates than Ukraine’s civilian death rates.



23) Chevron’s CEO said Americans should brace for higher natural gas prices this winter.

24) FedEx delivered terrible earnings news, and its stock tanked.

25) The Philadelphia Fed business outlook fell 10% in September.

26) Kollyfornia thinks it’s going to phase out diesel trucks.



27) As always, what the Hoax Media reports in Ukraine is not usually accurate or true. The “Kharkov Offensive” did not chase out Russkie troops. They had already withdrawn. The Ukes used four brigades, and lost one in taking territory where there were no frontline Russkie troops.

28) Euro spoogenuggets are really unhappy with Hungary saying, it is no longer a full democracy cuz it won’t toe the Euro lines.



29) According to “YellowFlash,” the “Little Mermaid” remake teaser trailer has hit two million dislikes, making it possibly the most disliked video in history (up with “Ghostbusters 2016").

30) Apparently, “She-Hulk” was supposed to be released before “Ms. Marvel,” but was so monumentally terrible Disney had to swap them around to allow for emergency reshoots. As the “Critical Drinker” says, “Think about that. What we’re seeing now is the IMPROVED version.”

31) Our sad but apparently regular weekly feature as rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in New Calcutta (LA).

32) Blind Lemon Don has lost his CNN primetime gig.



33) The Danish Health Authority has banned the China Virus vax for most people under 50.

Ahem. They were requiring it just six months ago.

34) Steve Kirsch found an honest mainstream vax scientist, Martin Kulldorff, a Swedish biostatistician.

35) The evil FEMA contacted Ernesto Ramirez, Jr., and was told that it would give him financial relief if he would change his son’s cause of death to the China Virus rather than the vax.

36) And another from Kirsch: the CDC keeps changing its story on vax safety monitoring.

37) The vax narrative collapsed as a Harvard study found the vax was more dangerous than the China Virus.

38) Politico said that Alex Jones was right, that Bill Gates took over the China Virus pandemic from the start with “little oversight.”

-Oversight? We don’t need no stinkin’ oversight.

39) Over $1 billion in China Virus relief was awarded to foreign applicants, according to an Inspector General report.


And finally...

40) They’re comin’ for your doggies. I’m not kidding.

-They will have to pry my Stanley from my cold dead hands.




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