The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 22, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) File yet another story under, “But Trump has lost his juice”: Even the Trumpiest of GOP senators don’t feel safe in the primaries.


2) Only 29% of the country thinks it is headed in the right direction.

3) And more poll results the DemoKKKrats don’t want to hear: more Hispanics than DemoKKKrats—by 23 points—favor border security, funding police—while 80% of Asians (again, 11 points more than DemoKKKrats) call China a threat to the U.S.

4) Donald Trump leads the Rutabaga by four points in a new Emerson College poll (one of the better ones). He has gained 2 points since November 2021.

5) The USAF may be woke, but its planes’ readiness levels are abysmal.

Maybe transoids can’t lugwrench?

6) Speaking of the transoid population, Kollyfornia has a science camp that allows men to be housed with fifth-grade girls.

7) Alabama House has passed a constitutional carry law, now only awaiting Governor Kay Ivey’s signature. (For her to gain any political juice from signing, it must come before the May 24 primary.

8) File under, “I wanna believe!” Hunter Biteme’s first son’s ex-girlfriend (are you following this?) testifies for five hours before a grand jury into Biteme’s tax probe.

9) The Rutabaga (or his handlers) have selected Minyon Moore (no, you can’t make up these names) to shepherd his Supreme Court pick through. Moore is a BLM board member and defender of Communist Racist Theory.

10) Having faced massive backlash over its facial recognition software implementation, the IRS has switched gears and now is looking at having people go through a “live virtual interview” with biometric information.

-Yeah, that will be popular.

11) The AP has announced an $8 million grant to fund climate change hoax reporting. (I.e., lies).

12) 40,000 election fraud affidavits have been delivered to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp from the 2020 election that he certified.

13) Atlanta, working hard to overtake Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago), has seen rapes increase 236% and homicides up 43% in 2022.



14) We are coming off the weakest holiday shopping season since the Great Recession.

-I know I didn’t get the new blue Mercedes I wanted.

15) Funeral home stocks have surged.

16) This is why it will be difficult for people to prepare for the coming Fed tightening and stock market decline: almost 2/3s of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

17) Meanwhile the Fed has apparently used the threat of a U.S./Russkie war to postpone or reduce rate increases. Mortgage rate increases have temporarily slowed.

18) The Virginia Hyperloop is looking much like the Kollyfornia speedy-train, laying off half its staff and giving up on passenger ambitions.

19) Oil prices soar after Arab oil ministers turn down the Rutabaga and refuse to open oil taps.

20) University of Michigan men’s (for now) basketball coach Juwan Howard has been fined $40,000 and suspended for the remainder of the season for slapping a Wisconsin assistant coach in a courtside brawl.

-Recall that Indiana’s legendary coach Bobby Knight was fired for an incident that never happened.



21) Russia rejects the Minsk accords and recognizes rebel regions inside Ukraine as independent states following precedent established by the U.S. and Europe in the Yugoslavian conflicts.

22) Putin cites the NATO/US principle from the Yugoslav war of separatist regions as sovereign states.

-Calling Bill Clinton and the “Dayton Accords.”

23) Canada to make many of the “temporary” measures enacted against the truckers permanent.

-Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya.

24) And, unsurprisingly, the quasi-totalitarian Canadian House of Commons has approved Justa Turd-o’s “emergencies act”.

25) Germany has halted certification of the Russkies’ Nord Stream 2 pipeline. German citizens are about to pay 2000 euros for gas.

26) Canadian cops gloat over a horse trampling a woman on a mobility scooter.

27) In the Great Newspaper War of 2022, the U.K. Daily Mail has launched offensives against the New York Slimes for having a “pathological loathing for Britain,” claiming Brits dine out on boiled mutton, the economy is falling apart . . . and we’re so racist we drove out” Megxit.

-And here it thought the proper preparation was fried mutton.

28) More censorship, as an Australian television station has deleted a report suggesting that Queen Elizabeth, who currently has the China Virus, could benefit from ivermectin.

29) File under “walls don’t work,” the Dominican Republic has begun building a border wall with Haiti.



30) The occult are out in force on “palindrome day” (2/22/2022) where, supposedly, “portals” are to open.

-I am keeping a watchful eye out for the Chitiri.

31) Feel-good story of the day, the Winter Olympics in ChiCom land have ended with the smallest audience ever.

-I guess juiced-up Russkie skaters no longer have the attraction they once did.



32) CDC officials admit the agency withheld critical China Virus information from the public over fears of “vaccine hesitancy.” In other words, the vaxxes didn’t work.

33) Left-wing Christianity Today touts new “Novavax” shot because it is the first without links to fetal-derived cell lines.

-Won’t appeal to this Christian until you have about 10 years of solid testing so I don’t get blood clots.

34) The tone-deaf Demented Pervert has extended the U.S. national emergency over the China Virus to March 1. Meanwhile, everywhere in America people are asking, “What emergency?”[/embed]

35) The CDC has refused to publish data about booster effectiveness for 33 million Americans over fears it will show the vaxxes as ineffective.

-We already know they are ineffective. What we want to know is how effective are they at changing DNA, causing blood clots, or otherwise irreparably damaging us.

36) Finally, the millionaire Ovo energy boss, Stephen Fitzpatrick, told his customers to “cuddle your cat, eat porridge and do star jumps” if they were cold. He has a trendy £1,200-pound sterling woodburning stove in his £3.2m-pound sterling estate.

-The question is, . . . is he burning cats in that stove??


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