The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 15, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The popularity of almost all leaders in the West, save Modi in India and Obrador in Mexico, has tanked. Most are in the 30s according to a Morning Consult poll.

2) Rats continue to bail on the S.S. Biteme: senior comms advisor Mariel Saez leaving.

3) Judge seems to throw out Palin's defamation suit before the jury even hears the case.

4) The Rutabaga is losing an alarming amount of support from black voters and is at only 41% approval with them.

5) Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hasn’t backed down on demanding an accurate redistricting map against Republicans in both the House and Senate.

6) One of our greatest reporters, Julie Kelly, notes that the Patriot Day (January 6) pipe bombs look like another FBI hoax.

-Maybe they can arrest Richard Jewell? Oh, wait. He died in 2007. No wonder they haven’t solved this.

7) Virginia’s Lt. Governor Winsome Sears said lawlessness in America is coming “from the highest levels.”

8) A Utah woman in an act of kindness invited a homeless man into her house to shower and he killed her.

9) The New Mogadishu, er, San Francisco school board recall continues with vote on Tuesday.

10) Media outlets that relentlessly pushed “Muh Russia” have completely ignored the latest findings from Bull Durham that Cankles’ team spied on Trump even as president.

11) In related news, the Durham probe has “accelerated” with more people “cooperating” and coming before the grand jury.

-Color me skeptical, but I’d love to be wrong on this one.

12) Durham filing about spying on Trump in the White House has national security implications.

-Ya think??

13) A prominent New Mexico DemoKKKrat arrested for drunk driving, as state GOP leaders call for her resignation.

14) Biteme’s woke military measures have cost six million man-hours so far.

15) “Everywhere we look, the DemoKKKrats’ Wheels are Falling Off,” writes James Kunstler.

-True, but they have one more Battle of the Bulge offensive left in them.



16) Another Facebook/Meta suit over facial recognition practices.

17) Intel closes in on a deal to buy foundry Tower Semiconductor in Israel.

18) The Kellogg Foundation is funding a pilot program that pays illegals $500 a month.

19) January inflation 9.7%.

20) Home mortgage rates jump to over 4%, but the rental market is even worse.

21) A widow has sued IBM for age discrimination of her husband who killed himself after being fired—the company is accused of firing hundreds of other older workers known as “dinobabies” who needed to go “extinct.”

-What does that make Dinobernie? He’s older than most asteroids.



22) Justa Turd-o goes full fascist in battle with truckers, threatens crow-funding platforms with “terrorist-financing” for protesters.

-He may well win the short game, but the economic and political damage he has done to Canada will linger for years.

23) Truckers vow to hold the line.

24) Even as Turd-o cracks down, Ontario fast-tracks the end of China Virus restrictions and Saskatchewan ends the vaxport.

25) Russia is pulling back some forces from Ukraine border, suggesting this was a political stunt all along.



26) The Nothing But Communists (NBC) network admits to terrible ratings as Americans have dumped the Genocide Games.

27) Super Bowl sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya has resigned from NBC to work on the political campaign of Kendall Qualls, running for the Minnesota governorship. Earlier, Tafoya had apparently been suspended for saying on the racist show, “The View,” that Coloncancer Kaepernick would be playing in the NFL if he was talented enough.



28) Washington, D.C. becomes the latest DemoKKKrat city to “pivot” away from China Virus rules.

29) Pfizer issues urgent warning about pulmonary embolisms caused by blood clots (“this is no time to wait” to contact your doctor.)

30) The mayor of New Kabul, i.e., New York City, Eric The Red Adams has fired 1,430 city employees for not accepting the vax.

31) How the flu vaxxes of dubious effectiveness paved the way for the China Virus vaxxes.

32) No government can screw up on the China Virus as much as ours did—it requires intent.


33) A majority of Minnesota’s China Virus cases are among the vaxxed.

34) Triple-vaxxed deaths skyrocketed 495% in January and 80% of all new China Virus cases are fully vaxxed.

35) And finally, the Oscars, concerned too many people may be watching, have announced that Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes would co-host the 94th Academy Awards, ensuring that viewership remains on a par with the Bowling Network.


And that's Today's News

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