The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 8, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Another corrupt politician, Jamie Raskin, allegedly failed to report a $1.5 million stock sale.

-What party, do you ask? Why DemoKKKrat of course.

2) Biteme’s top science adviser, Eric Lander, resigns after a review found he harassed and demeaned women.

3) Normally parodies such as this are not “news,” but the fact that one-time leftist comedian Russell Brand is red-pilling by the minute gives hope. Here is his takedown of Alka Stelter (aka, the Potato).

4) The Biteme administration will fund programs to hand out crack pipes to promote “racial equity.”

-Look, at least it’s not “midnight basketball,” right?

5) In Georgia, Vernon Jones has abandoned the governor’s race in a big blow to current governor Brian Kemp, who was hoping Jones would divide the Trump vote for Devid Perdue. Jones will run for a congressional seat, though it is not clear yet in which district.

6) While in South Carolina, pro-Trump Katie Arringson launches a comeback bid against RINO Nancy Mace.

-Taking the House is a twofold process: defeat DemoKKKrats and replace RINOs/neverTrumpers with solid MAGA people.

7) More copycats of that great French actor Juicy Smol-lay, as a black Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville student stages a hoax racist notes incident.

-Now, will he be expelled for racism?

8) In Oakland, Kollyfornia, hunger strikes, and protests rock the city ahead of school closures.

-So we have liberal residents and parents against the liberal school brownshirts. As the Evil Emperor would say, “Goooooooooodddd.”

9) This from . . . Politico? “The Washington Swamp is the Real Threat to Democracy.”

-Yes. Yes it, is. Which is why I wrote this:

Dragonslayers: Six Presidents and their War with the Swamp by Larry Schweikart. Due out on March 15, 2022

10) OOOOOK. Oregon Republican governor candidate admits he and his wife belonged to a swingers group.

-I suppose in Oregon that’s a resume enhancement.

11) The news keeps getting worse for the educrats in Loudoun County, where principals were coached on obtaining trespassing warrants against maskless students in defiance of Governor Youngkin’s order.

12) Now a New Zealand trucker protest: hundreds of drivers clog up Wellington in attack on Jacinda Adern’s hard-line China Virus policies.

13) Polling from Richard Baris: Trump leading Biteme in CA-13 by 3, which Biteme won by 11. Trump now leads Biteme among Mexican men, while the GOP generic trails Trump. Baris also said that Trump now leads with working-class whites at 61% and says given the current shift of Hispanics nationwide, right now Trump not only would win but would take states like Ohio by 15.

14)  . . . and, while questionable, another poll has any generic Republican winning the Colorado Senate Seat.



15) The puzzling jobs report continues to raise questions. ADP payrolls had payrolls falling by 300,000 last month, but the White House claimed the labor force rose by 1.53 million and employment by 1.4 million through “seasonal adjustments” that also, conveniently, revised downward every month since June to make the increase look bigger.

-This White House is not a House of Cards. It’s a House of Lies.

16) American’s borrowed more in December to cope with the rising costs of inflation. Credit card balances rose 6.6% over December 2020.

17) One of our finest reporters, Salena Zito, explains how the covenant between Main Street consumers and Big Corporations is failing.

-A lesson from the closing of Penzy’s Spices in Pittsburgh: people don’t want to be lectured about politics when they shop.

18) Exercise company Peloton slashes almost 3,000 jobs as stock price crashed 83% last year.



19) French President Macaroni flew to Kyiv after sitting at a table across from Vlad Pootie-poot—a table that was at least 30 feet long—for “talks.”

-If you really want to deal with the Russkies, you ought to do what Napoleon did—only better.

20) In Ottawa, protesters quickly adapted to the police threats to arrest anyone trying to bring in gasoline. Hundreds showed up with yellow (empty) Jerrycans that appeared to be holding fuel, overwhelming the system.

-Cloward-Piven works both ways, folks.

21) Call this “Maskienacht”—pro-maskie mob beat and hospitalize maskless girl in Berlin.

22) Our fine friends, the ChiComs, appear to be using China Virus quarantines to rig the Olympics.

-Athletes who test positive are being starved so they can’t compete when they recover.



23) Video streaming platform Rumble offers Joe Rogan $100 million to quit Spotify and join censorship-free.

-Guys! Guys! Over here! I’ll do it for fitty thousand.



24) More winning as the Virginia Supreme Court throws out a challenge to Governor Glenn Youngkin’s order making masks optional in public schools.

25) Slowly the news seeps out: NIH researchers tracked more than 1 million vaxxed adults over last year and reported that none of those listed as healthy had a severe case of the China Virus that required an intensive care unit. Not one of 700,000 people in this group died.

-These are the same odds you get in the course of a year that you’ll die falling downstairs.

26) Another sure sign it’s almost over: hack/shill Cong. Ted (Lieuser) Lieu says it’s ok now to recognize natural immunity.

27)  . . . and the Connecticut Governor from the mystery radio show, Ned Lamont, ends the statewide mask mandate for schools.

28)  . . . as do New Jersey and Delaware.

29) Oregon, folks . . . Mordor! is lifting its maskie mandates.

30) And another victory: In Douglas County, Colorado a newly-elected conservative school board has fired the pro-maskie Superintendent. Last November four conservative candidates were elected and two bilgepickles ejected.

31) The CDC is changing the vax rollout due to issues of heart inflammation.

-Wait, there’s no risk from the vax.

32) L.A. County Sheriff’s Department could lose 4,000 employees over the vaxiopathic mandate.

33) Richard Baris’s polling showing only old ladies now want China Virus restrictions in Canada. On “What are the Odds?” yesterday, he said in America the younger the cohort, the more opposition they have to the vaxxes in America.

34) Finally, Kuwait has banned the new Disney film “Death on the Nile” because it features Israeli actress Gal Gadot who served in the IDF.

-Dunno, but from my perspective, Gal Gadot could be president of Black Lives Matter and the fascist so-called Antifa and I’d probably see her . . . ah, excuse me, her movies.


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