The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 28, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Rumors continue about the fate of Biteme’s new Supreme Court pick. (In theory, Yertle has a deal he made with DemoKKkrats earlier that judicial nominees can make it to the floor for a 51-vote majority only if they clear the judiciary committee. If all eleven of the Republican judiciary committee members reject the nominee, the nomination is subject to a filibuster.)

-Perusing the judiciary committee, Thom (Mel) Tillis is probably the weakest link should Yertle choose to go that route. Trust me, they will pretend that the nominee is “qualified” and pass her.

2) RINO former representative Mark Walker defies President Trump, remains in N.C. Senate race.

-He’ll lose.

3) Pennsylvania DemoKKKrats scurry away from Biteme: top three to avoid his visit to the state.

4)  . . . while, appropriately, a Pittsburgh bridge conveniently collapses on the day Biteme arrives to talk . . . wait for it . . . infrastructure.

5) In that bridge collapse, rescuers formed a human chain to save passengers dangling from a bus.

6) Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, a court finds universal mail-in voting Act 77 unconstitutional.

7) Murder and chaos reign in Baltimore (better known as new Bogota) with 31 homicides in 25 days.

-Not a single arrest has been made in any of the 31 homicides. The police are on it, though.

8) A judge appointed by Zero who was involved in the federal FISA warrants cases, now has revoked Biteme’s Gulf of Mexico oil lease sale, citing “Global Warming.”

9) In Kollyfornia, black youth suicide rates have doubled since 2014 says the health department.

10) In Kabul, better known as New York, a 16-year-old rapper/gang member charged with shooting a cop and already on probation for a gun violation walks free on bond after just nine days of juvie.

-But you know, New York is safe.

11) No one seems to be able to learn who is in charge of Black Lives Matter’s $60 million bankroll.

-Could it begin with the name “George” and end with “Soros?”



12) Canadian Prime Minister Justa Turd-o ignores a 50,000-strong trucker convoy protesting vax mandates, calling it a “fringe minority.”

13) The U.S. has warned diplomats about Russian “dirty money” in the UK. Wait, is Hunter over there too?

14) Three days ago a “Delaware-sized iceberg” released 150 billion tons of freshwater near an island, but Zero’s home in Hyannisport remained untouched. . .

15)  . . . so now a “Florida-sized glacier” may collapse soon, “raising sea levels.”

-Will this get the Obamas’ house? No. Conveniently this will take several decades or even centuries to be felt. By then Zero would have moved to New Calcutta (i.e., Los Angeles).

16) Calling virginity a “construct,” bills in England are intended to make virginity testing a criminal offense.

-Guess they’ll have to rename the Virgin Islands.

17) After Biteme’s horrifically hideous phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zalensky, telling him to “prepare for impact” from a Russkie invasion, the White House has backtracked and CNN has scrubbed its reporting on the comments.

-Biteme was just mistaken. It’s the DemoKKKrats who better “prepare for impact.”

18) The U.S. has banned ChiCom tech giant Unicorn over spying concerns.



19) The U.S. trade deficit in goods, surges to a record high.

20)  . . . while a majority of Americans expect more inflation according to Gallup.

-They ain’t wrong.

21) And in line with that, Kraft Heinz announces a new wave of fulfillment price increases up to 30%.

22) Yesterday here we noted the new GDP numbers. Now, “Sundance” at “The Last Refuge” notes there is a catch. A big catch. The Port of Los Angeles, our busiest port, delayed its reporting for December by one day—just enough to keep the port’s figures from being deducted from the GDP numbers. They call this “hide the ships,” and it falsely increases the GDP data.

23) The Rutabaga has declared war on Elon Musk, meeting with the heads of GM and Ford to build new electric cars, as Tesla now has come off the government subsidy list.

-GM and Ford are union plants. TESLA sold 66% of all electric vehicles last year, twice that of all other carmakers combined. GM sold . . . 26. Not percent. Cars.

24) Bridgewater Associates says the Fed is willing to let stocks drop 15-20%.

25) “The Contrarian” David Hunter says after a short “meltup” of 40% in the S&P, expect a crash of up to 80%.



26) Iran’s state television was hacked to show “Death to Khamenei.”

-Bet it was the work of Thomas Gideon.

27) The perpetually angry and whiny Neil Young now is asking artists to join his anti-Spotify campaign after his foolish ultimatum about Joe Rogan failed.

-Most artists have replied, “Who are you?”

28) Marvel’s “The Wasp,” Evangeline Lily, attended the D.C. anti-vax rally and said “No one should be forced to inject their body with anything.”

-Asked about using Pym Particles and shrinking to the size of lint, the actress said it was a completely different matter.



29)  From Newsweek of all places, “Scolding the unvaccinated left Biden Unprepared” for the OhMyGod

-because it has so many mutated proteins the vaxxes lost their effectiveness.

30) Alaska joins the National Guard vax lawsuit.

31) New studies from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford show that four out of five people already have China Virus immunity naturally.

32) The four-vaxxed nation of Israel now leads the world in daily China Virus cases per day, whining that exposed kids won’t quarantine.

-Good. Try natural immunity.

33) Child vaxxes in Brazil suspended after 10-year-old girl suffers cardiac arrest after receiving the Pfizer vax.

34) Virginia AG Jason Miyares issues an AG opinion that the state’s universities cannot mandate a China Virus vax as a condition for enrollment or in-person attendance.

35) Finally, an “unknown space object” is sending out radio signals every 18 minutes, unlike anything “we’ve ever seen before.”

-Well, that makes sense. Can you see radio signals?


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