The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 19, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) With the Wizard of Oz in a narrow lead, the Pennsylvania Senate race is still undecided as counting continues.

2) Trump’s endorsements were decisive in primary races.

3) The neverTrump Idaho attorney general was unseated by Congressman Raul Labrador.

4) In one of the all-time faux pas, former President George W. Bush spoke of “the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq, I mean, Ukraine.”

5) This is how radical the Whackadoodle Fecaleftists are: Mark Green proposed a measure to protect concerned parents from being federal domestic terrorism targets and it was voted down.

6) As we noted yesterday, Republicans in North Carolina cast 150,000 more votes than did DemoKKKrats.

7) They just can't help pouring money into Ukraine. Now another $215 million in food aid. Meanwhile, at home, food prices are skyrocketing.

8) The University of Illinois wants to ban the word “obesity” because focusing on body size is racist or something.

9) The female Minion Romney, Nikki Haley, talks tough on the border: “Enough is enough. Secure our Border!” Dunno, Nik. Maybe a hashtag? #SecureOurBorder?

10) Rashida Tlaib and other crazed members of the “Squad” introduced a resolution recognizing the “catastrophe” of Israel’s creation.

11) After the fascistic Disinformation Governance Board was ripped by both liberals and conservatives, Biteme quietly pulled it saying it’s on “pause” but Nina Jankowicz was forced to resign.



12) The Rutabaga has invoked the Defense Production Act for the formula shortage his administration caused.

13) Diesel costs have delivered a “body blow” to truckers.

14) A beer at New Kabul’s LaGuardia Airport (soon to be LaCheGuevara Airport) was sold for $28, prompting a new pricing policy. “Totally indefensible:” said a spokesman for the Port Authority.

15) A Goldman Sachs economist has warned that consumers maxing out their credit cards could lead to a late 2022 spending collapse.

-Yeah, from buying $28 beer!

16) Maybe we’ll all end up like this guy: a 600,000-mile Kia Sorento driver milked his 10-year warranty for nine engines.

-Yeah but did he get a beer with that?

17) Meanwhile the Dow dropped more than 1,100 points as retailers’ profits were crushed by the Rutabaga’s inflation.



18) Pilots have had 11 near misses with UFOs, said officials who testified to Congress.

-Dunno, but they may have been looking for beer that didn’t cost $28.



19) Hungarian president Viktor Orban: “In Hungary, a father shall be a man, a mother a woman, and our children shall be left alone.”

-How soon can I move to Hungary?



20) Of course he is: Zelensky is now a comic book hero. You might want to read that one, as he is going to be the only white heterosexual male allowed into comics for some time.

21) Well, this is embarrassing for the media: Americans are more interested in the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp Trial than abortion.

22) A former Disney intern was arrested for threatening to blow up Cinderella’s Castle. It’s probably due for renovation anyway.

23) The kerfuffle involving Jordan Peterson’s comments on a blubbery Sports Illustrated model missed the mark said Jason Whitlock. What he should have said was that the SuperSizeMe model was not healthy and no “amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”



24) The WHO changed its guidelines to favor lockdowns.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

25) Finally, season five of “Yellowstone” has been scheduled on Paramount Network for November 13.

-Like most men, I cherish a dream of dating Beth Dutton . . . then turning her loose in a White House news conference.



 And that's Today's News

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