The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 18, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Lefty Washington Compost writer Karen Tumulty warns DemoKKKrats that Kollyfornia is sending “a flashing warning signal.”


2) DemoKKKrats fear extinction in rural America.


3) Quinnipiac becomes the second poll in a week to show Biteme with approval in the mid-30s.

-Not nearly low enough for this clatchmonster.

4) The public is noticing how horrible the Rutabaga is: The Hill reports Biteme can’t find “any sort of political momentum” due to a “sour public mood.”

-Guess who caused that sour public mood?

5) And this is confirmed again by a DemoKKKrat Congressional Campaign Committee poll showing that these bilgepickles went “too far” with their China Virus scaremongering. According to the poll analysis, Republican attacks have “alarming credibility.”

6) Pennsylvania DemoKKKrat and governor candidate Josh Shapiro covered up election fraud complaints against DemoKKKrats as Attorney General.

-Shocked, I tell ya.

7) Dopey U.S. Senator Susan (“Tom”) Collins wants to reform the Electoral Count Act so that Patriot Day doesn’t happen again.

-Anything the gubment does to “reform” anything will make it worse. They will regret ever touching this.

8) With friends like these . . . Utah (Republican) governor Spencer Cox announced he will veto a school choice bill. “Now is not the time” to enact such legislation, he whined, because public school teachers have struggled.

-Now is exactly the time to replace this pilfersnipper.

9) Speaking of useless Republicans, here are 20 Republicans who Peter Schweitzer, in his new book, Red-Handed, says took money from the ChiComs.

10) A gift from the Great Rush Limbaugh on how to read the so-called “news.” The headline says “GOP Senators Steer Clear of Trump as Rift Deepens,” but in fact the only two they quote saying anything bad about Trump are the safely-elected Mike Rounds and Yertle.

11) More than 40 Republican senators are urging Grand Moff Garland to respect the Durham probe.

-Oh, clueless ones, you don’t have to worry. Grand Moff Garland needs Durham to finish his cleanup work for the FBI.

12) Amazon has suspended BLM Global Network Foundation for failing to disclose where its $60 million in donations have gone.

-Anyone check Al Sharpton’s bank account lately?

13) A new poll by the National Republican Congressional Committee shows in 47 battleground districts where DemoKKkrats held a 27 point advantage in 2020 among Hispanics, the margin is now down to just six.

14) Failing public schools are motivating more black families to homeschool.

-Hey, while we’re on the subject, I’ll be speaking at seven homeschool conventions this spring and summer, so come out and say “Rock on!” (See my for details.)

15) How a “ghost” candidate shook up the St. Lucie, Florida sheriff’s race.



16) A key indicator suggests that the U.S. is headed for the worst real estate crash in history.

17) Jobless claims leap 248,000 and wait for it . . . “higher than expected.” Who does these expectations that are always wrong, Paul Krugman?

18) Who is holding much of the $30 trillion in record U.S. debt? Why, furriners, that’s who.

19) The Satanic Temple’s after-school “Satan Club” has now taken aim at Christian clubs for kids.

-No, this is not some tiny fringe and yes, they absolutely must be taken seriously and crushed.

20) Having been given the boot by parents for being a wobnobbled dweezesleazer, the School Board President from New Mogadishu, er, San Francisco blames “white supremacists.”

21) Meanwhile, in New Kabul (New York City), Mayor Eric The Red Adams has cut $30 million from NYPD’s budget in a “defund the police” move.

-Dunno. If these cops are anything like those in Ottawa or Australia maybe defunding is the right move.[/embed]

22) More Kollyfornia Korruption, as the Chancellor of Cal State University resigned after mishandling sexual assault allegations.

23) Michelin tire-maker has created airless tires for the electric Chevy Bolt.

-This is the gluten-free tire for those who are allergic to air.

24) From the Spectator, the cause of unemployment is the utter failure of the welfare state.

-True dat![/embed]



25) The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has sued the Canadian gubment over the “Emergencies Act.”

-Great. It would be nice if their cousins, the ACLU, would get on board with the Patriot Day (January 6) protesters.

26) Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell: “It is now unlawful to protest against the gubment.”[/embed]

27) And a new low: Ottawa Gestapo are threatening to hold the dogs of any dissidents and schedule them for fast track adoption.



28) The Manager of Community Development at Fascistbook/Meta/Beta has been caught in an amateur child sex sting.



29) More of what we always knew: a new study says 26% of China Virus hospitalizations were admitted for other reasons.

30) The increasingly irrelevant Dr. Fallacy predictably says there is “no magic number” of cases for the China Virus to end.

-Of course not, Fallacy. When it ends, you won’t be on the talk shows anymore, ya buffoon.

31) Texas has sued the CDC to stop the maskie mandates on planes. About time.

32) A whistleblower says that the gain-of-function research managed by the EcoHealth Alliance started long before Dr. Fallacy and NIH became involved and was a “glorified intelligence collection scheme.”

-What, sorta like Fascistbook/Meta/Beta?

33) And finally, on this date in history the DemoKKKrats suffered their first-ever major battlefield defeat as Ft. Donelson fell to Ulysses S. Grant. We would be wise to remember the terms he gave the traitors:

“Unconditional Surrender.”


And that's Today's News

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