The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 14, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Axios is warning there has been a “seismic shift” in the political parties and that DemoKKKrats are becoming the party of rich voters concerned with gun control and abortion while Republicans are now a multiracial party of working voters.

-Thank you, Donald Trump.

2) DemoKKKrats face a doomsday scenario in the fall.


3) Some DemoKKKrats think they can pull off a “mid-term October surprise” to influence the election. Two words for them if they try:

-Sri Lanka

4) A majority of DemoKKKrats want to abolish the Supreme Court.

-Psst, little crotch snatchers: it’s in the Constitution. Con-   Sti- Tu- Tion.

5) In New Kabul (NYC) the state’s “no bail” law has freed Mexican drug cartel smugglers arrested with $1.2 million worth of meth.

6) So now the story comes out: this evil toadstool wanted money for “legal aid” after being subpoenaed by the Patriot Day (Jan. 6) committee.

7) One of the leading paddlewhacker DemoKKKrats in the Patriot Day committee backed an extremist, secessionist group actually seeking a violent U.S. takeover. And he brags about “insurrection.”

8) Setting the stage for the 2023 agenda? Rep. Andy Biggs—my congressman—has called for hearings into the fraud shown in “2000 Mules.”

9) In Portland—a city not worthy of a nickname yet—property crimes are on the rise.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

10) It’s a start, but I don’t think it will go anywhere: Wisconsin candidates for office call for decertification of the 2020 election based on maladministration of unconstitutional drop boxes.

11) Now the employees in D.C. are trying to tell Congress what to do.

12) Deep state operative John Bolton admitted he helped stage coups in other countries, and that “someone doesn’t need to be brilliant” to take out a gubment.

13) Uvalde mayor complains about the release of the video that showed cops standing around for almost an hour during the mass school shooting.

-I repeat, he is complaining about the video, not the cops doing nothing.



14) Inflation blasts off to 8.1% year over year, weekly earnings drop to -4.4%, and small business optimism crashes.

15)  . . . while mortgage purchase applications plummet 14% from the previous week and the refi index is down 80%.

16) Me-hee-co says it will pay $1.5 billion for U.S. border “infrastructure.”

-Didn’t President Trump say he’d build the wall and make Mexico pay for it?”

17) Delta posted a $735 million second-quarter profit, even as it canceled 4,000 flights.

18) Young people increasingly see less value in a college education, a trend that Real Clear Education calls “an existential threat.”

-Yeah, funny: when you push hate-America themes and force students into majors like “gender studies,” people begin to think there’s no value in that.

19) When Shadowstats corrects for the real rate of inflation as traditionally measured, we are at a 75-year high of 17.3%.



20) In the past two days we’ve seen giant crowds of citizens overthrow the gubment of Sri Lanka, storm banks in China, Dutch and German farmers block roads, rebellion in Ecuador, Panama intervening to lower gas prices, and now . . . in Armenia, citizens try to storm the federal building.

-Heads on pikes, slimesluggers. Heads on pikes if you elites don’t back off immediately.

21) In the Telford Scandal in England, over 1,000 girls were abused and raped by Asian gangs while Bobbies looked the other way.

22) Ironic: the Tour de France—a race of bicyclists, the travel medium of choice for greenweenies—was brought to a standstill after climate whackadoodles blocked the route.

23) Pootie-poot is almost right: “the West has lost Ukraine and this is the breakdown of the American world order.” It’s really the breakdown of the globalist world order, meaning America is about to come back . . . with a vengeance.

24) New Zealand doctors have sent a letter requesting police to investigate deaths following China Virus vaxxes.

25) A video of Ukes selling western weapons has surfaced, including Javelin and Swedish/Brit NLAW anti-tank weapons.

-Your taxes at work.



26) Marquee box office sensation Mickey Roarke slams Tom Cruise for doing the “same part for 35 years” and said Cruise is “irrelevant” after Cruise’s movie “Top Gun: Maverick” was the hit of the summer.



27) More fallout from studies that are showing the higher the vax rates, the higher the hospitalization rates.

28) A mysterious object billions of light years away from earth is releasing bursts of energy similar to that of a beating heart.

-But wait, Huey Lewis said . . . .


And That's Today's News...


Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, A Patriot's History of the United States, and is the founder of the history curriculum site, the  Wild World of History. Larry can be found at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @WallsOther and on Gettr @OtherWalls and on TruthSocial @CyberneticsLS

Larry's latest book, Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and their War with the Swamp is now available wherever books are sold! You can listen to his interview with Tracy Beanz on Dark to Light HERE

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