The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 28, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Just a reminder: especially in times of military conflict, all news (including this column) must be scrutinized and double-checked. There is a tremendous amount of propaganda coming from both sides in the Ukraine conflict. We must always be alert to the biases of sources.


1) We have a broken record, as the Rutabaga’s job approval hits a new low in a Harris poll (38%). Remember, with a margin of error, this poll could have him at 35% like other polls as well.

-It’s safe to say he is in the mid-30s. Next stop: Nixon territory.

2) And another poll with terrible news for Biteme, with only 37% approval from ABC/Washington Compost poll, which finds a “deeply pessimistic nation, worried about the economy and Biden’s leadership.”

-Yeah, you better be worried.

3) And yet another poll, Civiqs, which so far has been ahead of the other polls, with Brandon at 34%.

4) It’s not just in the U.S. Congress that the Rats are bailing: in the Iowa House, Charlie McConkey became the 16th DemoKKKrat to confirm he won’t seek reelection. That’s 40% of the caucus.

5) Even in New York state, not to be confused with New Kabul (NYC), the Republican George Pataki is within five points of governor Kathy Hochul.

6) President Trump all but announces he’s running: “We did it twice, and we’ll do it again,” meaning win.

7) A DemoKKKrat memo desperately seeking to get away from the China Virus, saying it’s time for DemoKKKrats to “take credit for ending the China Virus crisis phase.”

-Good luck.

8) A Patriot Day defendant, Michael Perna, has taken his own life, died of a “broken heart” the family says. Remember, most of these prisoners, held for almost a year in some cases, have been charged with “parading” without a permit.

9) The Secret Service announced it was unable to locate multiple years of Hunter Biteme’s travel.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! They might wanna interview a few major drug dealers in jail, or some not-so-swanky escort services.

10) It appears Linda Grahamnesty is not on board with Biteme’s Supreme Court pick, which could signal an inability to get Jackson confirmed.


11) The District of Columbia has examined a measure to give residents $100 monthly to ride the metro.

-Is it really that crappy? Or has the Biteme economy now made it this necessary?

12) Big: a federal judge has ruled that admission changes at the nation’s top public school have discriminated against Asian-American students.

13) Hmm. The Wisconsin Assembly has voted to advance the resolution to reclaim the electors fraudulently handed to Biteme.

14) The Fraud of 2020 looks worse all the time as the Arizona Senate finds 200,000 ballots that were counted in 2020 with mismatched signatures—eight times that which is acknowledged by Maricopa County’s corrupt Board of Supes.



15) This was only a matter of time: Elon Musk, once the Greeneweenie hero, has come under investigation for insider trading once he criticized Kollyfornia and the Biteme regime.

16) First quarter GDP has fallen from the reported 6.9% to a shocking .06%, as commodity prices are up 52% under the Emperor of the Clogged Ports, Demented Perv Biteme.

17) Don’t look now but Metabeta (formerly Fascistbook) has disbanded a team of 300 working on visual reality/alternate reality. Wait, isn’t that the essence of Metabeta?

18) In New Kabul (i.e., NYC) mayor Eric the Red Adams can’t even protect his own, as a subway attack victim was the NYC Department of Health scientist.

19) Goldman raises the near-term Brent Oil price forecast to $115 a barrel.

20) Meanwhile the Russian stock market won’t open today as the ruble crashes to the value of a penny.

21) And Russia’s Sberbank (the country’s biggest lender) in Europe faces closure after savers demand their money.

22) And the Russian central bank has more than doubled its interest rate to 20%.

23) Yet we are still buying oil from Russia, says American billionaire John Catsimatidis.

-Of course, we are. Biteme isn’t going to allow the American energy sector to recover if he can help it.



24) The Russkie invasion of Ukraine is not going as planned. The multi-billion-dollar-a-day op has run into serious military opposition.

25) Ukrainian President Zalensky has agreed to meet with the Russians in peace talks.

26) After Biteme failed, Elon Musk has provided Starlink to aid Ukraine’s internet disruptions.

27) A poll says 62% say Putin would not have invaded if Trump was president.

28) The NATO Secretary-General warns Russia of a NATO “Article 5" response.

29) Fake news at an all-time high: just days after saying Ukrainian forces had retaken Kyiv, now the city’s mayor says Kyiv is “encircled” by Russian forces, then walks back the claim again.

30) Emboldened Pootie-Poot has threatened Finland and Sweden if they join NATO.

31) Did Justa Turd-o create a “dangerous run” on Canuckistan banks with his freezing order?

-Why, yes. Yes, he did.

32) In Spain, the populist-right candidates have surged past establishment conservatives in polls.

33) The ChiComs have done their part to support Pootie-poot.

34) Speaking of the ChiComs, it appears they have invented a system to care for embryos in an artificial womb.

-Closing in on the Matrix.

35) Portugal announced it is sending troops to Ukraine.

36) Putin’s invasion of Ukraine did what Trump could not do—convince Germany to spend more money on defense.

-Psst. Boys. Stop buying gas from the Russkies.

37) Multiple videos of Russian MLRS rockets hitting Kharkiv.

38) Again, needs to be taken with some skepticism, but France is reporting that “desperate Afghans” are selling their kidneys to feed families.

-If true, all I can say is, “Where were you for 20 years while the U.S. was losing blood and treasure to help create a safe, more modern country?”



39) Always in the forefront of tyranny and murder (think eugenics in the 1920s), Kollyfornia’s lawmakers have proposed a bill to punish doctors who speak against the China Virus treatment “consensus.”

-Despotic thugs gonna thug.

40) New Zealand’s high courts say the vax mandate was not “demonstrably justified” and constituted a breach of rights.

41) China Virus cases and hospitalizations among the vaxxed have jumped says the CDC.

42) And another “uh oh”: Scientific evidence from Pfizer presented to the Aussie gubment confirmed the possible entry of spike protein into cell nuclei.

43) Steve Kirsh with new data from Ontario shows the vaxxes aren’t preventing infection.

44) Israeli data shows that vaxxes didn’t even reduce the death rate over time.

45) And finally, this is definitely one guy you want to stand next to in a lightning storm: a New Yorker (i.e., a person from New Kabul) has won the $10 million lottery for the second time in three years at odds of 1.32 million-to-one. Says he’s still trying to spend the first $10 million.

-Pssst. Buddy. Over here!


And that's Today's News

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