The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 24, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) She's ruuuuuuning part 2: Human Events editor Jack Posobiec claims Cankles and Kampuchea are putting together an exploratory committee for 2024.

-Ah, ladies: sewing two dead horses together will not give you Seabiscuit.

2) The Rutabaga needs not just impeachment but serious jail time: the Biteme family received money from people linked to the "highest levels of Chinese intelligence."

3) Dinobernie continues his infighting with Manchin-on-a-Hill and Enema.

4) Former Zero White House official blasts Biteme's foreign policy failures. (Remember, folks: former Zero advisor Susan Rice is directing these failures).

5) File under "THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME!": Virginia's new Attorney General fires a University of Virginia counsel who was on leave working as a top investigator for the Patriot Day (January 6) hoax committee.

6) Support for the DemoKKKrat Congress crashes to 26%.

-Why so high?

 7) . . . while DemoKKKrat donors turn on the Rutabaga.

8) A focus group of independents from the . . . wait for it . . . New York SLIMES was asked about Biteme. Their responses: "Complete disaster," "Puppet," "Detached," "Clueless," "Pathetic," "Incoherent," "Out of touch," "Functional adult."

9) Victor Davis Hanson offers a bold, 10-point GOP program for Republicans' midterm campaigns: this is easily the equivalent of Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America" in 1994 and should be embraced by every single Republican.

10) Glenn Greenwald says Congress's Patriot Day (January 6) Committee claims "absolute power" as it investigates citizens with no judicial limits.

11) Another federal court slaps down Biteme as the federal vax mandate is enjoined (held up).

12) The Communist News Network's own guest destroys the Biteme presidency as stunned hosts look on, calling it a "disaster."

13) A Brookings scholar calls the Rutabaga a "liability" for DemoKKKrats running in the mid-terms.

-Ah, dude, Biteme is a liability to AMERICA.

14) Love the title: "Moderate non-Trump Republican governors are disappearing from the political landscape."

-Actually, just non-Trump Republican governors are disappearing. They are liberals, not "moderates," and it's time for them all to go.

15) Carjackings rise to 510% in major U.S. cities with "disturbing" spikes in crime.



16) The U.K. has begun withdrawing embassy staff and families from Ukraine in light of Russkie mobilization.

17)  . . . while the U.S. State Department told Americans in Ukraine to get out immediately. Except a State Department official says that the U.S. is not in a position to evacuate anyone.

18) Biteme is considering (and you know how I hate that as "news") sending as many as 5,000 troops to advance areas in the Baltic States as a warning to Pootie-poot.

-Oh, Rutabaga, please. 5,000 troops would be a speed bump to the Red Army.

19) Meanwhile, Pootie-poot sends the Red Navy for "unwelcome" exercises off the Irish coast.

20) Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has "long abandoned any sense of following the science."

21) Poll: 60% of Americans oppose conflict with Russia over Ukraine.

22) China not only has a birth replacement problem (1.3 per family) but an inability to export its culture. There is virtually nothing actually "Chinese" in the world today except Tik Toc, which is part American.

23) The U.N. and World Bank predict increasing global starvation due to rising fertilizer & farm costs.

-Thanks globalist spoogemonkeys and DemoKKKrats. But I repeat myself.



24) Intel is building two new chip factories in Ohio, investing $20 billion.

-Guess that money won't be going to the ChiComs.

25) Is the superbubble about to burst? Bitcoin down nearly 50% and Elon Musk loses $25 billion in NASDAQ's worst week since 2020.

26) The cargo ship crisis worsens as 190 ships wait off shore.

27) Here's one you don't hear every day: a cruise ship with 700 passengers and crew diverts to the Bahamas to avoid a warrant of over $1.2 million in docking bills in Miami.

-This is the biggest hostage event I've ever heard of.



28) A new study raises concerns that spin (biking) classes could be leading to female incontinence and pelvic problems.

-See? I told ya, take the car.

29) Movie ticket sales down 68% from 19 years ago as people continue to ignore theaters. AMC down 47% from the same quarter in 2019.

30) The Kansas City Chiefs win one of the most thrilling NFL playoff games ever as fans decry "terrible" overtime coin-toss rule that "decides the winner."

31) Revealed in a new documentary: the homosexual D.C. killers were out for revenge on an ex-wife for winning a child custody battle.



32) This is a big one: the Jerusalem Post says it's time to move beyond the vax pass. "The general public needs to be free to return to as normal a life and routine as possible."

33) More evidence from Scotland that Vaxxes do not work.

34) Prestigious medical journal censors Israel-based researcher for reporting on China Virus vax side effects.

-But "trust the science."

35) Croatian initiative to abolish the China Virus vaxpass has enough signatures to require a referendum.

-It's gettin' spicy out there.

36) New calls by a British medical journal to immediately release all China Virus vax and treatment data.[/embed]

37) Media allies are setting the stage on the Rutabaga's pivot on the vax mandate now that he's lost. Center stage is the New York Slimes story about "grappling with imperfect science."

-Oh! Now we can't "trust the science" cuz it's imperfect? Gee. Who'da thought?

38) Israel a case-study in the futility of vaxxes. Now quadruple-vaxxed Israel breaks the world record for China Virus cases.

39) Just .06% of religious exemption requests have been granted for U.S. Marines.

40) Brazilian study: Ivermectin as a "prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates."


41) The NFL halted daily China Virus testing for all players . . . just in time for the championship games and the Super Bowl.

-We wouldn't want star players to be out in those games, would we?

42) Finally, has NFL superstar quarterback Tom Brady played his last game? Tampa Bay Buccaneers ousted in loss to Rams as Brady ponders his future at age 44.

-Retirement would keep him from breaking one last record: Oakland Raders' quarterback George Blanda, who played effectively at age 46.


And that's Today's News


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