Correction: Eleven mRNA Subjects Suffered Spontaneous Abortions

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  • Source: UncoverDC
  • 09/19/2023

Those of us aware of the inherent dangers of the experimental mRNA COVID-19 jabs are on a mission to share as much information as possible so, at the very least, others will be curious and dig deeper. While we want to scream from the rooftops how dangerous the experimental shots are—especially to infants—reporting on life-changing adverse events and the loss of life is extremely difficult.

On Tuesday, UncoverDC published an article quoting the incredible Dr. Naomi Wolf and a Daily Clout article stating that 44% of pregnant women in a 3,645-page Pfizer adverse events document suffered miscarriages. It is important to note that those brave enough to spend time shuffling through the massive quantity of Pfizer documents released each month quickly realize it is no easy task. There is no rhyme or reason to the order of the documents and they are extremely complicated to interpret. With that in mind, our article titled "FDA Knew 44% of Pregnant Women in Pfizer Trial Suffered Miscarriages" incorrectly reported that 22 of the 50 pregnant women in the report suffered spontaneous abortions. Cross-checking the data reveals that the number of women who suffered the devastating loss of their unborn child is 11, not 22, as the adverse events were mistakenly counted twice. This is great news, and we are happy to admit we were incorrect in our reporting.


Daily Clout has also re-examined their initial claim of 44%—which made the rounds and was reported by many reputable organizations—and has issued a correction at the bottom of their August 12, 2022 article stating:

"**[Correction: Two analysts have reviewed this Pfizer document and reached different totals and percentages than did the author of this report. The Naked Emperor finds, “If we remove all the withdrawn participants and pregnancies connected with participants’ partners (instead of the participants themselves) we are left with 66 pregnancies and 12 miscarriages/abortions, giving a total of 18%.” Phil Kerpen finds, “So really all we can say is that at the timepoint when the file was generated there had been 11 miscarriages after Pfizer vaccine.” Please reference Pfizer document: (pdf).]"

Even though our recent article in error focused on fetal loss, the Pfizer adverse event report includes page after page of adverse events, many of them severe. And while the massive report references a specific Listing of Subjects Reporting Pregnancy After Dose 1 (a list of 50 women) at least 34 participants classified as "exposed during pregnancy" to a Pfizer mRNA experimental product are reported separately from those listed among the 50 subjects reporting pregnancy after Dose 1. Many of them were exposed during "Dose 2." What does this mean? Were their babies born healthy? We may never know.

Another adverse event report labeled Listing of Deaths—All Subjects ≥ 16 Years of Age includes 13 subjects whose primary cause of death following participation in the trial is cardiac-related. This too is unacceptable.

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Reporting on the COVID-19 experimental mRNA "vaccines," their extensive list of adverse events, the fraudulent data supporting them, the jobs and lives lost because of them, and the agenda driving the push behind them is a heavy assignment. It is one that we don't take lightly. A claim of this magnitude is serious, and while we are pleased there were not 22 fetal deaths, 11 deaths are still unacceptable. The fact the FDA and Pfizer knew of these deaths and swept them under the rug is the real—and much bigger—issue, and it is one that we will continue to investigate. We apologize for our oversight on this issue.

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