The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 26, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1)Tennessee Congressman Cooper becomes the 29th (!!) DemoKKKrat to announce he won’t run for reelection. My prediction was “between 30 and 35" would announce before November 2022, and I’m just one away from my prediction.

-And it’s only January!

2) At every level, indies are switching more to the GOP than to the DemoKKKrats.

3) Even in Washington state, Republicans are gaining ground.

4) NOT the Babylon Bee: House DemoKKKrats beg members not to quit in the face of fierce GOP midterm challenge.

-“Stand and die, damn you!”

5) Lots of these little canaries. You can tell a great deal from a loss, as in Connecticut House District 44, where the R lost by eleven, yet the shift from 2020 was thirteen points in the GOP’s favor.

6) No, the fight for election integrity is not over. The Arizona Senate approves a bevy of election integrity bills, including a standardized marked ballot and a time limit on governors’ emergency powers.

7) There is a growing rift between Manchin-on-a-Hill and Biteme’s chief of staff Ron (Lame) Klain.

8) The Rutabaga hits a new low in another poll. CAPS/Harris has him at 39% and at only 18% “strongly approve.”

-These would be mental patients such as himself.

9) In a rare sighting of John (Bull) Durham—who appears less frequently than the Loch Ness Monster—the Special Counsel provided a discovery update that says Marc Elias was dragged in front of a Grand Jury in the Michael Sussmann case.

COMMENT: Online sleuth “Techno-Fog” noted that other information Durham acquired included sources from the Cankles campaign and Perkins Coie, the DemoKKKrats consigliere law firm. The Fogster also learned that the former DOJ inspector general possessed two FBI cellphones of the former FBI General Counsel.

-You mean they just found this out now?

Techno-Fog offers the possibility that Durham has used the “crime-fraud” exception to compel disclosure of information otherwise subject to privilege and that the client was engaged in or was planning a criminal or fraudulent scheme or that attorney/client privilege was sought to further illegal acts. This leads Techno-Fog to conclude that Durham “is focused on something more than the false Alfa-Bank allegations including the lie that Russkie “hacking” of the DNC was an inside job. We will see, but at this rate, Durham will complete his investigation around the time Barron Trump is serving his second term.

10) Harold Hutchinson argues that the FBI may be hopelessly corrupt and beyond reform.

11) Scottsdale schools enrolling Afghan refugee students.

12) A three-judge panel from the 9th Circus Court ruled in favor of gun rights, saying Ventura County’s China Virus public health orders mandating a 48-hour closure of gun shops violated the 2nd Amendment. This will likely face an en banc review by the 9th.

13) Full circle: where segregationists once removed To Kill a Mockingbird from schools now a Washington school board removes it for racial sensitivity.

-DemoKKKrats always return to who they were.

14) File under: “Doctors get something right.” A new composite score has been developed to identify chronic Lymphocytic leukemia that has a low risk of requiring treatment.

15) . . . while late-life exercise shows rejuvenating effect on a cellular level.

-(They don’t put mice on a treadmill for nuthin’!)

16) An Ohio bishop threatens to punish priests who preach against vaxxes and mandates.

-Not sure, but I think his diocese is Mordor.



18) Another evil leftist spooge company outs itself: GoFundMe is withholding over $5 million raised by truckers protesting the vax mandate.

19) Ukraine says “destabilization” is fueled by Biteme hysteria, not a real Russian threat.

20) Three members of the Rutabaga’s international team vamoose.

21) In Hungary, Szilveszter Csollany, a gymnastic rings hero, dies of the China Virus after submitting to the vax to keep his job.

22) Bill Gates, Dr. Fallacy, and others are accused of crimes against humanity in a complaint with the International Criminal Court.



23)  The Chinese company Tencent wants to see “no blacks” and “big boobs” in its games. Well, it’s easy to accommodate the latter.

24) Stocks have rebounded, but are still more than 2000 below the highs late last year. The Fed isn’t raising rates today.



25) December comic book sales data suggests readers are rejecting DC’s woke changes to Superman.

26) Just call him J. Edgar Hefner: Playboy founder Hugh Hefner had a “mountain” of “revenge porn” that his widow, Crystal Hefner, says she destroyed, confirming Holly Madison’s claim.



27) The New York maskie mandate for schools has been struck down by a New York State Supreme Court judge.

28) OSHA admits defeat, plans to withdraw the vax and testing emergency temporary standard for large businesses today.

29) In its battle to keep the China Virus going and support the vaxxes, the FDA has rescinded authorization for China Virus antibody treatments by Regeneron, Eli Lilly.

30) Why are non-China Virus deaths spiking among prime-age Americans? Drugs, alcohol, murder . . . but might it also be related to getting vaxxed? Just asking for a friend.

31)  . . . while cancer diagnoses in the military have risen 300% since vaxxes were forced on troops.

32) We warned ya: “fully vaxxed” Aussies now developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and are ten times more likely to get the OhMyGod variant than unvaxxed.

33) A New Hampshire bill would allow Ivermectin without a prescription.

34) Belgium drops the Moderna vax for young people due to heart inflammation risk.

35) About time: a proposed South Carolina law would make it illegal to request a person’s vax status.

36) Mayo Clinic experts says “your great-great-great-grandchildren will still be getting immunized” against the China Virus.

-No. A) your family line will likely die out due to vax side effects, and B) mine won’t be taking the jab so no worries...

37) Finally, a Swiss banking CEO says the $220,000 he spent at strip clubs was a business expense.

-That will never fly. Everyone knows it’s a medical expense for low blood pressure.


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