Durham: The Mirage of Accountability

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  • 09/19/2023

Durham seems to be winding down his Russiagate investigation, and those who have followed the completely contrived and fraudulent fiasco wonder whether Americans will see accountability. I doubt it, and I am about to tell you why. Before you run to social media to curse me for being "black-pilled," let me walk you through why, overwhelmingly, the evidence seems to point to exposure of corruption but no meaningful indictments.

Durham was appointed by Attorney General Barr to "get to the bottom" of all of this dirty "deep state" business targeting President Trump. Durham is a career prosecutor with a solid reputation. Investigations like these take time, you say. Grand juries are secret. No leaks! All true. However, as I look at how Durham has worked through the pile of evidence and bad hombres involved in Russiagate, I see lots of damning emails, testimony, and evidence—and no jail time.

From where I sit, Durham skillfully uses guys like Kevin Clinesmith, Michael Sussman, and Danchenko to expose massive corruption in the FBI and the administrative state there in D.C. However, consequences matter. Clinesmith effectively got a slap on the wrist and is now in "good standing" status by the District of Columbia Bar Association despite not fully completing his probation sentence. Sussman was accused of making a false statement in 2016 to then-FBI General Counsel Jim Baker—a 1001 charge. He was summarily acquitted. However, his trial exposed lots of dirty laundry in the FBI. He proved he was not guilty by saying the FBI lied.

I happen to agree with Tracy Beanz on this matter so let's look at her recent Truth Social thread on Danchenko's role in the "Steele Dossier" and his ensuing trial:

Beanz Truth Social

Tracy explains that in the process of putting Danchenko in the hot seat, all manner of outrageous FBI malfeasance is being exposed through phone records, emails, testimony, etc. Danchenko was charged with 5 counts of lying to the FBI. We now know Danchenko was involved in this scandal early on in 2017 all the way through October of 2020, and the FBI paid him as a confidential human source beginning in March of 2017. Even Devin Nunes didn't know about that one.

Yes, your tax dollars were used to pay a man who was allegedly proving a sitting president was a Russian asset, even after Horowitz, Wray, and Mueller presented their reports showing everything was nothing more than an absurd pack of lies. By the way, Danchenko was allegedly removed from the payroll the same day Durham was appointed. Keep in mind that Durham must have had a pretty good idea of the score early on. American Oversight writes:

"American Oversight began looking into the Durham inquiry as part of our broader investigation into the politicization of the Justice Department. Our investigation has uncovered records showing multiple meetings between Barr and Durham around the time of the release of the Mueller report—including one just a day after Barr sent his summary to Congress. "The frequency of their face-to-face meetings during this critical time—while Mueller's office wrapped up its work—raised questions for several former Justice Department lawyers," wrote CNN in reporting on those records."

In early September, Danchenko filed a motion to dismiss where he argued that the FBI knew all along the truth behind the Russiagate nonsense. So, Danchenko either has to prove the FBI was in on the entire charade or his lies were not material. In the process of unwinding all of the sordid details, Durham exposes, by way of Danchenko, just how deep the corruption is without having to lift a finger in the world of big fish convictions.

Now let's just say there are other things under wraps in the Durham case. Other subpoenas and the trove of top secret Russiagate documents that Trump supposedly had at Mar-A-Lago are still out there hidden in the ethers. It begs the question. For example, Durham plugs away as the FBI continues to doggedly pursue Trump at his home in Florida over his trove of Russiagate documents and nuclear codes. However, can Durham continue to use those documents while Trump has them at Mar-A-Lago? It seems unlikely. As Tracy stated in her Labor Day podcast:

"These indictments that Durham has brought up are literally strictly so that the people accused can prove Durham's case against the FBI for him without Durham having to go in and actually charge anybody in the FBI."

Let's talk about human behavior. You've got a toddler who throws tantrums and every time he does that; you reinforce the behavior by paying attention to his ridiculous behavior. What happens? He continues to throw tantrums. Next, your 10-year-old lies, cheats and steals. Instead of doling out logical consequences for those behaviors, you make excuses. You ignore the behaviors. What happens? More likely than not, some or all of those behaviors continue. Not only do they continue, they often get worse. Human beings need to be taught what moral behavior looks like through punishment and/or swift and painful consequences.

Now let's look at the last 6 years with our federal government. It is a relentless account of unlawful, unpunished malfeasance and criminal acts on every possible front. Russiagate, bogus indictments of political enemies like General Flynn, FBI agents making up stuff on politicians and people they don't like. Judges that fail to question FISA warrants. Raids of political enemies in the still of the night. Dangerous border policies that threaten our national security. Weaponized lawfare is now the rule, not the exception, when it comes to taking down one's political foes. At least to me, it feels like our government continues to turn up the heat and tighten the screws to the point where it is now a fever pitch of upside-down world horsepuckey. Good is bad and bad is good. Rules for me but not for thee.

Beanz Truth Social

Now let's look at the consequences for those behaviors. Ask yourself, has anyone of substance been put behind bars? Clinton? Brennan? Comey? Stzrok? McCabe? Answer: No. In fact, most of them enjoy book deals, media appearances, the freedom to continue to lie on social media, and on and on. That's because not a single one of them has ever had to suffer the painful consequences of their derelict behavior. What did we agree happens when bad behavior is rewarded? It continues.

One last point. Some argue that Durham is a stand-up guy who will get to the truth wherever the evidence leads him. Well, he does, in fact, appear to be doing that in many respects. He has exposed massive corruption. It is the kind of corruption that most of us would go to jail for. The discussion, however, is about accountability. Has he and/or will he put anyone in jail? Not yet.

By the way, the malfeasance and criminal acts are being exposed as if it's all in a day's work. In my opinion, it's because these kinds of behaviors from our politicians, our intelligence agencies, and unelected bureaucrats have become the norm. There is no downside to exposing the filth. Nothing to see here. It's just how it is. We are inured to it and Durham knows it. More importantly, we have no mechanism by which we can make him put these people behind bars. It is all a mirage.

If you finish reading this and you think I am "black-pilled," so be it. I would submit that at this point; I can look at the body of evidence over a pretty good period of time and confidently say I am just firmly planted in reality. Having said that, my attitude about the goodness of the American people and the freedoms we still enjoy is resolutely intact. It will take time to unwind the damage that has been done and I am committed to doing what I can to repair it.

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