The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 25, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) What has the squidpickles on the Left thoroughly terrified this week was the news by Axios that Trump plans a massive reorganizing and downsizing of gubment when he wins. Under “Schedule F,” a new employment category for federal employees, more than 4,000 Swampers would be reassigned into, eventually, oblivion, while Trump’s allies plan (a la Reagan in 1980) a list of qualified MAGA candidates for thousands of mid-level staff jobs.

2) Trump beats Rutabaga in 7/10 rematch polls despite the Patriot Day (Jan. 6) kangaroo court.

3) The latest Rasmussen poll has the generic ballot at GOP +10, up two from a week ago.

4) And Ras also has the Demented Pervert at only 36%, his lowest ever in that poll.

5) The Marquette Law School poll also has the Rutabaga at 36%, his all-time low there.

6) While the Rutabaga hits another all-time low for him at the RealClearPolitics average of 36.8%.

7) Texas continues to dish out hot huge losses to the Biteme administration, this time from a ruling at the US Supreme Court that said the feds are required to detain illegals. Specifically, the Court granted cert to Texas, meaning the case will be argued in December and decided in May or June of 23. The Court also denied Biteme’s request for a stay of the district court’s injunction.

8) Time to ditch the woke foreign policy driven by climate clodsniffers.

9) The woke military is finding it extremely difficult to recruit soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Funny thing: not only do they know their own pronouns, but they don’t like being told to wear high heels or read Communist Racist Theory books.

10) The path to Dobbs: the court in Casey disregarded the Constitution to preserve the “legitimacy” of the Court, only to see the new conservatives such as Thomas and Alito re-introduce originalism and textualism. The article cites three key turning points—the rebellion against Harriet Miers, Yertle’s commitment to keeping the vacancy caused by Scalia’s death open through the next election, and Trump’s judges.

11) The hijacking of the DemoKKKrat Party by the professional class has led to a green war on ordinary people, sending voters to the right.

12) Parents file suit against Communist Racist Theory in Tennessee.

13) It’s from a U.S. official, so take it with a grain of salt, but the director of the CIA says that Iran never resumed its nuke program.

14) DemoKKKrats are having to distance themselves from a race bigot who referred to newly elected Hispanic GOP Congresswoman Mayra Flores as “Miss Frijoles.”

15) A new book reinforces the notion that Watergate was a CIA op supported by the WaCompost.

16) Judicial Watch reports that Biteme is still sending billions to Afghanistan while refusing access to auditors to investigate.

17) The ChiComs placed Huawei equipment on cell towers near farmland they bought near military bases—this equipment can disrupt or capture signals. Exactly as President Trump warned.

18) Gee, even Thoroughly Modern Milley admits China is the more dangerous world foe, not Russia. By the way, those pumps don’t go with olive drab camo.

19) Ousted GOP congressman Madison Cawthorn “illegally spent” $200,000 in donations after losing the election.

20) Long-forgotten presidential candidate Algore said there was “nothing extraordinary” about his concession, then un-concession, then weeks-long battle that ended in the U.S. Supreme Court after he contested the 2000 election.

-Suuuuure, Al. BTW, Tipper was right in ditching your sorry tuchas.

21) A FEMA official says that illegals shipped from Texas to D.C. will be put on a bus to Miami.

-Sorry dude, ya gotta catch ‘em first, and ya’ll haven’t been too good at that.



22) We saw further deterioration of the economy in July.

23) Russia, Brazil, China, India, and Saudi Arabia are working on their own reserve currency.

24) In the fraud and racketeering trial of JP Morgan’s precious metals employees, one trader engaged in phony “spoof” trades so fast they told him he needed to ice his fingers.

25) Peter Thiel argues that material progress has objectively stalled in almost all areas, except computers and in the world of atoms. He calls it a “world of technological stagnation and demographic collapse” mixed with “sclerosis in government.”

26) Global debt now is at 250% of the earth’s net worth.

27) Stripper Miki All-Brite from Australia makes $98,000 a year, working just 93 days a year.

-Folks, I am in the wrong business.

28) The top seven U.S. cities homebuyers are fleeing from include:  New Calcutta (Los Angeles), New Mogadishu (San Fran), New Kabul (New York), Washington, D.C., New Beirut (Seattle), Boston, and Detroit.

29) Our own Michelle Edwards reports that Big Pharma and the FDA want to ban vitamins and supplements.

-Cuz, you know, they may be more effective in fighting the China Virus and other invented diseases than vaxxes.



30) David Blackmon reports that Justa Turdo has used Sri Lanka as a fertilizer role model. Maybe this spoogepuppet will be chased from office by howling mobs as the former head honcho of Sri Lanka was.

31) Speaking of the Canucks, a Canadian court finally stood up to Turdo to uphold civil liberties.

32) Coming to a bank near you? The Bank of China declared that people’s savings are “investment products” that cannot be withdrawn.

33) Did you ever think you’d see the day when a Russian leader called Americans totalitarians and said the west is unable to offer the world a future with freedom.

34) Saudi Arabia has plans to develop the world’s most futuristic city, with desalinization plants, helix-shaped buildings, and a spaceport.

35) Shades of “Goliath,” season three, where in Monterrey Me-hee-co, taps have run dry for residents but not for factories.

36) Ethnic communities in Australia are aborting girls to have sons instead.



37) The CEO of the struggling Netflix predicts linear television will be dead within 10 years. It’s possible Netflix will be dead by then too, but don’t forget George Gilder, in his book Life After Television, predicted the death of TV more than 20 years ago . . . but the “Big Three” are still here.

38) The Three Musketeers of Canceled Comedy, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart performed together in New Kabul’s Madison Square Garden.



39) Dr. Fallacy and others have been served in the lawsuit over alleged collusion to suppress free speech.

-Serve ‘em. Serve ‘em high!

40) Chaplains have filed a lawsuit vs. the DoD over the vax mandate.

41) Over 50 studies now refute vax efficacy and show that mandates were foolish if not downright dangerous.

42) Now, sperm damage due to the China Virus vaxxes.

43) Boosters are boosting variant deaths.

44) All New Zealand did with tyrannical lockdowns was postpone their death rates from the China Virus, as the Kiwis now hit record highs. Oh, and of course, the vaxxes play their role.

45) The lying CDC said it performed vax safety data mining after it first said it had not.

46) And finally, good news from the animal kingdom as the tiger population has increased by 40% since 2015.

-Word is the local human population has, er, declined by about 40%, but who's counting?


And That's Today's News...


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