The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 4, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A well-deserved censure motion against RINO backstabbers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger has advanced through the RNC’s resolutions committee.

-Shoulda been done yesterday.

2) Now yer talkin', ‘Merica: a majority of those polled in a Rasmussen survey say the Demented Pervert Biteme is the worst president ever.

-Jesus Carter and Zero celebrate!

3) Perennial loser Betamale O’Rourke says he is “not interested” in help from the Rutabaga.

-After all, he has proven he needs no help to lose.

4) Kampuchea loses yet another aide, chief speechwriter Kate Graham.

-Should be easy to replace. Just begin and end each speech with “HYENA LAUGHING.”

5) Speaking of Kampuchea, she now blames Botoxic and Congress for “not acting” on the Rutabaga’s border crisis.

-Yeah, Kampy, that will really endear you to the base. I told you they absolutely cannot pull Biteme out til they remove her first, precisely because of stuff like this.

6) Only a year late: Congressmen Mike McCaul (TX) and Madison Cawthorne (NC) blast the Rutabaga on different issues: Cawthorne calls the Pervert a “geriatric despot” who deserves the middle finger.

McCaul’s comments are here:

7) Biteme’s Homeland Security doesn’t know the court locations for 40,000 illegals.

-In fairness, Biteme doesn’t know his own location 90% of the time.

8) Impeachment witness Veeta Vita Vindman is suing Donald Trump, Jr. for “intimidation and retaliation.”

-Guess ol’ Veeta Vita has never heard of discovery. He will regret this one.

9) According to reporter Megyn Kelly there are “more shoes to drop” in the CNN firing of president Jeff Zucker, a sentiment echoed by Robert Barnes at Barnes Law.

10) Is this just one? Former CNN anchor Leon Harris fled from cops, drunk, after his car struck another.

11) The wussification of America continues as New York City schools serve vegan-only meals on Fridays. This will soon be expanded to “daily.”

12) Truth from Daniel Greenfield on the fake war with Russia: Biteme needs to look like he “stopped” a war.

13) Interesting and accurate: the new GOP kingmakers—out with the Kochs, the Chamber of Commerce, the NRA, in with Trump, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Joe Rogan.

14) Color me surprised: Thomson-Reuters fact-checkers are financially tied to Pfizer.

15) Sarah Palin’s libel case against the New York Slimes begins in a Manhattan courtroom: “a culture clash with lasting legal potential.”

16) Tyrants are never satisfied. Washington Governor Jay Insleaze is now lobbying for a bill that would prevent any election official from questioning “election integrity.”

17) After Jeff Bezos asked Rotterdammers to dismantle a historic bridge so his superyacht can pass under it, citizens hurled eggs at the vessel. (The bridge will only be dismantled for a day at Bezos’s expense, he explained).

18) In New Kabul, better known as New York City, a teen rapper who shot an NYPD cop and was freed after posting cash bail from a record deal was arrested after only one week of freedom for violating probation.

19) Sixteen teammates of the transoid male swimmer Lia Thomas, competing against girls, demand he be barred from NCAA championships under new rules.

-Translation: now given the cover of rules, the ladies speak up and tell us what they thought all along—that competing against a man is a farce.



20) The Bank of England today began “Quantitative Tightening” to fight inflation, while the Czech National Bank, the Bank of Brazil, and the central banks of Brazil, Armenia, Columbia, South Africa, Chile, Hungary, Korea, Pakistan, Peru, and Poland plus many more all hiked rates or have raised rates since January 1.

21) The British Medical Journal raises the possibility of a lawsuit against Fascistbook (Metabeta) and owner Mark Zuckerberg—who just lost $29 billion in wealth this week—over claims articles in its journal were “misinformation.”

-Go git em, Limeys!



22) Energy bills in the UK will rise 54% in April—price cap comes off, dwindling supplies, inflation blamed.

23) Ottawa is still shut down by the truckers . . . .

24)  . . . while Prime Minister Justa Turd-o capitulates and announces he has no plan to use military force.

25) NOT the Babylon Bee: Canadians from New Brunswick struck by new disease that causes difficulty walking, speaking, and . . . I’m serious, this is the story . . . difficulty writing the letter Q.

-Doctor: “When did you get the vax?



26) President Trump claims CNN President Jeff Zucker is not out because of a relationship but because the network’s ratings are at an all-time low, down 90%. The “affair” was a diversion.

27) The plot thickens: UK Daily Mail reports that billionaire John Malone, who is chairman of Liberty Media, Discovery’s largest shareholder (and owner of CNN in a new $43 billion merger) wants to restore the left-wing cable network to impartial journalism.

-How long ya got, John?

28) In a CNN meeting over Jeff Zucker’s resignation, Jake Tapper reportedly called former anchor Chris Cuomo (Nipplepin Venthoarder’s brother) a “terrorist” while the Accosted One, Jim said the network was becoming “Fox News Light.”

Ah, Accosted, Faux News is already Fox News Light and has been for six years.

29) I’m surprised this didn’t come up sooner: A Jewish writer tells Whoopi Goldberg (her stage name, real name Caryn Johnson) to drop it. She “co-opted” it and doesn’t “deserve it.”

30) A cube made of pure gold that’s worth $11.7 million stands in Central Park as a sculpture by a German artist who is promoting cryptocurrency.

-Sorry, that was yesterday’s valuation. Given inflation in the Biteme era this is now valued at $12.5 million . . . wait, new price coming in . . .

31) Woke black actress Thandiwe Newton has apologized to “darker-skinned actresses,” cried on camera for not being black enough.

-Mental health issues are real.

32) Spotify CEO Daniel Ek told employees to stuff it, that the company is “not in the business of dictating discourse when it comes to Joe Rogan.

- . . . For now.

33) Meanwhile, the useless former president Zero and his partner Michael are looking for a new podcast partner after the Joe Rogan affair.

-Like they will be missed.



34) Another one bites the dust: Sweden’s government announces it is dropping all restrictions against the China Virus.

35) Now Iowa says “we’re done.” Governor Reynolds says the public health emergency will end on February 15 and that the Virus can be managed like the flu . . . which it always was.

36) It appears Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Attorney General Jason Miyoras still have a lot of work to do: a Loudoun County elementary school threatens to charge unmasked students with trespassing.

37)  . . . while Loudoun Co. Schools suspended 29 students for refusing to wear maskies.

38) UPDATE: The Virginia Attorney General has now joined a parents’ lawsuit against the maskiopaths in Loudoun Country.

39) Better late than never: NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal comes out against mandatory vaxxes.

40) And finally, it seems video from the Ukraine front are the rage of social media. One soldier was seen dancing on guard duty, while a Ukrainian hero who stripped to his underpants and waded into an icy river to save a dog now has drawn legions of admirers.

- . . . the soldier, not the dog.


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