Dr. Pierre Kory: There is Hope Against the March Toward Totalitarianism

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  • 09/19/2023

Dr. Pierre Kory recently delivered the opening address at the 2nd World Congress of the World Council for Health and Doctors for Life in Brazil, declaring that we are currently undergoing a historical push towards global totalitarianism. Dr. Kory, a founding member of FLCCC, was a featured speaker at the June 30 through July 3 event. With steadfast hope and unwavering resolve, Kory highlighted how the COVID-19 pandemic has personally and professionally changed his life.

Kory, who has been subjected to relentless attacks for speaking outside the approved COVID-19 narrative, described how he had lost old friends and coworkers who don't talk to him anymore. Yet, despite those losses, he explained along with the transformation of his career focus, a new network of colleagues and a new body of eye-opening knowledge has evolved in its place. Kory said:

"I didn't know two years ago that the journals were completely captured by the pharmaceutical industry. I did not know that. I didn't know that what appeared in journals is what they allow to appear in journals. I didn't know the amount of lies that were infiltrating science. And so I call myself a recovering physician now because what I thought was true before is not."

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FLCCC, Kory explained, has always adhered to the science—to data, to pragmatic guidance, to learning from others—while still believing in the power of anecdotal evidence. After all, it's essential evidence used by doctors. Indeed, from the power of observation, when a doctor gives a patient medication, and within 8 hours of being ill for seven days, they start to feel better, the doctor realizes "that [medication] might work." FLCCC has evolved with the data it has collected and shared what it has learned. Because of that—and because FLCCC's data goes against big pharma's directive—Kory and many others like him have been scrutinized and heavily censored.

Echoing a sentiment shared by numerous colleagues, Kory pointed out the current march towards totalitarianism is being waged—and, for now, won—through the control of information and the propagation of false information. He maintains that the mass delusion of the vaccines has momentarily silenced the voices of truth, science, and pragmatism, remarking the world has "gone mad" because it is drowning in propaganda and censorship. Still, as he expressed gratitude for being protected from the delusion, Kory believes one of the reasons he remains protected is because FLCCC has become a parallel structure against the calculated move towards totalitarianism. Kory emphasized:

"And it's not just the FLCCC; it's the Canadian COVID Care Alliance. And particularly, it's Medicos Pela Vida. It's also the World Council for Health, which now has 150 member organizations around the world. [These organizations] are the only protection and defense against the totalitarianism."

With no other option, Kory vowed to keep speaking the truth during "this war that we're in." He added that we have a responsibility to stay strong and truthful amidst "the forces and the power that we're up against, that are trying to destroy us and drown our voices." In like company (other speakers included Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche), Kory told the conference attendees that FLCCC wasn't intentionally built to become a parallel structure against totalitarianism. Still, given the circumstances, he noted, "it's one that we've grown up for" and must be continued.

Referencing Mattias Desmet—recognized as a leading expert on the theory of mass formation as it applies to the COVID-19 pandemic—Kory insists the only thing we can do is keep speaking up. Nonetheless, he is exhausted, saying "yes" to virtually every interview that comes his way. Sometimes longing for "the old days," he explained his present mission is never-ending because he feels "a moral and ethical responsibility to speak up."

Kory commented that he keeps hoping the current COVID narrative and all that goes with it will end soon, the wall will break, and the truth will come out. It will happen, he insists. After all, Desmet says totalitarianism does end, and often relatively quickly. In the meantime, Kory shared he feels deep sorrow for the world and those unaware of what is happening. Yet, he expressed that all of the grassroots movements on the right side of history, which were based on truth and a goal for the greater good of humanity, ultimately succeeded.

As he wrapped up, Kory shared his profound sadness over the individuals needlessly dying at the hands of the experimental COVID-19 jabs. Healthy, beautiful young people not waking up—being found dead all over the world. Some passing away on athletic fields, known to be their favorite place. Infuriated, Kory stated these deaths immediately get swept under the rug, making him want to fight harder. He closed his speech, proclaiming:

"This has to stop. We have to protect these children. And it's not just the children. There are young fathers and mothers, and all the babies being lost to this vaccine. It's one of the most horrific shows of all time. And especially when you know what's going on - when you have to watch this and be subjected to it every day. It's extremely difficult. [Still], we're going to keep going, keep speaking the truth, and keep being objective and open-minded. And, we'll get through this. Just know I'm going to keep showing up as long as I'm standing. So thank you for being here."

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