The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow September 12, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Once again, folks, I will be hosting "This Week's News" on Brighteon TV, "America Unhinged," Friday at 9:00 EST.



1) This is fitting in today’s world. The Hunter Biteme laptop deniers are leading D.C.’s International Spy Museum.

2) In the “largest survey of college students ever conducted” several Ivy League schools ranked the worst for free speech in the country (Penn, Columbia, and Yale among them).

3) The Rutabaga’s electric vehicle goals are under threat by nature (not to mention common sense).

4) New Calcutta (Los Angeles) is collapsing. The population fell by 204,000 since July 2020; a UN official compared the slums to “Syrian refugee camps,” have seen public schools lose 40% of their pupils, and have lost 700,000 under 25s since 2002. The number of foreign-born residents (i.e., illegals) also fell, meaning even illegals don’t want to come to New Calcutta anymore.

5) And you can hear Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “The chickens have come home to roooooossssst” as New Calcutta mayoral candidate Karen Bass had her home robbed and two . . . guns . . . taken. Wait, guns? Why does a libtoid need guns except to frame a conservative?

6) A Florida sex sting has arrested 150, including a Georgia cop and two more Disney employees.

7) Three previous RINO GOP governors have endorsed Blake Masters as now they are starting to see that he will win.

-Course, that’s two losers and a crook . . . but hey, take what you can get, right?

8) Speaking of Arizona, in the governor’s race Katie Hobbs (The Hobbit) wants to avoid a debate with Kari Lake but the Arizona Clean Elections group rejected her town hall proposal. She has to do anything she can to avoid being seen one-on-one with the hottie Lake, who will shred her.

9) Senator John Kennedy, stumping for the Wizard of Oz in Pennsylvania, came up with the perfect campaign slogan: “Dr. Oz wears pants.”

10) Wait, I thought election denying was a jailable offense? DemoKKKrat candidate Vicente Gonzolez claims Mayra Flores stole Texas’s special election. Where’s the FBI?

11) I really don’t want to report this, but it is both sickening and necessary. And this is Rutabaga’s border: 22 different semen samples were found in an eleven-year-old girl at the border (semen lasts only about 24 hours . . . .)

12) Well, take it with a grain of salt as black voters for the GOP have been unicorns for years, but Rasmussen says the GOP is now pulling 31% of black voters.

13) Totally fitting since he’s taking so many of their products: Zelensky will deliver the keynote address at a U.S. Defense Industry Conference.

-Some day, we’ll look back and realize how this snake-oil salesman fleeced us.

14) Justice Neil Gorsuch said the investigation into the Supreme Court leak could wrap up soon.

-All they had to do was go a few doors down to Roberts’ office.

15) Leftoids, including the Demented Rutabaga, are demonizing populist conservatives for believing what the Left once believed.

16) America is under assault from communism in its new form, Plutocratic Socialism.

17) Again, these are disgustingly evil people: the Pentagon has told troops if they aren’t getting enough to feed themselves, apply for welfare.



18) Well, we’re back to failed “industrial policy” prescriptions. This time it's batteries that we must produce.

-Not disagreeing, but if a) we ban all trade with our main enemy, the ChiComs, and b) let American business deal with it, we will easily outstrip them. Stop selling to your enemy, and problem solved.

19) U.S. household net worth fell by $6 trillion (with a “T”) in the second quarter.


20) Called this (except I said it would be the IRS): Kollyfornia plans to tax Rutabaga’s student loan forgiveness.

21) VISA, Mastercard, and AmEx plan to start separately categorizing sales at gun stores.

22) Bank of Amigo just revised its recession forecast based on “stronger than expected momentum.”

23) Yet former Zero economic adviser Lawrence Ball, in the “scariest economic paper of 2022,” has predicted that 6.5% unemployment at least will be necessary to curb inflation.

24) Dunno about scariest. This is pretty scary. The insane Treasury Secretary, Janey Screamin’ and Yellin, said the U.S. must look to “the wind, sun, and other clean sources of energy” instead of oil and gas.

-You really do have to wonder after a while if these people even have one single working brain cell.

25) For example, here, A mining CEO says we don’t even have enough lithium globally to meet US electric vehicle targets. Now imagine if, say, some aspiring nation like Russia or China seizes control of the lithium mines.



26) In typical headline garbage by the Hoax News media, “Close Swedish election predicted as far-right surges.” Note that when leftist spooge like Biteme are elected, it’s never the “far left,” which they are. But anyone to the right of the Meg is “far right.”

27) Whoa! Now the New York Slimes is calling out the Huns for ripping up their “ancient forests” for energy. When you’ve lost the Slimes . . ..

28) Upchuck—Charles III—was proclaimed king. You probably have to go back to Henry IV to find such a marked step down in quality from one monarch to the next.

29) Only King for a day, and Upchuck already has alienated 90% of Brits by furiously gesturing for aides to clear his desk of two items he could have actually picked up and set aside.

-These poofters. Lizzie was a great exception. This was a woman who fixed TANKS in World War II.

30) While in Argentina—no friend of Britain’s—a TV host celebrated with champaign on air, saying “the old bitch has died.”

-I knew Ronald Reagan backed the right side in the Falklands War.

31) And the very tone-deaf Cankles compared Botoxic to Queen Elizabeth. Maybe Botoxic could compare to one of the Corgis.

32) File under, “You dug your own holes, ya piddledips”: EU’s director of energy producers says Europe will have gas shortages for five more years even if it boosts alternatives yesterday.

33) The war on children continues, now in Israel: “Having too many children endangers Israeli society.” No, having too many economics professors like this turnip endangers Israeli society. Time for a sight-seeing trip to Palestine . . . with no guards.

34) The Ukes regained control of the Kharkov region after Russia occupation forces were driven out in a counter-offensive.

-This is a big blow to Russian morale, but these were not front-line troops but police forces. Nevertheless, the Ukes finally got on the board.

35) China’s unemployment crisis is detailed here.



36) The chess world is in chaos over suspicion that a player cheated against Magnus Carlsen.

-“Siam’s gonna be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness” (Murray Head, “One Night in Bangkok”)



37) The FDA has blocked access to key tests of the vax safety analysis. Gee. Wonder why?

38) A speech therapist has been inundated with a wave of “China Virus Babies” who can barely speak because of the lockdowns.

-On top of other fitting punishments, Dr. Fallacy should have his tongue removed.

39) Peer-reviewed study: Ivermectin reduced China Virus death risk by 92%

40) More reports of China Virus vax-related heart inflammation in young males.


And finally...

41) Librarians have gone radical as new woke policies have taken over.

-Oh my God! Don’t release the librarians! Have you no decency?



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