The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 12, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) While this really belongs in China Virus news, it is so important I wanted to lead with it: Denmark announced it would prohibit those under 18 from getting the China Virus vax.

-Did you get that? We went from mandating they get it to prohibiting them from getting it in a year!

But, “Trust the science.”


2) Two stories stand out from the slimy Mar-A-Lago raid. Yes, it's a raid and it shows that it was a disaster for the Deep State. First, Grand Moff Garland had to make a statement saying he authorized it, even if he didn't know about it. And second, now they have to leak a story to the Washington Compost saying Trump may have documents related to nukes at the house.

-Riiiiggghhhttt, those documents were so sensitive that it took them 18 months to go get them.

3) Just sayin’, this is not a good look for The-Man-Who-Would-Be-President, Governor Ron DeSantis, who, up to this point, had been “A+” DeSantis: “The Silence of DeSantis—Florida Governor Ducks Media Appearances, Records Statements, Seeking to Avoid Questions About Trump Raid.”

-As I said yesterday, this will be a sheep from the goat issue for MAGA voters. No, you won’t lose all of them, but you’ll lose enough to lose if you do not come out forceful against this heinous FascistBI action.

4) Really important point from Flopping Aces: if we believe them (of course, I don’t), the FascistBI conducted a raid on a former President of the United States WITHOUT the permission of the current president (Rutabaga).

In one version, this is a hideous lie; but if true, it is a hideous outrage demanding the FascistBI be completely dismantled with the parts shipped to Rwanda.

5) Liz Clusterbomb Cheney has five days until she is unelected as a new poll has Harriet Hageman increasing her lead over the neverTrumper for the House seat in Wyoming. Latest poll has her down 57 (!!!)

-“But Dobbs . . . .”

6) Speaking of polls, Trafalgar’s latest poll shows that the FascistBI raid on President Trump increased motivation to vote. On the part of Republicans, 83% said they had increased motivation to throw the bums out.

7) Richard Miniter: The White House has declared war on its own citizens, and America has never been closer to a police state.

-Well, we’re close, but ol’ Woody Wilson in World War I might have something to say about that.

8) Then again, this has the trappings of Ferdinand Marcos: The Secret Service blocked off handicap parking for 20 minutes so Kampucha Harris’s hubby could shop at Whole Paycheck In New Calcutta.

9) YAF has filed a federal lawsuit against Kollyfornia College Administrators (i.e., the Failed Teacher Association) for free speech violations.

10) The IRS has deleted a job posting seeking applicants willing to “Use Deadly Force.”

-Nah, ya got nuthin’ to fear from the IRS unless you’re hiding something, right?

11) Arizona’s primary election was tough on incumbent lawmakers.

-Or, as Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) says in “Christmas Vacation,”

“Shi**er’s full”

12) A majority of Americans are concerned about Rutabaga’s mental health.

-Why? He’s perfectly normal for a brain-dead demented vegetable.

13) Kenosha, Wisconsin, county supervisors have voted to remove a ban on guns in county buildings.

14) When a black DePaul prof Jason Hill supported Israel, a white colleague claims he came from a “Sh*thole country” (i.e., Jamaica mon). DePaul organized, mobilized, and disrupted Hill’s classes and now has been sued by Hill.

15) A study on serotonin and depression has sparked a fierce debate.

-As Ronald Reagan would say, “Well, did it make anyone depressed?”

16) A whiney slitherchicken of a GOP “adviser” who is consulting an opposing campaign (Pence?) said the raid “put everyone in the wagon for Trump again.” A strategist backing DeSantis said, “we can hang it up,” meaning a DeSantis campaign. “It’ll be a coronation at this point.”

17) Calls for abolishing the FascistBI are growing, here . . . .

18)  . . . and here

19) A Twit employee was convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia.

20) Glenn Loury: is the “BIPOC” coalition coming apart?

21) Florida’s Board of Medicine moves to ban transoid treatments for minors.



22) The producer price index has cooled to 9.8% as recession probability increases.

23) File under, “We’re gonna teach ol’ Elon a lesson heah.” The FCC has rescinded nearly $1 billion in subsidies to Space X’s Starlink satellite to hand out instead to “rural broadband subsidies.”

24) After banning abortions, Indiana helps mothers by removing the sales tax on diapers.

25) Ford’s $90,000 electric truck sales flop. Gosh, wonder why?

26) Whole Foods CEO John Mackey “concerned” that the “socialists are taking over.”

-Johnny, Johnny. Do you ever look at your own ads?

27) Two of JPMorgan’s gold traders were found guilty after a long trial on the manipulation of prices.

28) As the Rutabaga touts “zero” additional increase in inflation, prepare for the “Great Stagflation.”

29) Grocery prices in July saw the largest increase since 1979, with eggs rising 38%.

30) A U.S. District Judge said Walgreens “substantially contributed” to the nation’s deadly opioid crisis by not stopping suspicious orders and dispensing drugs that were diverted for illicit use.

-The problem is, if Walgreens did “stop suspicious orders,” it would have been sued for discrimination.



31) The epic collapse of the west over Ukraine.

32) Why the Greenweenies cannot keep angry farmers down on the farm in Holland or globally. (Dutch programs would close 11,200 farms of its 35,000 total under new gubment rules.

33) In a move sure to be the envy of Grand Moff Garland, Nicaraguan police placed a Catholic bishop and several priests under house arrest for trying to “organize violent groups” against the gubment.

34) An advisor to the World Economic Forum, Yuval Harari, said, “we just don’t need the vast majority of the population” in the world today.

-How about you start with yourself, skaddlebucket? Cuz for sure no one needs you.

35) Me-hee-co’s most powerful drug cartel assassinated the new police chief just hours after he was appointed.

36) A one-legged suicide bomber used his fake leg stuffed with explosives to murder an anti-ISIS rival.



37)  OnlyFans bribed the Fascistbook (Meta) staff (remember, Meta means “death” in Hebrew!) to put porn stars on a terrorist watch list, so they were shadowbanned from Instagratification and other sites, according to a lawsuit.

38) The Disney+ bundle has overtaken Netflix in global paid streaming subscribers. That’s sad news.

39) And finally, a Brazilian daughter conned her mother out of a $60million painting by using a fake psychic to convince the mother it was cursed.

-It’s reported the daughter fell down a flight of stairs while trying to hang the painting . . . but not yet confirmed.



And That's Today's News...

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