The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 2, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Prelude: Folks, this is a red-letter day, as you will see in the China Virus section. There is no question the end is near. 


1) The elites are really worried. USAToday rants that Donald Trump is a “symptom” of a “new kind of class warfare raging at home and abroad.”

-Translation: “They’re coming for US!”

2) A leaked document reveals Biteme’s Afghan failures (this from AXIOS!)

3) Senators Angus (No Beef) King and Amy Clubber Lang Klobuchar have introduced a bill to update the Electoral Count Act, which was the basis of contention in the fraudulent 2020 election, to raise requirements lawmakers can make to object to certifying elections by requiring one-third of the Senate, not just a single senator and congressman, to object to the slates of legislators. It would also reduce the vice president’s power in such circumstances.

Reminder: these things never work out as planned, and sooner or later always end up working against the party that concocted it.

4) Speaking of DemoKKKrat senators, Arizona’s Kyrsten Enema has raised over $1.5 million after blocking Biteme’s agenda. Seems the Rutabaga isn’t well-liked in the Grand Canyon State.

5) How effective are the Canuck Truckers? (CanTruckers?) A new poll shows a massive 15-point swing in popular opinion as a majority of Canadians (54%) now want all China Virus restrictions to end.

6) More WINNING! They are trying to back it out, folks. The U.S. has unveiled a new policy for transoid swimmers to form a three-person medical panel to determine whether the level of “prior physical development” as a male gives the man an advantage.

-This will fail as massively, or worse, than allowing men to beat women because now USA Swimming will be under fire from both sides.

7) Don’t look now but the DemoKKKrats just lost their senate majority as New Mexico Senator Ben Ray Lujan suffers a stroke and is hospitalized. Had surgery for “balance.”

8) The Director’s Guild of America (that’s Hollywood, folks) opposes Biteme’s FCC nominee Gigi Sohn due to her Copywrite stances, but the vote will be delayed due to the illness of Senator Ben Ray Lujan.

9) Terrified of the optics of half of the House of Representatives sitting and possibly booing the Rutabaga, Botoxic is capping the attendance at the State of the Garden speech.

10) BLM leaders have been warned they are personally on the hook for the unaccounted-for $60 million in donations as the mystery into their charities deepen.

-One BLM spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, interviewed while filling up his new Lamborghini, said he just didn’t understand where these charges were coming from.



11) Arizona wins a big suit vs. Google: “the deception is essential to Google’s business model,” said the court, “ as up to 95% of its ad business is targeted to location data.”

12) It must be bad: Little Red Lyin’ Hood is preparing Americans for a “strange” jobs report—and this news is brought to you by Yahoo, better known as the sponsor for the next season of “Cheer!”

13) Our first indicator of these terrible jobs numbers comes from the weak January ADP payrolls report, which is down 301,000 while the estimate was to be up 180,000. Small firms are down 144,000.

14) In 34 of the largest 100 cities, rents spiked by 15-28%.

15) Another 4.3 million U.S. workers quit in December.

-Yeah, the Rutabaga’s economy is just a’roarin’.

16) The total number of workers who were fired or laid off fell to 1.17 million—a record low—the number of employees who voluntarily quit reached “astronomical” levels, up 24% from December 2019.

-Right now, no one knows exactly whether these employees are going to someone else for higher pay, leaving the labor market entirely, or starting their own businesses. So new “hires” are merely replacing the “quits.” The key marker to the fact that these jobs are not net increases is the number of job openings up by 62% from December 2019.

17) Morgan Stanley’s chief investment officer says a 20% plunge in stocks is a growing risk.

18) More idiocy of “green energy” supplying our needs. Roger Caiazza has compiled a worst-case scenario for just a single state that experiences a five-day sun drought. (In Ohio, we once went over a month with just three days of sunshine).

-The numbers come to a requirement of 200,000 megawatts per hour of storage, but the cost for, say, New York would be $3.82 trillion (with New York, er, New Kabul’s annual GDP only $1.75 trillion). Now let’s do the required fossil fuel backup . . .



19) The Canadian trucker strike continues as the Mayor of Ottowa called every tow company he could find to tow away trucks, but they all refused citing . . . “COVID.”

20)  . . . while Alberta towing companies rejected requests to supply trucks to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

-Looks like the Mounties are becoming the Mounted.

21) A poll from Ukraine shows that only half of Ukraine’s population is willing to resist with arms or with civil resistance if the Russkies invade.

22) Two Brit “ISIS Beatles” as their group was called have turned state’s evidence and are revealing details of Muslim terrorists in the UK and United States.



23) Whoopie Goldberg was suspended for two weeks from “The View” because of her comments on the Holocaust. Roseanne Barr? Kicked off her own series permanently.

-See the difference?

24) The Washington Redskins have adopted a new name—not joking—the Washington Commanders.

-They thought “dictators” didn’t quite have the right ring.



25)  The gubment has used evangelical leaders to spread China Virus propaganda to their flocks.

26) Norway lifts almost all China Virus restrictions, joining Great Britain, South Africa, Denmark, and several other nations. The jig is up.

27) Canada’s Quebec scraps a proposed tax on the unvaxxed.

-One by one they fall.

28) And Virginia’s top three universities also ditch their vax mandates, in deference to the Attorney General’s order.

29)  . . . while Finland becomes the latest nation to scrap China Virus restrictions. The world is opening up. Globalists’ heads explode in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

30)  . . . and Saskatchewan becomes the first Canadian province to dump China Virus restrictions.

31)  . . . . and more! They’ve lost CNN. “Medical Expert,” Leana Wen says “we should lift restrictions now.”

-It’s clear the marching orders went out from the DNC that midterms are gonna be a bloodbath, and they need to change course with or without the Demented Pervert.

32) Likewise Canada’s National Post hints ending, saying the China Virus is “simply too infectious to be eliminated completely."

-Translation: we lost in our attempt to use a virus for the “Global Reset.”

33) An Italian study says natural immunity lasts for at least 18 months. So that’s six times better than the vax?

34) The UK Daily Mail asks, have lockdowns and school closures been a waste of time?

35) -This is probably the creme de la creme, the coup d’etat, and the pate de foie gras (as well as any other French phrase that I don’t understand):

Reuters . . . REUTERS . . . that had not long ago labeled claims of Ivermectin’s impact against the China Virus, now says the drug “shows ‘antiviral effect’” and quotes a Japanese company.

-So where does Joe Rogan go to get his reputation back?

36) And finally, a second Crystal Cruises ship has diverted to the Bahamas to avoid a Miami warrant for $1.2 million in unpaid fuel bills.

-This could actually become a good business model: “ON THE LAM! Join the criminal of your choice as they evade cops, the IRS, and even James Bond in your latest Crystal Crime Cruise! Join the lottery to win a free year in seclusion with Julian Assange!


And that's Today's News

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