The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 21, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Roger Kimball, in American Greatness, has written that the elites are about ready to dump the Rutabaga and Kampuchea.

-Except who can they put in? Buttplugs?

2) The usually brilliant Victor Davis Hanson points out ten realities of the Uke war. Neither side will be fully satisfied with his common-sense analysis.

3) A top Texas election official has resigned after thousands of uncounted ballots were found.

4) DemoKKKrats are still beating the “insurrection” drum, and have sued to block three GOP congressmen from the 2022 ballot.

5) Now that the New York Slimes has admitted that the Biteme laptop, of course once called “Russian Disinformation,” is real, it is out in the open and may become yet another millstone around the Rutabaga’s neck.

6) Peter Schweitzer says that admitting the laptop is real could be the forerunner to an indictment of Hunter Biteme.

7) Georgia election fraudster shuts down an election crimes discussion.

8) DemoKKKrats have admitted their political witch hunt Patriot Day (Jan. 6) committee is all about the midterms—which they are going to lose, badly.

9) A survey, reflecting both the stupidity of the American public and the power of propaganda, has found that 35% are willing to risk nuclear conflict with the Russkies over Ukraine.

10) Twit canceled the Babylon Bee, a comedy site, for saying correctly that Rachel Levine is a man.

-Cuz he is.

11) File under “not New Calcutta?” Rapper Baby Cino was shot dead minutes after leaving jail in Miami.

-And not by a cop.

12) House DemoKKKrats are trying to stop an election audit in New Mexico.

13) After Alabama senate candidate Mo Brooks got in hot water with his endorser, Donald Trump, he now has called for Yertle’s ouster.

14) Good news for me and my homeschool curriculum: Parents who began homeschooling during the China Virus don’t want to send their kids back.

15) Kampuchea Harris loses her TENTH staffer since June. I mean, who doesn’t wanna work for an incompetent cackler who slept her way to the top?



16) The elites have suggested dystopian price controls to “manage” soaring energy costs. Own nothing. Go nowhere.

-COMMENT: The great American businessman Juan Trippe founded Pan American Airlines with the intent of making flying affordable to all. In the 1950s, he brought the entire world airline industry kicking and screaming into the jet age with his 707. Businesspeople always make traveling better, faster, and cheaper, while government, with its mandates, always makes it harder and more expensive.

17) Office vacancy rates are huge, while office attendance is still low everywhere as the China Virus fear porn is still being spewed in big cities.

18) Maryland and Georgia have suspended gas taxes to ease pain at the pump.

-Good. Now make it permanent.



19) A space conference has erased the name of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin from an event that claims to “celebrate human achievements.”

-Watch out. The commies are gonna be mad now.

20) A Star Trek spinoff has made a huge mistake. It had Stacy (M1) Abrams playing the president of earth.

-They meant to have her portraying “earth”. You know, like “Ego: the Living Planet” in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

21) Network airbrushes a photo of the male swimmer Lia Thomas to make him look more feminine.



22) In fact, the Canuckistan Trucker Convoy was 100% effective: there was panic and confusion following the financial crackdown on the truckers in Canuckistan.

23) Xi told Biteme to stuff it: “He who tied the bell to the tiger must take it off.” ChiComs would not help the U.S. fight Russia now so we can fight them later.

24) The Financial Times has a great animated map backing up the course of the Uke War. Dunno, but I think it is pretty well summed up in the first one, showing the Russkies already have the territories they wanted, including a land link-up with Crimea.

25) Meanwhile, the West’s democratic hero, Zelensky, has banned opposing political parties.

26)  . . . while combining all Ukrainian media into one National television channel. Yeah, that sounds like democracy and opposing voices.

27) Meanwhile, the anti-globalist Jair Bolsonaro’s favorite communication platform, Telegram, was blocked in Brazil by an opposing judge.

-Gee, sounds like Jack and Twitter here in America.

28) Pootie-poot may be losing the information/propaganda war, but he’s winning the battlefield war.

29) Russia has promised to block transfer of the S-300 missile defense system to Ukraine.

30) The Hoax Media has freaked out as South Korea has elected an openly-anti-feminist candidate who vowed to eliminate the “Ministry of Gender Equality.”

31) Zelensky flipped on his previous denunciation of Israel’s mediation attempts, now saying he is “grateful” for them.

32) Russians have been accused of “war crimes,” but did the Ukraine Mobile Hospital Head Gennady Druzenko in his own words order the castration of wounded Russians because they are “cockroaches?”



33) On EpochTV, the released Pfizer docs show 158,000 adverse effects, 42,000 case reports, and 1,200 fatalities in just the first three months!

34) In 44 “Muh Science” studies on vax efficacy that generate doubt about the usefulness of vax mandates.

35) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! The China Virus bailouts favored politically connected businesses more than others.

36) The CDC has removed 24% of child China Virus deaths from its rolls, plus thousands of others.

-This is called “cleanup on Aisle Five.”

37) That’s it. The genie is out of the bottle, as the New Hampshire House has approved over-the-counter ivermectin.

38) GOP Senators have introduced a bill to help victims of the China Virus vax injuries.

-This of course will go nowhere with Yertle.

39) The now-irrelevant Dr. Fallacy has reemerged from the shadows wanting to lock down America again.

40) Louisville vaxiopathic doctor and director of vaxxes has died suddenly at age 36. Of course, no questions are asked.

41) Finally, a new study has shown that the “Google effect” means you are more likely to forget the information you read online.

-I had a really good story to share with you guys, but, . . . I dunno, I seem to have forgotten it.


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