Masks, COVID-19 and the Truth

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  • 09/19/2023

Look around. The unvaxxed aren’t dying off in droves. In fact, the findings are in, and it shows that those who were jabbed were more likely to get COVID than those who weren’t jabbed. What about lockdowns? Despite being told otherwise by “public health experts,” lockdowns had no noticeable effect on reducing COVID deaths. And get this. The military, which conducted its own experiments with marine recruits, found that those who endured strict lockdowns, double masks, and physical distancing were more likely to get COVID than those who went through regular recruit training.

Some doctors, like Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, discovered that certain medications reduced the need for hospitalizations by 85%, but Anthony Fauci would have none of it. In an emergency, one would think that any reduction in hospitalization is good news, but Fauci’s response was highly suspicious. Many independent journalists believed something was awry from the start, but that became painfully obvious when Fauci instantly pooh-poohed Hydroxychloroquine as soon as he heard it mentioned.

Enter The Masks

Instead, Fauci and company told us to wear face masks, and what a farce that turned out to be. When this whole COVID fear-mongering power play was unleashed upon us, we went from “people should not be walking around with masks” to “wear a mask” to “wear two masks.” Then we were told that the CDC wanted to give people a break from wearing masks.

Many independent journalists gathered facts not touched by the legacy media, and I was among them. A mask mandate was instituted in my town on July 4, 2020, but I wasn’t buying. I and my bare face started digging to find out whether masks actually helped prevent viral spread. To avoid tainted studies that might have been done simply to validate the narrative, I looked only at studies conducted prior to COVID.

What I found led me to believe that mask mandates were nothing more than a way to subjugate and demoralize the populace. Using the gold standard of looking only at randomized controlled trials with verifiable outcomes (physical tests checking for actual viral transfer), I found studies going back for nearly a dozen years before January 2020. Again, every study using the randomized control/verified outcome standard found no statistical difference between masks or no masks.

Let me repeat that: No statistical difference.

The resulting article I wrote about masks, titled “A Scientific Look at the Mask Fallacy,” went viral. Why did it do that? Because people crave the truth.

Thankfully, Americans felt some needless shackles fall off this past week because a federal judge ruled that the Travel Mask Mandate put in place by the federal government was illegal. This came as the result of a lawsuit against the Biden Administration for allowing the CDC to impose a mandate in violation of laws and boundaries put in place to protect individual freedom.

Although I’m grateful the mandate is gone, what bothers me is that if the CDC had jumped through the proper legal hoops and bought off some doctors to say all the “right” things, the lawsuit might not have been successful. Travelers would still be required to wear ineffective, useless face coverings.

Interestingly, in January of this year, the CDC itself said that cloth masks are ineffective.  No kidding! If they’d read my article almost two years ago, they’d already know that! Yes, it’s an “I told you so,” but I’m not a fan of sitting back and being content with people getting lied to.

Seeking and Reporting the Truth

Independent media sources like UncoverDC have been telling readers, viewers, and listeners the truth.  Independent journalists are not bought and paid for by big pharma, so we have no reason to stuff truth down a hole. We seek after truth, and we report truth.

PCR test

Consider the UncoverDC story written by Celia Farber on PCR tests. Farber had previously written about how PCR tests were improperly used when she was investigating the lies surrounding AIDS. So, when the world’s population was told to be very afraid as the COVID psy-op hit American shores, Farber was right here on UncoverDC in early April of 2020 with a comprehensive piece detailing how PCR tests weren’t useful for accurately identifying “cases” of COVID.

I invite you to go back and read Farber’s piece, titled, “Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?” and you will see that independent journalists were way out in front, giving you the truth long before any legacy media outlet ever got close to it. As time when on, Farber’s work was reinforced by brave doctors who boldly stood up against the official narrative.

Allow me to recommend reading “Could CDC Data Prove COVID-19 Infections in November of 2019?” by UncoverDC editor Tracy Beanz. Her article, published in early April of 2020, revealed that CDC data showed COVID infections were occurring prior to the official “start” date we were told.

In my Open Letter to President Trump in September of 2020, I pointed out how hospitals were financially disincentivized to provide early treatment. I wrote that the President should, among other things, press for the authorization of early treatment protocols using existing, inexpensive, proven medications.

Free Download

I could go on and on, but readers can download a compilation of UncoverDC articles exposing the truth about COVID—articles written earlier and with more depth than our “mainstream” counterparts. The PDF contains dozens and dozens of articles by UncoverDC writers and is titled UncoverCovid. It’s free to download here.

For those who would like to hear directly from the people who originated the Travel Mask Mandate lawsuit against Joe Biden, they will be on my Keep the Republic TV show on Thursday afternoon, April 21.  Leslie Manookian, President of Health Freedom Defense Fund, and attorney Brant Hadaway of the Daviller Law Group are scheduled to appear. The show airs on Brighteon.TV at 4pm eastern, 1pm pacific.

Bottom line, if you’ve been paying attention to independent media outlets (such as UncoverDC) who were documenting truth as the COVID scenario unfolded, you already know this whole thing has been essentially a farce. Call it what you want—a plandemic, a psy-op, a global dog and pony show; it’s all been nothing but the avenue by which Klaus Schwab and his band of merry men can push for top-down authoritarian rules over the population of the world.

As the saying goes, never let a crisis go to waste. In the case of COVID, the crisis looks to have been created. But that’s a story for a different column.

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