A Reckoning Is Coming. Can They Escape It?

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  • 09/19/2023

UncoverDC has been saying it for years. The COVID-19 “vaccines” are a catastrophic failure, and even worse than that, because they have led to the death and disability of millions. The mask policies were a catastrophic failure. The lockdowns were a catastrophic failure. The PCR tests were a catastrophic failure. For our honesty, we have been blacklisted, banned by payment processors and social media, and called agents of disinformation.

But, a reckoning is coming, and you can see the signs if you know where to look. The reckoning started before today when Anthony Fauci decided to “retire” after decades of service. It started before Walensky decided to “restructure” and “reform” the CDC. But these are two little signs that they know a dam is about to break, and they are doing their best to get in front of it before they are all flooded out. They are attempting these “changes” so that they can hide behind them and use them as cover for accountability. “See! We knew we did wrong; that is why we went ahead and fixed all of those pesky issues that caused us to harm millions of our citizens! We did wrong, we are sorry, and we restructured to make sure it never happens again.”

I wanted to make a list of their transgressions, but when I began to throw some of them out there, I realized how monotonous it would get. They started when the first case of COVID was formally declared here in the United States because their data showed the virus was circulating here far earlier. I proved it. Many of you also experienced it yourselves in the fall of 2019.

The U.S. Government, guided by the CDC, NIH, and other bureaucracies, literally DESTROYED the entire country. And it wasn’t just a United States thing; it was an entire world thing. It was tyrannical globalism. Not the kind that is ushered in by getting folks all amped up about global warming. This was much different. This was forced.

From the moment China locked down and welded people into their homes, paired with footage of people keeling over dead on the streets, average Americans were done for. And the sad part is, this wasn’t just some unprecedented failure of our institutions. They did it on PURPOSE.

The economy was destroyed. The supply chains were destroyed. Our children were destroyed. Our senior citizens were destroyed. Our freedoms were taken from us. Tyrants ruled over us. They withheld early treatment and therapeutics. They got us in the hospitals, incorrectly suffocated us with ventilators, and poisoned us with Remdesivir. They lied to us about how many died from this “virus.” They lied to us about the safety and efficacy of life-saving medicines. And when they were done lying to us about that, they literally tried to FORCE us to take an experimental gene therapy by lying to us about its risks and efficacy. They did this by blatantly ignoring our Constitution and mandating that people place a substance into their bodies. When that didn’t work, they used corporate fascism to get it done.

And as if that wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, they used all of it to steal a Presidential election.

Just let this sink in on its face. This is a small overview of what we have lived through (I could have gone into much more), and look at how bad it is.

The final nail for them will be the fallout from mass vaccination. I believe that is driving all of this, finally, after all these years. We have been saying it for a long time now; once the data is too big to ignore, once there are far too many families who have suffered death and disability, once people’s children started experiencing injury, and sadly, death, they would not be able to keep the lid on it any longer. We are seeing those things in record numbers now. I wish that we had all been wrong. It hurts me even to type what I just did.

For months I have watched as they’ve tried to hide this from the public by admonishing their systems as faulty (VAERS), by canceling distinguished physicians, by threatening to remove medical licenses, by censoring and attacking journalists, and also trying to vaccinate literally EVERYONE, so there is no one left to compare to. And for months, enough people remained steadfast in their refusal of the shots, loud about their side effects (consequences be damned), and litigious in their righteous quest for safety data that we have broken through. Add to that the fact that insurance companies are starting to have to “pay the piper,” as it were, and we have a recipe for disaster. Someone is going to have to be held accountable. It’s just too big to stuff under the rug.

They have invented new diseases to explain how everyone keeps “dying suddenly” while banning the hashtag “died suddenly” from Facebook as they hope it will stop us from seeing what is happening. They’ve said hot weather, cold weather, sadness, happiness, and nothing at all causes blood clots and heart attacks. Those are COMMON and mild, don’t ya know? They ponder all of the new viruses sporadically popping up everywhere, viruses we haven’t ever dealt with on a global scale, and those that were supposed to have been eradicated. They are attempting to keep the lid on an absolutely massive pot filled with hundreds of millions of people who are experiencing things all at the same time and are simultaneously unable to explain their own data showing that young people ALONE have experienced more death than the Vietnam War since the rollout.

I watch as they try to explain away the lived experience of millions who are injured, stripping these people of their right to demand answers and some, any, recompense for what they are dealing with now. Lives ruined, unable to work, ailments that can never be cured, desperate for someone to help them. Or desperate to HELP and wanting to be studied to potentially find some sort of a miracle to save someone ELSE from the heartache and devastation they have gone through.

The machine has weaponized human beings against themselves in ways never imagined. Some are so blind they will never see, but so many others are waking up to what is happening. The real question the perpetrators of this horror have to be asking themselves now is: “just how long can we keep this under wraps, and what can we do to the people who dare attempt to expose us?”

They can’t keep it under wraps. They know they can’t. Not the single biggest crime against humanity ever perpetrated in the case of the “vaccines,” not the tyranny they forced us under, not the fact that they funded and created the very thing that caused the rest, not that they telegraphed their plans to the world. They can’t keep independent media from continuing to publish, and when they banned all of us, they lost their ability to keep their paws on the information. And now that Tucker Carlson is beginning to discuss this in detail on his show, they won’t be able to stop the masses from discussing it. Too many have been harmed for shunning to work. And now, too many young people are dying for them to beat down all of the grieving families. Too many scientists are writing too many papers. Too many doctors are carefully beginning to speak a little more. Too many pharmacists have been recorded lying, and too many people are too heartbroken that they have lost everything they ever knew. There’s been a global genocide, and too many of us won the battle for them to cover it up.


They aren’t giving up, though. They are actually attempting right now to get MORE people to inject themselves with the latest iteration of the shot. It’s supposedly tailored for the “Omicron variant.” The more people they can get to take this, the less chance there is for accountability. Understand our mission.

People no longer trust doctors. They no longer trust our institutions, whether the CDC, the NIH, the HHS, or the FBI. They don’t trust the FDA. They certainly don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies. They don’t even trust the schools any longer.

The reckoning is beginning, and the only thing that will ensure accountability is you. Stay loud. Stay informed. Share vetted and sourced and scientific information, and we will never stop providing it. Don’t stop even when they threaten you. Be loud. Be brave. You are important, and you are saving the world.


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