Keep the Republic: RINO smears, a possible cure for Long Covid, and accusations against Gates and Fauci

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  • Source: UncoverDC
  • 09/19/2023

On the February 3rd Keep the Republic show (view it here), host and UncoverDC writer Daniel Bobinski hosted Idaho Senator Christy Zito and UncoverDC investigative journalist Michelle Edwards to discuss hot issues of the day.

In the first segment, Sen. Zito discussed with Bobinski how the Idaho Senate is nearly full of Republicans, but just because they have an “R” after their name, it doesn’t mean they stand for what’s in the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Senate leadership attempted to smear Zito because she was trying to get grocery tax repeal passed as an attachment to a small income tax reduction bill, and Senate leadership misrepresented Zito's intentions. The Idaho Senate is largely comprised of Republicans in Name Only, and they have been working hard to smear conservatives in their 2022 legislative session.

Zito discussed how legislators need to remember that they are there to represent the will of the people, not the will of big business or big government.

In the second segment of the show, Bobinski was joined by Edwards, and they discussed several of her most recent journalistic pieces at UncoverDC. Edwards elaborated on the discovery of BC-007, a drug that appears to eliminate the lingering effects one often experiences after having COVID-19, such as loss of taste, extreme concentration disruptions, and severe fatigue. As written in Edward's piece "Is There a Cure for Long COVID," doctors reported that in less than one week after receiving BC-007, patients regained their physical strength, cognitive abilities, and emotional balance.

Edwards also discussed her article titled, "Gates, Fauci, Daszak & UK Officials Charged with Crimes Against Humanity." Multiple attempts have been made to bring charges against these people in British courts, but those attempts have been unsuccessful. As such, plaintiffs are now seeking to take the matter to the International Criminal Court. Bobinski and Edwards discussed how mandates surrounding the experimental mRNA "vaccines" appear to violate the Nuremberg code.

Keep the Republic is a live weekly show on Brighteon.TV at 4 pm eastern, and the Feb. 3 show with Zito and Edwards can be viewed here:

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