The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 14, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The popularity of almost all leaders in the West, save Modi in India and Obrador in Mexico, has tanked. Most are in their 30s according to a Morning Consult poll.

2) In the latest response to the Durham filing that showed Cankles’ campaign paid a tech firm to hack into the Trump Towers White House servers, Congressman Jim Jordan says Trump is “right on target” to suggest executions for people found guilty.

-The problem is, Jimmy, Durham isn’t ever going to actually charge anyone of any significance. That’s why he’s there and allowed to continue under Grand Moff Garland.

3) Hmmm. Are DemoKKKrats trying to get rid of Cankles? A poll shows 66% think she should be interrogated over the “Muh Russia” hoax.

4) A foreign hostile takeover is occurring in Denton, Texas, where the city council has allowed non-citizens to serve on city boards.

5) Ol’ Serpent Head, James Carville, warns the DemoKKKrats midterm voters don’t care about the January 6 Patriot Day committee or about the 2020 election.

6) The GOP starts to play hardball, introducing the “Hunter Act” that would ban the gubment from funding crack pipes.

7) The first of many, a courthouse in Nevada County was renamed for Donald Trump.

8) White Texas prof has sued his college after it punished him for publishing a piece disagreeing with a black scholar who claimed music theory is white supremacy.

9) Ex-Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested for domestic violence at LAX after “attacking wife on a taxiing Houston-bound flight” and forcing the jet back to the gate.

10) This is how bad it’s looking for DemoKKKrats in 2022: they are seeing key governor’s races as a “backstop” against GOP gains.

-Soon it will be key dog-catcher races.



11) A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked Biteme’s January 2021 order requiring consideration of the “social cost” of carbon emissions when writing new pollution regulations.

12) Morgan Stanley’s chief economist says the amount of rate hikes needed to beat inflation will soon stall the economy.

13) Stellantis (Chrysler) issues recall for 20,000 electric vehicles due to battery fire issues.

14) A woke prof at Westminster College was outraged to learn that he made about the same amount of money as the manager of Panda Express.

-Trouble is, one actually performs a service for society. Not him.



15) The police cleared the Windsor Bridge protest with few arrests and no violence.

16) Liberals in the Canadian gubment are considering bringing the War Measures Act to remove the Freedom Truckers.

17) More evidence the Ukraine crisis is manufactured, as Little Red Lyin’ Hood says if Russia doesn’t invade it proves Biteme’s strength and brilliance.

18) A bizarre event in Chihuahua, Mexico when hundreds of birds simultaneously dropped from the sky due to roasting on power lines that got overheated.

19) Despite looming security risks, China has extended its leases in the Balochistan province, rich in gold and copper.



20) New questions have arisen over the death of Bob Saget, whose death was first ruled an accident. Now the autopsy shows he was hit multiple times with a baseball bat.



21) Shhhhhhh! The CDC doesn’t want you to know that over 33% of Americans already have natural immunity to the China Virus.

-And I’m among ‘em, Pee Wee.

22) Levi’s president Jennifer Sey was fired for speaking out against extreme China Virus measures for kids and refused $1 million to “stay quiet” after relocating from Kollyfornia to Denver so her kids could have a “normal childhood.”

23) A new medical study in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases says the China Virus can “occasionally” trigger autoimmune phenomena.

-Again, do I need to say it?

24) Johnson & Johnson has shut down production of its China Virus vax. An experimental—but more profitable vax—is on the horizon.

25) Anyone who thought Eric The Red Adams would be any better than Comrade Bill Di Blasio has been sobered up as he says vax mandates will remain until 100% of the residents of New Kabul (i.e., New York) are vaxxed.

26) New research shows that Reuters, AP misled the public about how long the mRNA nanoparticles persist in the body following the “safe” vaxxes.

27) Arizona’s Congressman Paul Gosar introduced a bill to reduce Dr. Fallacy’s salary to zero.

28) And finally, the U.S. has suspended Mexican avocado imports “until further notice” after a U.S. plant inspector received a threat from the cartels.

-This after guacamole consumption surged at yesterday’s Super Bowl—could bring down the entire Southwest.


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