The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 5, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A whackjob, tattooed so-called rapper shooter killed six in an Illinois parade yesterday, now is in custody.

2) Trump has a 40-point lead over any primary challenger, including Ron DeSantis.

3) Biteme hits a milestone 30% approval in Civiqs. With margin of error, he may already be in Nixon territory.

4) Powerline opines that the DemoKKKrats are mounting a “pincer movement” to get rid of the Rutabaga.

5) One argument is that Biteme isn’t radical enough for the DemoKKKrats (keep in mind, this is the 30% of DemoKKKrat Maloch cultists who literally want to kill live children and give illegals welfare and free medical.

6) Another sign is they are beating up the new incompetent, inept toadstool of a press secretary, possibly to make Kampuchea Harris look good by comparison.

-(It ain’t workin’).

7) Then the Obamaites, Such as David BrokenAxelrod says Biteme is “not in command.”

8) Some 77% of respondents to a YouGov poll say the country is on the wrong track, up from 68% just a week ago in the largest respondent sample since Biteme took the presidency.

9) The latest from Harvard/Harris Polls has the Rutabaga at 38% approval, a decline of 47 points in just 12 months. In the same poll, Trump leads Biteme by 3 points and the Republicans have a 5-point lead on the generic ballot.

10) Biteme continues to push gas prices up by blocking new Atlantic and Pacific Ocean drilling. What a totally evil ogre. Human kudzu.

11) Yes, the gas crisis is 100% Biteme’s.

12) And yes, this IS Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court.

13) Paul Sperry reports that an internal email revealed that on January 5, 2020, the U.S. Capitol Police intel unit warned “BLM from Baltimore” was bussing in rioters and that “BLM/Anti will wear MAGA hats, wear camo, and attempt to blend in with MAGA crowd.” Gee, that didn’t happen, did it? Wait, did it?

14) Hunter Biteme’s corrupt links with the Rutabaga go deeper by the day.

15) Allies of the doltish press secretary, who makes Little Red Lyin’ Hood look like Stephen Hawking, is claiming she was being “set up” for failure by having a white man nearby.

-Linebacker Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson’s quip about quarterback Terry Bradshaw applies here; She couldn’t spell “cat” if you spotted her the “C” and the “A.”

16) Oh, now I see. The Demented Rutabaga isn’t at fault. The “struggle to break through” is due to “a deeper dysfunction among White House aides.”

-No, it’s due to the fact he can’t remember which pudding he had last night before he soiled himself.

17) On their way out the door for recess, the Supes remanded four gun cases (including Bruen) back to the Circuit Courts to align with their decision, including a ban on high-volume magazines).

18) DemoKKKrat propaganda has had its effect. Only 38% are “extremely proud” to be an American. Thanks Michael Obama!

19) In the tranquil and peaceful idyllic retreat known as Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago), a mere 54 were shot over the Fourth of July weekend and only seven killed.

20) Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona signed a law that sends millions to finish Trump’s border wall.

21) This is refreshing: Illicit Mullah Omar is booed by a 10,000-strong Somali music festival crowd in her own district.



22) In the chip war, Korea has spent big to stay ahead of the ChiComs.

23) Pending home sales plunged in June as the housing bubble appears ready to pop.

24) Former CEO and former senator both warn that U.S. inflation is far worse than we’re being told, and that we are already in Jesus Carter territory.

25) The USSC dealt a major blow to the green left and had a major win for Democracy.

26) A shocking look at the future with electric vehicles as a Tesla charging line in Kollyfornia at a charge time of 30-60 minutes means that people will wait all day to charge a car. Yeah, that’ll work.

27) Here is a sober assessment from a utopian: “How I wasted 20 Years of My Life” chasing greenweenieism.

28) Ron DeSantis, America’s Governor, will veto a $35 million facility for the Tampa Bay Rays after they politicized the Uvalde shootings.

29) Yeah, this will fix it. Transportation Sec. Buttplugs has fined the airlines $55,000 for each passenger on canceled flights.

-This incredible moron still hasn’t come to grips with the deadly destruction of the vaxxes.

30) Energy producers tweet that Rutabaga’s statements on energy were written by a “White House Intern’ who failed Econ 101.

-This is highly unfair to White House interns. More than likely was written by Buttplugs or Kampuchea Harris, who couldn’t get INTO Econ 101.


31) Eurozone inflation has neared 9%.

32) High-ranking Ukrainian officials were caught splurging on luxury real estate in Switzerland.

33) The EU caves as transportation of Russkie goods through Lithuania will resume.

34) Giant rise in stillbirths in Germany about nine months after the vaxxes.

35) Speaking of Germany, the second-largest city there, Hamburg, is having to ration hot water due to an “acute gas shortage” due to . . . well, you know. Begins with a “U.”

36) The Rutabaga may be right about this: perhaps the U.S. inflation rate is lower than Europe’s, as Turkey’s inflation hits 78%.

37) The Russkies, now in full retreat in Ukraine, have captured Luhansk, admits the New York Slimes. Or, as Admiral Bull Halsey said when informed that Tokyo radio said his fleet was destroyed, “The Third Fleet’s sunken and damaged ships have been salvaged and are retiring at high speed toward the enemy.”

38) The ChiComs have developed artificial intelligence that can read the minds of ChiCom party members.

-Pfft. That’s easy. “Reinvested dead substance.” “Overthrow the bourgeoisie.” “Workers of the world unite!”

39) Riots and protests in Ghana as prices soar.

40) Germany’s trade surplus is gone for the first time in 30 years due to energy problems.

41) Finally, you can rent Dolly Parton’s tour bus for $10,000 a stay, complete with old wigs. Word is cars get out of its way because it has an amazing set of honkers.


And That's Today's News...


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