The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 22, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) With the end of Clusterbomb Cheney’s House hopes last week, we have now seen the death of the Bush and Cheney political dynasties. As Josh Hammer wrote: There will be no going back to the old, feckless, moralistic nation-building crusades of decades past. There will be no going back to the old, neoliberal-inspired free trade absolutism that outsourced entire supply chains to our Chinese geopolitical arch-foe, dramatically undercutting America's industrial resilience. There will be no going back to the old, pro-Fortune 500 immigration agenda of open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and mass visas for all sorts of foreign nationals.

-I would only add that Trump also killed off the Clinton and McTurd dynasties, and Zero’s, too, if he had ever had one.

2) The last three abortion facilities in Louisiana have left the state.

3) Adam Laxalt and Joe Lombardo have surged into the lead in their Nevada senate and governor’s races.

4) Two new polls in Pennsylvania show the Wizard of Oz is narrowing the gap. (Under 5 points in Trafalgar). Oz is in very good shape.

5) J.D. Vance has dominated the most recent poll in Ohio (7 point lead).

6) The evil Fascistbook (Metabeta . . . Meta means “Death” in Hebrew”) is rolling out 40 teams to try to steal the midterms by disrupting groups and censoring content.

7) Meanwhile, in real election integrity, Governor Ron DeSantis said 20 people were arrested for Florida’s election laws.

8) The University of Kollyfornia New Kabul (LA) has launched a website to keep track of “attacks” on Communist Racist Theory. Ohhhh! Oohhhhh start here!!

9) New Mogadishu (SF), Cleveland, and Portland have seen downtown activity drop 50% as DemoKKKrat policies and crime (but I repeat myself) drove employees, tourits, and homeowners away.

10) Why don’t you say what you really think, Steve? Bannon calls former Veep Mike Pence a “mindless, gutless simp” for defending the FascistBI.

11) More renaming mania as Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis will get a woke name, as will Sheridan Elementary and Jefferson Elementary.

-I'm just waiting for Tupac Tech or Biggie Smalls Secondary School to be ruled “offensive.”

12) A lot of legal action here: First, Dr. Robert Malone sued the Washington Compost for defamation; second, a concurrence from Judge James Ho on the Fifth Circuit’s ruling against United Airlines on the vaxxes on religious grounds; a major victory against the IRS at the First Circuit regarding the right to contest summonses if you are not specifically named in a case; and a China Virus vax case against the Washington Nationals using the Americans With Disabilities Act (which has succeeded elsewhere). And, in yet another victory, the Sixth Circuit has sent a gun range zoning case back for consideration.

13) The Arizona Supes say voters can not repeal the tax cuts.

-Good. A rule of thumb should be once cut, always cut.

14) A new study shows that incompetent people are too incompetent to know they are incompetent.

-Pretty much sums up all of Washington, D.C.

15) How’s this for irony: the GOP can deny Clusterbomb Cheney any votes from being recognized based on a 1996 case involving Lyndon LaRouche and the DemoKKKrats. LaRouche sued the DNC chairman, it went to a three judge panel and was thrown out. The judge who wrote the decision? Merrick Garland.

16) The “Failing on Purpose Survey” shows that by wide margins Americans want a public education system that is focused less on college and more on preparing kids to build decent lives in their communities and life skills. Overwhelmingly popular are non-college pathways.

17) Parent and child rights groups have filed a federal suit against a Florida public school district for hiding transoid counseling from parents.

18) State AGs are challenging ESG.

19) In a FascistBI raid in Kollyfornia, the FBI lied to a federal judge to get a search warrant then even ignored limitations of the warrant.

-This has implications for the Mar-a-Lago raid.

20) About time: a school board has banned homosexual pride and Black Looters Matter flags from classrooms.

21) And in more education news, a notoriously woke Virginia school district kept a pedo school counselor on staff a year after bosses were informed of his arrest for soliciting a child prostitute.

22) Metabolism may be the key to future treatment of kidney diseases.

23) In New Kabul (NYC), Mayor Eric the Red Adams is preparing to enroll over one thousand illegal kids in public schools already dealing with overcrowding.

24) An appeals court has halted the Fulton County election probe from requiring Sen. Lindsey Grahamnesty to testify.

25) New York’s Femme Stalinist Letitia James, the AG, has threatened a church for holding a Trump-friendly event.



26) Nah, no recession here: Layoffs planned at more than half of American companies.

27) We’ve seen this movie before: U.S. mortgage lenders are starting to go broke after a sudden spike in lending rates.

28) We are in a housing recession as sales have plunged to lockdown levels, prices drop.

29) The U.S. is simply not adding enough oil and gas rigs to lower the price of gas.

30) Craigslist has cut the asking price of a Class A office building it owned in New Mogadishu by 40%, as the building is 3/4 vacant.

31) See the Quillette article below in the International News about an unexpected future, but one of the ways to reduce populations is to drive up housing costs

32) Citing inflation, Ford has hiked its EV prices by $8.5k, erasing the $7.5k tax credit in the Inflation Increase Act.

-Told ya. This is a form of “Taxflation.” When you see new subsidies or taxes are coming to businesses/schools, they immediately increase prices to offset, not lower prices.



33) The French Foreign Legion is back, arriving in Yemen to secure a gas facility.

34) China has cut power to factories, homes as its reservoirs have fallen.

35) Zimbabwe has been hit with 257% inflation.

36) When did the DemoKKKrats move to Turkey? That nation has lowered its interest rate even as inflation soared to 80%.

37) Pootie-poot correctly identifies the global battle as all of us against western globalist elites.

38) Joel Kotkin warns us that we are facing a population crisis, or, more appropriately a Depopulation crisis, as Europe has lost over 2 million in the last two years and Europe as a whole will lose as staggering 31 million by century’s end.

39) The Huns are planning for double-digit inflation this autumn.

40) Predictably, the useless mayor of London blames the city’s crime wave on weather or the cost of living, not his own slimescatter policies.

41) Think of what a victory we had over this: the UN recruited over 100,000 “Digital First Responders” to push the lying scat-clatter China Virus narrative.

And they failed.

42) A terrorist attack by Al-Shabaab in Mogadishu left 21 dead and 117 wounded.

43) Speaking of terrorists, the daughter of a Putin ally, Darya Dugina, was murdered by a car bomb in Moscow. But the Ukes are winning the war, right?

44) India is close to a $3 billion deal to buy Predator Drones from the U.S.



45) At the Monterey car auction, a 1955 Ferrari was expected to go for $35 to 30 million. And it ain’t electric.

46) Inevitable if women don’t stop this garbage: a man is set to become the first transoid to win the LPGA tour card.



47) Steve Kirsch—whom Media Matters had to capitulate and correct a false article about—demonstrates that the vaxxes correlate with illness, not health.

48) Seven of the major eleven international Classification of Diseases codes exhibit stark increase trends right after the vax.


And Finally

49) And finally, former NBA whackadoodle Dennis Rodman, who gives new meaning to “dribbling,” plans to travel to Russia to help Brittney Griner.

-Poor Brittney. This is gonna be at least another 10 years added to the sentence.


 And That's Today's News...

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