Urgent Plea to Convince FDA to Reject Pfizer Jab in Kids Under Five

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  • 09/19/2023

After a brief pause, Pfizer hopes to receive Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA in April to inject children six months to four years with its mRNA COVID-19 "vaccine." The agency—which had asked Pfizer to speed up its application due to Omicron and "a surge of infections among children"—had intended to decide on EUA approval based on early trial data in mid-February, with the government planning to roll it out on Feb. 21. However, with two failed attempts in the young age group, the agency said it needed more information before making a decision. With Pfizer expected to deliver more data in early April, there is concern that the FDA will push through the Pfizer gene-therapy "vaccine" for babies and young children within the next 30 days.

On Feb. 11, the New York Times reported on the FDA's delay in its push to get the shot into the arms of babies and young children. Calling the decision a "striking reversal," the Times revealed the second failure of Pfizer's trial, despite months of data. The paper explained:

Then, late on Thursday [Feb. 10], Pfizer alerted the FDA that it had more recent data, from mid-January on, showing a more discouraging picture as the Omicron variant bore down. The new data revealed that two doses were not sufficiently effective in preventing symptomatic infection.

Dr. Peter Marks, head of the FDA division responsible for vaccine safety, said the decision to delay authorization should "reassure parents that the FDA is doing due diligence to make sure vaccines are safe and effective for kids." The data prompting the delay revealed that the current two-dose strategy was ineffective at preventing symptomatic infection. Speaking of the unexpected results and pause, Marks said, "Yes, some of this was late-breaking, but that's what our job is—to adust it."


Rogers: We Must Act Before Pfizer Has Permanent Liability Protection

Meanwhile, as the CDC admits it withheld critical data on boosters and hospitalizations, Dr. Toby Rogers writes that the time is now to take action to protect our children from being part of the ongoing clinical trial for Pfizer's "genetically modified mRNA shot." Declaring that "we must absolutely find a way to defeat the upcoming Pfizer EUA application in kids 6 months to 4 years old," Rogers explains the dire situation facing humanity's future:

"This is one of the last battles in this phase of the war. There are 18 million children under five who are potentially impacted by this decision. But Pfizer's real goal is to achieve permanent liability protection.

Currently, Pfizer shots are authorized for emergency use and given liability protection under the PREP Act. But emergency use authorization expires, usually after a year, so Pfizer has to apply for full approval—which is not difficult because they control the FDA. Once the shot has full approval, Pfizer loses the liability protection offered by the PREP Act and is potentially exposed to billions of dollars of injury claims for their faulty product.

However, if Pfizer can get the mRNA shot added to the childhood vaccine schedule, then it will enjoy permanent liability protection under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. So that's what this fight is all about."

In an article shared Tuesday on his substack platform uTobian, Rogers directs readers to a two-minute clip (below) by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. outlining the permanent liability protection the drug giant Pfizer will obtain if its jab is approved. With its significant influence over the FDA, the time to take action against Pfizer and its unproven drug is upon us.  


With a plan in place, Rogers explains that he and a group of allies will put out a call to action once a week from now until the FDA meets to consider Pfizer's application. Each week, the group plans to focus on a different pillar of the corrupt system. They encourage individuals to dedicate one hour a week to send out 25 emails, make 25 calls, send 25 letters, or send 25 faxes in opposition to the approval. Rogers, who understands the critical importance of defending our children, comments:

"It seems like a big ask until you realize that the alternative is to live under Pharma tyranny for the rest of our lives. The momentum is on our side, the data is on our side, every day more politicians come over to our side, we are the majority, this is our moment, we must embrace our responsibility to stop this insanity."

Rogers, who has a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a researcher for former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, points out there is a new FDA Commissioner, Robert Califf, "who we need to educate about these matters." His objective reaches deeper inside the agency to enlighten the staffers who write the reports as part of the evaluation process. Additionally, there are several new members of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee who he plans to contact as well.

Rogers' Urgent Plea & Call to Action

Currently, Rogers does grassroots political organizing with medical freedom groups across the United States to stop the autism epidemic. With 4,376 reports of adverse events in children following the COVID-19 shot in VAERS as of Mar. 4 (events are widely under-reported), numerous experts agree with Rogers and his assessment of the troubling harms from the Pfizer mRNA shot.

Rogers' substack article (where you can subscribe for free to receive future "calls to action") shares his plan for our children regarding COVID-19 jabs. Laying out clear "talking points," he urges readers to get involved, giving them the opportunity to share their own message or use his, or both. He also provides full contact details for decision-makers and urges that individuals reach out "to awaken the moral core of these 24 people." Stressing to "please be respectful and courteous," he adds, "the fate of our nation is at stake." In conclusion, his message to the 24 people on his contact list is straightforward:

Everyone knows that FDA approval = CDC adding it to the childhood schedule = liability protection forever = mandates = widespread iatrogenic injury.

You have a professional and moral obligation to reject Pfizer's EUA application for kids 6 months to 4 years old.

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