The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 25, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill making it harder for faculty at state universities to retain tenure.

2) File under “Trump has lost his juice”: Trump-endorsed candidates have emerged victorious at the Michigan GOP convention.

3) This includes the Antrim County attorney Matt DePerno, who won the Michigan GOP Attorney General nomination.

4) Meanwhile, Trump’s favorability has hit the highest level ever.

5) Biteme’s decision—as if he makes any decisions—to end Title 42 is causing a record surge of illegals.

6) Even the New York Slimes is admitting that American voters are terrified. (Mostly of Biteme).

7) Little Red Lyin’ Hood Jen Psaki claims Biteme operates with “limitations” imposed on him. In other words, he is a demented pervert who, if left unattended, will show everyone who he is.

8) Faux’s Mark Levin has gone full Wardog.

9) New Hampshire U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan apparently is in trouble with narrow polls, as her recent trip to the southern border suggested.

10) In Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago), a mere 39 were shot and only five were killed in routine weekend violence.

11) File under: “No, no, really, this year the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl,” former Director of Intelligence John ("Daniel") Ratcliffe says still-classified docs will blow the Durham inquiry wide open.

-Suuuuure. Durham will indict a janitor as well as a legal aide.

12) Sodom and Gomorrah Update: the latest trend in public schools is “secret gender transition closets.”

13) Our own asks what’s with all the food plant fires?

-Don’t suppose anyone is deliberately trying to cause a “food shortage” do ya? Naaaaaaah.

14) In the lunatic asylum known as Kollyfornia, Bill 2223 could decriminalize infanticide.

-“But the weather . . . .”

15) More Kollyfornia civilized behavior as a dad of seven was “dragged into a room and beaten by grocery stores workers” after he complained about the length of a line.

16) Pennsylvania DemoKKKrats still sticking to the Demented Pervert in their senate nomination debate.

-Good for you! You just stay with him all the way to the general election.

17) Kurt Schlichter nails this one: Lib corporations are confused and scared because now conservatives are finally fighting back.

18) The Demented Pervert apparently has relatives in the military: A decorated Air Force general was found guilty of sexual assault on his sister-in-law—the first USAF two-star to face a court-martial.



19) Retirees have turned detective to find out what happened to their “lost” pensions.

20) Inflation has surged to the highest level since 1981—12%.

21) Uber’s decision to waive delivery fees from black-owned restaurants during the George Floyd riots could cost the company $91 million.

22) After Elon Musk put up a great offer for Twitter—which the Twitsters refused—and then lined up additional financing, suddenly the Twitsters have reexamined his offer.

23) Pacific Gas and Electric in Kollyfornia plans higher electric and gas bills.

-Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya. Prediction: Watch for Kollyfornia to attempt to nationalize this industry.

24) Trucking downturn foreshadows economic gloom. “It basically just dropped off a cliff.”

25) We call this being Fauchied. Office occupancy remains low while office prices have soared 16%.



26) French masochists, screaming “Thank you sir, may I have another?” Reelected Macaroni over Marine le Pen and Paper.

27) Trying to spark its sluggish economy, the Chicoms are now promoting . . . wait for it . . . coal.

28) Good news story of the day: Chicom stocks crash as the China Virus plunges the country into the “darkest moment in decades.”

Maybe next time you’ll think twice about releasing biological weapons.

29) Getting the feeling Amazon is going to be the next to face the wrath of voters and consumers. The retail giant is building a helix-shaped tower at its new Virginia H!2 complete with a tree-lined mountain.

-This reminds me of the Gilded Age moguls who failed to buy off the goodwill of the public with their donations to charities.

30) In a revolt against electric vehicles, drivers in England have called for EV owners to pay a tax, saying Evs still pollute.

31) As the Russkies have discovered, the Chicoms’ military sales are unreliable and of poor quality.

32) New releases of papers taken by Navy SEALs show Osama bin Laden had a second terror wave planned, including chartering jets and derailing trains.



33) Robert Morse, who was fantastic in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and in “Mad Men,” has died at age 90.

-RIP, Ponty. I believe in you.

34) For Earth Day, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell attacked Biteme from the left on his climate promises.

NOTE: Every Earth Day our family has a celebration involving a tire-burning. Guests are invited to come in a smoking clunker and bring a covered dish of some nearly extinct animal. (Spotted Owl Stew and Snail Darter Surprise are my favorites). We end the evening with a race between the bald eagles and the condors through a nearby wind farm. Good times!

35) Inept Trump election-fraud attorney Jenna Ellis has defended Disney against Florida’s retraction of “special district” status for Reedy Creek Development district (i.e., Disney).

36) It appears Disney Corporation has lost $34 billion in value due to its culture war.

-Not nearly enough.

37) Taylor Lorenz says she’s been banned from Truth Social. She claims she dindu nuffin.



38) A cause in the spike of homeless deaths in New Calcutta (i.e., Los Angeles) has been discovered: Overdoses.

39) Now kids are getting hepatitis—and health officials are wondering if it is the China Virus, but of course, UK health officials have “ruled out the COVID vax.” Sure they have.

40) And finally, a Kollyfornia woman whose car got trapped in a snowy wilderness survived for six days by rationing a six-pack of yoghurt and eating snow.

-She now has a best-selling diet called the Snowghurt.


And that's Today's News

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