“Cast for Truth & Freedom” to Sue Disney for Discrimination

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  • 10/05/2023

"Cast Members for Truth and Freedom" announced today their plans to file a discrimination lawsuit against Disney. In a press conference in Kissimmee, FL, the group of Disney employees, led by 18-year Disney cast member Nick Caturano and their attorneys, revealed their plans for the lawsuit. The group shared that the legal challenge represents the plight of all employees in Florida and around the nation who continue to fight for Religious and Medical Freedom amid the unprecedented discrimination taking place towards those whose personal choice is not to get injected with the experimental COVID-19 "vaccines."

Caturano spoke of the profound sadness he has witnessed among Disney colleagues who, for years, have loved serving Disney guests and being a part of their experiences at such a "magical place." Thanking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his leadership and common sense, Caturano remarked that now, everything at Disney—where there is no level-headed DeSantis in charge—has changed. Caturano and his colleagues, who made the decision to remain true to their "God-given constitutional rights" to choose what they put into their bodies, have been ostracized.

VIDEO: Nick Caturano on Disney's Vaccine Mandate

As time passed following Disney's implementation of its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Caturano wrote an open letter to the company pleading that "empirical data" proved that the company's demands didn't make any sense. Without a doubt, he felt society's media-driven "plandemic" course was heading swiftly towards committing "crimes against humanity by obliterated freedoms of medical choice, informed consent, of conscious & right to provide for oneself & family." With a firm hope that "normal" would soon return, Caturano's initial, straightforward plea to Disney's leaders explained:

"When the Vaccines were announced, I was skeptical about taking something that had no long-term data & was amazed how quickly everyone claimed it was "safe & effective!" My position has been, let's wait & see how this plays out. Seemed a reasonable position to take. I also respected & understood why many of my neighbors, friends & family members decided to get vaccinated. These have been scary times! Understandable, we were all hopeful the vaccines would ultimately deliver." 

Undoubtedly, Caturano, the Plaintiffs, and other employees in the same boat quickly felt mounting pressure to get the jab. Nonetheless, many remained true to their principles and right to choose what goes into their bodies. Still, before Florida law forbid Disney's mandate in late 2021, that decision unfairly cost some Disney employees their jobs. Those fortunate enough to receive an exemption were forced to wear N95 masks and shields or goggles while working in the heat and their fast-paced roles, "gasping for breath for hours." And despite being forced to "stand down" with the mandates, Disney currently offers no "dream jobs" to unvaccinated new hires.

Adding to the discrimination, unvaccinated Disney employees are visibly marked by their "bizarre COVID-19 attire," which is demanded under the company's new "Augmented Safety and Health Protocols." These employees, many of who enjoy natural immunity having recovered from COVID-19, cannot eat or drink around other cast members or guests, nor can they take a much-needed "breathing break" near others. And even though vaccinated persons continue to test positive and suffer symptoms of COVID-19 at Disney and across the nation, these barbaric restrictions do not apply to Disney employees participating in the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. Noting the prejudice, Caturano added:

"Our lawsuit against these discriminatory practices will bring to light that the "happiest place on earth" has normalized blatant discrimination, terrorized families, threatened livelihoods, and coerced permanent, medical decisions—injections that cannot be "taken off" at the end of a work day like a costume or pair of shoes."

The Plaintiffs each described exemplary work records throughout their careers with Disney. In seven perfect years with the company, one of the plaintiffs told of the first time Disney ever reprimanded her by accusing her of pulling her mask away from her face. She explained she was simply trying to catch her breath after being forced to wear it for her entire shift—both inside and outside in the Florida heat.

The Plaintiffs, who see the lawsuit as the only option left, have been outspoken to their departments at Disney against the unlawful conduct and protocols that violate their constitutional rights. Some experienced retaliation, with managers attempting to burn their written statements of company misconduct. They assert that when mass fear is bred, Liberty is fragile and must be protected, adding that "when human life is less important than your job, you know that society has a problem."

Plaintiff attorney Rachel Rodriguez remarked that for nearly 100 years, Disney had been part of the wonder and magic in the lives and homes of millions of children and adults around the world. Nonetheless, she said a dark shadow has come over the company that weighs down cast members such as the plaintiffs whose firmly held religious beliefs prevent them from receiving the COVID-19 shot. She pointed out that for decades, with its environment of "harmony and inclusion," Disney has been a preferred place to work for many. However, Rodriguez declared that "Disney cast itself as the villain in 2021."

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