This Sunday in DC: “Defeat The Mandates, An American Homecoming”

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  • 09/19/2023

As massive citizen protests against COVID-19 mandates erupt around the world—entirely ignored by mainstream news—another monumental gathering called "Defeat the Mandates, An American Homecoming" is set to take place this Sunday, Jan. 23 in our nation's capitol. Following a peaceful march from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial with moments of silence and prayers at the War Memorials along the way, a wide range of prominent guests will assemble to stand up and lead the way, saying "No" to government tyranny. Declaring "We are free," the group hopes to bring people from all walks of life together. They explain:

We Are Standing Up

No to Vaccine Mandates.
No to Vaccine Passports.
No to Forcing COVID-19 Vaccinations on Children.
No to Coerced Vaccinations Without Accepting Risk.
No to Censorship.
No to Limits on Reasonable Debate.

Yes, We Believe in the Power of Natural Immunity.
Yes, We Insist on Informed Consent.
Yes to Doctors and Patients Making Decisions Without Interference.

With the peaceful march beginning at 10:30 am on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022, the event will be moderated by Comedian J.P. Sears and will welcome experts from across the professional spectrum. The wide range of guests includes Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Christina Parks, Del BigTree, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Steve Kirsch, Lara Logan, Chris Martenson, and many others.

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Reminding everyone to be "virtuous and peaceful and to de-escalate conflict," the group stresses the importance of calmly gathering in solidarity. The event aims to link the arms of the "Vaccinated and Unvaccinated. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents. College Students, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Small Business Owners, Artists, Tradesmen, and the Retired."

The mission encourages everyone to realize "Your Voice Matters," and urgently points out that "Sharing your opposition to Vaccine Mandates with elected officials is important." They continue, stressing the importance of using your voice, adding, "These views are counted and taken into real consideration by these politicians as they vote on legislation or take regulatory action." The group's website offers straightforward tips on how to make sure your voice is heard:

The keys to being counted.

  • Be polite. If you're abusive, staff who collate these messages are less likely to count them. Also, it's rude.
  • Be a constituent. For a Senator or Congressperson to consider your views, you have to live in their state or district. It is imperative at the beginning of your message that you state this. "I live in (insert state)" or "I live in your district".
  • Be brief. Unless you have a particularly unique story that you feel could add to your views, it's best just to tell them directly and briefly what your position is. Staffers generally just count these and then report the numbers to their bosses.

Who do I contact?

What do I write?

Keep it brief.
Keep it simple.
You oppose all medical mandates.
You oppose all federal legislation or regulatory agency rule-making that attempts to force mandates through the back door (i.e., any organization that receives federal funds must institute mandates).
You will be watching their voting record carefully and will not support any candidate who does not oppose these mandates, including the backdoor mandates.

Dire Warning to Pay Attention to What is Happening in Europe

Reinforcing the critical nature of where humanity currently finds itself in the global COVID narrative, on Wednesday, Jan. 19, Tucker Carlson spoke about the unreported but growing number of massive global protests against vaccine mandates (in video below). He commented to his guest, "So, you're getting the sense in the United States that everyone's in favor of vaccine mandates, and then you see coverage like that, and you realize there's a global movement against it. Is that fair to say?" He was joined by legal expert Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who replied:

Absolutely. There is a massive movement going on in Europe right now of tons of people, hundreds of thousands, millions of people actually, who are very much aware of what's at stake here. These people are aware of the fact that our constitutional rights are being set aside without an end date. And that we're heading towards a new system, a tyrannical regime of mass surveillance and control. And this is not just a hunch. This is all part of a bigger plan. There are so many people who are watching right now and can go and look it up. What's very important for the American audience to know is that we've had this digital COVID pass in place in Europe, which is basically like a QR code on your phone, that grants you access to everyday life like to bars, restaurants, etc.

It's completely bound to your VAX status. And this is all part of a European project issued by the European Commission that is basically surrounded around this idea of European digital identity. So this will not stay just linked to your vaccination status. This will encompass taxes, this will encompass your medical records apart from your vaccination status, your bank information. So basically we already have a system in place right now that is very close or at least reminds us of the beginning phases of a social credit system. We are literally turning into China.

Urging every American to pay attention, Carlson explained, "If this were linked to digital currency and presumably paper currency is on the way out, then the average person would be utterly controlled by the government. The government could just turn off your ability to buy anything, your ability to go anywhere. I mean, at that point, you really are a slave to a supposedly democratic government. Are you not?" Describing a reality we should all fear, Vlaardingerbroek replied:

"That's exactly right. That's exactly what they're planning to do. And this agenda is supposed to be laid out by 2030. So that's what we're heading towards. So you see all these people going out in the streets, it's because they know that this is what's going on. And I think that it's all going to be dependent on whether they will be able to roll this agenda out, whether Austria is going to enforce compulsory, mandatory vaccinations on a nationwide level. So the parliament in Austria, another country in Europe is debating about this or voting on this on Thursday, which will mean that in Austria, from February onwards, uh, the vaccination for COVID will be mandatory for every citizen over the age of 18.

If you don't get vaccinated, you will be having to pay massive fines up to 15,000 euros a year, which, you know, basically your existence as an unvaccinated person will become illegal.

So everybody will have this digital COVID pass. And I got to say Tucker, it would not be the first time in European history that tyranny is born in Austria. So what will happen on Thursday in Austria is going to be a landmark case that will determine basically whether Europe is going to be part of the free west for much longer. And, um, well it looks like this law will pass. So it looks like we're basically headed towards an end-stage that literally is tyranny. And it's absolutely crucial that we fight this now that we put pressure on our governments and that we walk together for this fight of our freedom and of our future, because, I have to say you in America, you might be next.

Austria Becomes First European Nation to Approve COVID Mandates

With all eyes on Austria—and blatantly highlighting the significance of what American citizens face regarding their liberty and freedom—on Thursday the European nation approved the introduction of mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for all adults starting in February. Confirming what Vlaardingerbroek predicted the day before, all parties except the far-right support the measure, the first nation in Europe to do so. Those who refuse to comply face fines up to €3,600 ($4,073 USD). Center-right Chancellor Karl Nehammer shared his thoughts on the role vaccines play in individual freedom—which are consistently echoed by the Biden Administration—stating: 

"Vaccination is an opportunity for our society to achieve lasting and continuous freedom, because the virus cannot restrict us any further."

Defeat The Mandates Reminds: We Are Free

Partners and Sponsors of "Defeat The Mandates / An American Homecoming" include FLCCC Alliance, Children's Health Defense, Vaccine Safety Research, International Alliance of Physicians & Medical Scientists, World Council for Health, and Awaken with JP. Elaborating further on the critical mission facing Americans, the group explains the "World Wide Demonstration is a peaceful, apolitical, internationally-syndicated community demonstration dedicated to emboldening grassroots citizens to push back against COVID-related restrictions in their own local cities. Jan. 23, 2022, marks the sixth World Wide Rally for Freedom."

We are free.

And we will not surrender our freedoms out of fear.
We are Americans and we come from every walk of life.

We link arms, Vaccinated and Unvaccinated
Democrats, Republicans, and Independents
Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents
College Students, Teachers,
Nurses, Doctors, Small business owners
Artists, Tradesmen, and the Retired.

To stop the Covid vaccine mandates.
To say never again to the lockdowns!

We are free people.
No longer taking our freedoms for granted.

The mandated COVID vaccines haven't worked.
Our civil liberties have not returned.

Mandates are a last resort.
They are not the American way.

This is a pivotal moment in our global history.
The time to act is now!

People around the world are rising up,
To protect freedoms that originated here in America.
It is high time we joined them.

We are brothers and sisters
Of every color, creed, and political stripe.

We are not against the vaccinated.
Many of us are the vaccinated.
We are against forcing vaccinations on Americans.

Enough is enough.
We're coming home.
In peace we March!

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