The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 20, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In his rambling bizarre speech, the Demented Pervert Biteme gave the Russkies the green light to invade Ukraine, saying “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion . . .”

-To the former Soviets, taking one-third of Europe was just a minor incursion.

2) Biteme’s speech came not long before the John Lewis “Do-we-cheatum-and-How” voting bill died in the Senate due to a failure to defeat the filibuster.

3) Leave it to the foreign press to tell the truth: “Total disaster”: Critics Crucify Biteme over his rambling press conference in which he said he “over-performed” in his first year.

4) DemoKKKrat hack Van Jones says Biteme was “foggy” and “meandering” for much of his presser, says he was “like Reagan at the end.”

-No, Moving Van, no. Reagan on his worst day was better and brighter than Biteme on his best day.

5) The Rutabaga has “no idea” why Americans think he is a demented dim bulb.

6) A Morning Consult poll has 37% of the respondents giving the Rutabaga an F, a worse grade than Trump. Half of independents gave him a “D” or “F.” My question: What’s wrong with the other half?

7) Six Navy SEALs are running for Congress to take on the “grave threat” of Botoxic.

-Let’s hope they turn out better than our last hero congressman Dan Crenshaw.

8) Already anticipating losses in the House and Senate in 2022 and likely the White House in 2024, Biteme says the elections may not be fair if his “Do-we-cheatum-and-How” bill doesn’t pass.

-It didn’t. They will be. You will lose.

9) Kampuchea Harris repeats Biteme’s claim that the midterms will be unfair.

10) Leftoid NBC (Nothing But Communists) News network warns DemoKKKrats they are heading for a “shellacking” in November.

11) Dodged a bullet: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, says he skipped the Senate bid to avoid being a “roadblock” to Biteme for two years. I think someone warned you this guy would not be good. Can’t recall just who.

12) Trump says he has a “very good relationship” with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, refutes notion of a rift.

13) The Supreme Court refuses to block disclosure of Trump’s White House documents from the Archives to the House Patriot Day Committee.

-Just remember, two can play this game. Wanna see what Botoxic’s emails look like after the GOP takes control of the House next January?

14) And another DemoKKKrat soon to retire? The “fine people” at the FBI show up at the house of Texas DemoKKKrat Henry Cuellar, a Biteme critic.

15) The Demented Pervert’s administration is hiding a ruinous “left behind” report on Afghanistan from the public.

16) Seattle’s quest for racial “equity” in schools has been “marked by animus, lies, and worsening results”: Meet the Seattle schools indoctrinization czar who married a child molester.

17) Jordan Peterson, one of the truly gifted academics, has resigned from his tenured position. Here’s why.

18) New video shows Ashli Babbitt pleaded with police to call for backup moments before she was killed by Michael Byrd, earlier shows her talking calmly with police.

19) Then they came for Teddy: the statue of Theodore Roosevelt has been removed from the Natural History Museum in woke NYC because of leftoid activists.

20) An anonymous GOP never-Trumper senator accidentally reveals there are 570 Patriot Day martyrs still in jail. 570.

21) File this under “Profiles in Courage”: The NCAA, feeling the heat of the Lia Thomas man-competing-with-women affair, now punts to “national governing bodies of each individual sport.”



22) A mad scramble to lock in mortgages as the Bank of Canada begins to tighten.

23) Ukrainian officials were shocked and deeply concerned over Biteme’s “incursion” comment. “What a f**ing mess,” said one White House staffer.

24) Now yer gittin’ somewhere: Croatian politician calls on all Euro protestors to descend on Brussels on January 23.

25) The U.S. is building a massive fuel storage facility on the outskirts of Darwin, Australia.



26) After fabricating over $300 million in sales, the Chinese version of Starburqua, Luckin Coffee, wants back on the NASDAQ.

-Who knows? Maybe they can get a deal with Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos to provide a free blood test with each mug?

27) The 10 fastest-growing jobs in the US. (One shouldn’t be there: “diversity and inclusion specialist”)



28) More evidence from Scotland that Vaxxes do not work.

29) Yesterday Sweden, Scotland, and the UK ended their lockdowns and other restrictions; today the Czech Prime Minister ends vax mandates: “We do not want to deepen the rifts in society.”

30) Coffee chain Starburqua has ended its vax mandate. Snowflakes howl, call for a boycott. This is rich.

31) Finally, with the ChiCom regime causing increasing numbers of Hong Kongers to leave, the escapees are paying up to $26,000 for chartered flights to take their pets with them.

-Can you say “dog-gone?”

And that’s Today’s News


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