The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 10, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) We could do this virtually every day: the Rutabaga’s polling has hit a new low, now averaging under 40% in the RealClearPolitics poll. The 39% average, folks, is misleading, as some have him in the mid-30s, and allowing for margin of error, he could be teetering on the 20s.

Again, we don’t want a nosedive. A nice slow Titanic-like sinking is preferable, with the aft section going down around October 2024.

2) Donald Trump has remade the Republican Party into the party of the working class.

3) Arizona state senator Mark Finchem becomes the first lawmaker to call for actual decertification of Arizona’s 2020 election.

4) File under “I can’t imagine why?” The black community is furious with Biteme’s “racial equity” plan to distribute crack pipes disproportionately among blacks.

-Maybe if they rename this the Hunter Biteme Self-Improvement Bill . . . .

5) The Atlantic throws in the towel on the vaxiopathy/maskiopathy.

6) Donald Trump has endorsed Loren Culp in the Washington House race against Dan Newhouse, who voted for impeachment.

-Good. Get rid of slimecrickets.

7) RINOs in Missouri and Ohio have botched redistricting, with Ohio sending the map out of the legislature to a “bipartisan commission.”

-Tell me again how that worked out in Illinois and New York, where DemoKKKrats nearly redistricted Republicans out of existence?

8) . . . While Kansas has held the line, as the Republican override in Kansas of the DemoKKKrat governor’s veto of the legislative map is finalized.

9) Crime surges in DemoKKKrat cities.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

10) Desperate Venice Beach (Kollyfornia) residents “threaten to sue” Los Angeles (i.e., New Calcutta) officials for millions for refusing to crack down on homeless encampments.

-Only one question, residents: are you now, or have you ever been a member of the DemoKKKrat party? If so, lawsuit is thrown out.

11) New Kabul, ah, New York City, is so overrun with crime after two consecutive mayors have demonized police and reduced anti-crime units that it has pulled 658 desk officers and put them on the patrol.

-Yeah, I’m sure these guys were behind desks because they were so good as street cops.

12) This shows you their level of desperation: DHS warns that dropping the China Virus restrictions could lead to “acts of violence” by “extremists.”

-The only “extremists” are the “fine people” at the FBI who infiltrate every single activity trying to provoke violence.

13) A sad story as former major league baseball star Jeremy Giambi has committed suicide at age 47.



14) Despite the media’s best efforts to prop up the economy (with “low unemployment”), the “Misery Index” from the years of Jesus Carter has returned.

15) Seems like the Plandemic wasn’t enough for good ol’ Pfizer, which has hiked prices on 125 drugs since harvesting a record $37 billion in vax sales.

16) Annual inflation marches on: now 7.5%, highest since the Jesus Carter years.

17) In Kollyfornia, the cost of the troubled so-called “bullet train” has risen again, this time by an estimated $5 billion.

-At this rate, it will cost more than an F-35, and be a heckuva lot slower.

18) And, again, in Kollyfornia, the state is so good at handling its own affairs that it has sued Tesla for racial discrimination at its factory in New Mogadishu, er, San Francisco.

19) The trucker convoy has now halted Toyota production at three Ontario plants.

-Keep it up Turbo. Watch what’s left of your Canuck economy go up in flames cuz you won’t admit you were wrong.



20) Super important article here by Steve Sailer. I will comment at length today in my substack, but cliff notes: the ChiComs are deep-seated racists; they won’t change; they love being racists; and the effort should be to remind the world that we are the most tolerant and open, non-racist society in history while BLM and DemoKKKrats are hell-bent on portraying us as the opposite.

21) For the first time, a Coptic Christian has become the President of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court.



22) The Russkie teen darling of the Olympics now appears to have failed a performance-enhancing drug test.

-Dunno, she still looks pretty feminine to me, but maybe give it time . . . .



23) When they say “trust the science,” do they mean that 1,000 different studies showing extensive evidence of China Virus Vaxxes adverse effects?

24) The VAERs data supports DoD whistleblowers despite the Pentagon claiming data “glitches.”.

25) A U.S. Appeals Court slapped down Biteme’s quest to reinstate the vax mandate for fed employees.

26) In Kollyfornia da youts are continuing their mask mandate protests.

27) Steve Kirsch reports that an embalmer has found “novel, bizarre clotting” in 65% of the deaths he handles.

-When I first read this I thought it said “novel, bizarre clothing” and wondered how Kanye West had caught on with so many people.

28) The CDC is clinging to the COVID Life Raft, pleading for “caution” but governors are telling them to stuff it. The Plandemic is over, everywhere but Kollyfornia, Illinois, and New York.

29) Hawaii, whose economy is getting slammed by its ridiculous China Virus vax mandates, has backed off a little, and now ill not require tourists to be boosted to visit.

-But ya still have to have the initial poison.

30) Finally, model Naomi Campbell blasts Kim Kardashian by accusing her of “blackfishing” in a Vogue cover shoot.

-Odd, I didn’t know either of these women were interested in fishing for orcas. But, ya learn something every day.


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