As the Earth Cools, the Climate Change Hoax Heats Up

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  • 09/19/2023

Numerous experts believe 2020 marked the beginning of a 30-year global cooling phase. Yet, the post-pandemic hype around global warming (aka climate change) and the doom scenario it entails is at a fever pitch. No surprise there because that looming collapse is the driving force behind the global elite's Great Reset. A closer look shows that much of the climate data fueling the global warming hoax is fraudulent. For example, nearly every temperature station operated by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is corruptly placed to support the climate change scam. According to research by the Heartland Institute, an astonishing 96 percent of NOAA's temperature stations fail to meet the agency's own "uncorrupted placement" standards. Instead, most of them are located near objects that trap or produce heat, tainting their readouts.

On June 17, 2022, two career physicists who have specialized in radiation physics and dynamic heat transfer for decades emphatically stated in comments to the SEC that fossil fuels and CO2 (carbon dioxide) cause no climate risk. Their words were in reaction to the SEC's proposed rule "The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors." Calling climate science literature "a joke," Emeritus Professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen call the false data "pal review, not peer review." They add that "climate science is awash with manipulated data, which provides no reliable scientific evidence to support the proposed rule."


In their 28-page declaration to the SEC (which is seeking to impose massive and onerous 'climate change' reporting requirements on public companies), Happer and Lindzen clarify that CO2 is essential to our food and thus to life on earth. The pair, who declare that "misrepresentations, exaggeration, cherry picking, or outright lying pretty much covers all the so-called evidence," state they are shocked "that anyone could get away with such sophistry and downright dishonesty." They explain:

"We owe our existence to green plants that, through photosynthesis, convert CO2 and water, H2O, to carbohydrates with the aid of sunlight, and release oxygen. Land plants get the carbon they need from the CO2 in the air. Other essential nutrients—water, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.—come from the soil. Just as plants grow better in fertilized, well-watered soils, they grow better in air with several times higher CO2 concentrations than present values. As far as green plants are concerned, CO2 is part of their daily bread—like water, sunlight, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other essential elements. Without CO2, there would be no photosynthesis, no food, and no human or other life."

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Happer and Lindzen's comments to the SEC are part of a much broader scientific revolt by many scientists alarmed at the corruption of science—ignored by mainstream media—to advance the command-and-control Net Zero agenda, which is part of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset. Experts in their fields, Happer from Princeton and Lindzen from MIT, have a combined nearly 100 years of intense focus on atmospheric science. Speaking of the proposed SEC rule, they stand firm that fossil fuels and CO2 cause no climate-related risk. They add that this truth applies to Net Zero, which, when fully implemented, will lead to "massive falls in living standards." They write:

"Contrary to the incessant attack on fossil fuels, affordable, abundant fossil fuels have given ordinary people the sort of freedom, prosperity, and health that were reserved for kings in ages past."

Shockingly, Happer and Lindzen point out that the almighty Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), where Lindzen was an early lead author, is government-controlled and only issues government-dictated findings. Thus, it provides no reliable scientific evidence for the proposed SEC rule around climate change. Elaborating on this egregious catastrophe further and noting that "no government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles," the pair shared:

"Unknown to most, two IPCC rules require that IPCC governments control what it reports as "scientific" findings on CO2, fossil fuels, and manmade global warming, not scientists. IPCC governments meet behind closed doors and control what is published in its Summaries for Policymakers (SPMs), which controls what is published in full reports."

As governments ban fertilizer under the guise of climate change, like what is occurring in the Netherlands, Happer and Lindzen insist that reducing fossil fuels and CO2 would have "disastrous consequences" on everyone, including the poor, for generations. According to the duo, the current 415 parts per million (ppm) of atmospheric CO2 is not dangerously high. In fact, it is near a record low, adding that 600 million years of CO2 and temperature data "contradict the theory that high levels of CO2 will cause catastrophic global warming."


The demon that is the climate change hoax is immoral. The children of our future do not deserve a fate rooted in fear and entrapped in technology. We are at battle and need to support brave souls like Lindzen, Happer, and those who have courageously held on to freedom during COVID-19. As China manipulates weather and mainstream media downplays promising news at Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the omission of positive data that doesn't serve the authoritarian agenda of the Great Reset—which president Joe Biden is heavily pushing—is a reckless and severe violation of scientific method. The propaganda train behind the climate change narrative is the same one humanity has been fighting surrounding COVID-19 for almost three years. There is no option but to keep fighting.


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