The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 15, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The White House edited a transcript of Kampuchea Harris’s speech before the DNC where she said Ukraine was in NATO.

-The stupid. It hurts.

2) A DoD operative, Don Berlin, was trying to set up then-President Trump for sedition through . . . wait for it . . . another dossier delivered right before January 6 (Patriot Day) that urged Trump to declare a national emergency.

3) Meanwhile, the 2020 election nullification and/or audit bills are dead or dying in state legislatures. How convenient.

4) Hoax news is desperate to make you think Trump is not popular. The Washington Compost claims “the GOP is gaining post-Trump. Trump? Not so much.”

-Except Trump beats the Rutabaga in almost every poll, often by four points (which would be an electoral landslide, assuming no cheating).

5) Although this was essentially an internal poll, Republican Lee Zeldin showed a lead of two points in New York over DemoKKKrat incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul.

-This is another canary. If this race is even close, the DemoKKKrats have massive national problems.

6) File under “I thought this only happened in Kollyfornia”: A Texas elementary school has taught a woke lesson that branded blond children stupid, segregated kids by hair color, and had them watch autopsy photos of black girls murdered in a KKK church bombing.

7) Congress has done what it does best, namely defer a decision on whether to end the draft or to add women as eligible.

8) Researchers have discovered that even moderate light exposure during sleep harms heart health and increases insulin resistance.

-This comports with the research in my book All Thumbs on cell phones that says even keeping your cell phone on (with its light) is not healthy.

 9) . . . while yet another study debunks the link between high cholesterol and heart disease.

COMMENT: Along with the medical community’s endorsement of dirt as the cause of malaria and yellow fever at the turn of the century, the so-called links between cholesterol and heart disease that were pimped in the 1960s and which led to the obesity epidemic as Americans shifted from proteins/meats to carbs should have by themselves been adequate warnings that we should never have trusted Dr. Fallacy and the so-called “medical establishment.” They have been not just wrong, but enormously wrong about major maladies in the past.

10) And while we’re on the subject, yet another study shows that hydroxychloroquine may combat chemo-resistant head and neck cancers. Probably yet another reason the “medical professionals” in the drug industry didn’t want it out.

11) Seven years later, the illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle has pleaded guilty to federal gun charges.

-See, an illegal who kills an American? No big deal. But in Kollyfornia, an Illegal with a gun? Bad. Very bad.

12) Speaking of charges, nasty DemoKKKrat Jamie Raskin violated the law regarding stock trades, then he and his wife blamed it on their dead son.

-Pure class, these DemoKKKrats.



13) The Producer Price Index final demand hits 10% (inflation) as New Kabul (New York) business conditions crash; meanwhile, Russia appears to be winning the economic war with Ukraine.

14) The Manhattan Contrarian, who has an energy blog, reminds us that “no amount of incremental wind and solar power can ever provide energy independence.”

-We need to at least thank Pootie-poot for pointing that out again.

15) In Kollyfornia a Republican bill to cut gas prices by 50 cents through a temporary cessation of the state’s gas tax has failed.

-Remember, gubment can never sacrifice. Only the slaves can sacrifice.

16) Argentina has halted its soy exports.



17) Our favorite phony heiress and fraudster Anna Sorokin has thwarted an ICE deportation through an 11th-hour legal loophole.

-Perhaps she was just lobbying to share a community cell with other fraudsters Bloodbabe Elizabeth Holmes and that great French actor Juicy Smol-lay.

18) Seeking to amp up the hate, MSNBC almost brought back Keith Olberdork to replace the vile Rachel Mad Cow.



19) U.S. troops were spotted drilling war games near the Russkie border.

-Biteme’s fungal-sized intellect makes Kampuchea Harris look like a Mensa Club member.

20) Contrary to much of the news in places such as the UK Daily Mail, Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan returned from Ukraine with a grim message that “Ukraine is a done deal. It’s flattened and they lost.”

21) Establishment-types are going to take the wrong message from this: Putin was heckled on live TV by a Russian TV employee who had a “no war” sign. Now, when was the last time the Hoax News in this country ever showed any overt heckling of the Rutabaga? Is Russian TV freer than our own?

22) And, for what it’s worth, Putin’s Kremlin spokesman says the Russian invasion is going according to plan.

-Unfortunately, I think this is true.

23) More countries ban homosexual marriage. Bermuda and the Cayman Islands’ ban on homosexual marriage was upheld by a London Court.

24) A Mexican diocese has announced it will deny communion to Catholic politicians who voted to legalize abortion.

-I’m not a Catholic, but it strikes me that to be true to the faith this would be a no-brainer.

25) In violence not related to Ukraine or Kollyfornia, the U.S. has closed its consulate in Mexico due to gunfire after a gang boss arrest.



26) The U.S. government and Pfizer “all agreed” to delay the decision on the company’s China Virus vax for kids.

27) Meanwhile China has locked down a small village—51 million—amidst its new surge of the China Virus.

-This promises more supply chain troubles and more inflation.

 28) . . . and yet another vax side effect: tinnitus.


29) Finally, the New York Post has reported that employees face ditching slobbish “goblin mode” as they return to the office.

-This wasn’t an option for the, er, ladies at the “View.”

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