The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 17, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) File under, “This is what courage looks like:” The new Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares fired the entire state civil rights office and announced he will prosecute criminal cases in jurisdictions where George Soros-funded district attorneys declined to prosecute and has already opened investigations into Loudon Public Schools.

2) . . . while new Virginia Governor Glenn Younkin started his first day with sweeping executive order ending Communist Racist Theory, opening the economy for all businesses, slashing job-killing regulations, allowing parents and students to opt-out of mask requirements, rescinding the vax mandates for state employees, and investigating the “wrongdoing” in Loudon County.

3) The Donald is on his way back to the White House with a $115million election war chest and 82% GOP support.

4) A hard-hitting Trump rally in Arizona attended by 40,000 and watched by over 400,000 saw Trump call for full rejection of vax mandates.

5) South Carolina DemoKKKrat James (Van) Clyburn, who named his daughter after a steak, says he’s worried about losing the House.

-Yes, Van. Yes, you will. And it will be a landslide.

6) Fascinating story from the WaCompost: Trump lost, but he still won millions of new voters. Where did they come from?

-A better question is if Trump got 12 million more voters, where did Biteme’s so-called 81 million come from?

COMMENT: I could be all wet on this, but this seems to be the Hoax News media laying the groundwork for first, a massive Trump reelection in 2024 (maybe 90 million voters) by pointing out, “well, you know, he did get 12 million more voters last time.” It could be the very first little open crack in the door of the Hoax News media admitting that the election was stolen.

7) Rasmussen: only 18% “strongly approve” of the Demented Pervert. (Trump’s lowest was 23%)

8)  . . . while Gallup says that U.S. political preferences shifted by 14 points in the GOP’s favor in 2021.

9) And a CBS poll asking the respondent to complete the phrase, the “Biden presidency has made you feel . . .” found the most common answers were “frustrated” (50%), “disappointed’ (49%), and “nervous” (40%).

10) An Arizona establishment governor candidate dropped out of the race hours before Trump endorsed her rival at the rally in Florence.

11) Los Angeles cops go over the head of woke DA George (“No-one-Spits-Like”) Gascon to get the feds to file murder charges against four F13 gang members who killed an off-duty officer.

12) Five DemoKKKrat senators have criticized Biteme for his China Virus policies. (The vulnerable Arizona senator Mark Moonboy Kelly makes an appearance).

13) Yertle is trying to get RINO Arizona governor Doug Ducey to run for the senate; Trump pushes back saying he would never endorse Ducey.

14) Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake plans to circumvent the feds on border policy through an interstate compact.

15) The Islamic hostage-taker at Colleyville, Texas synagogue is killed and the hostages rescued. The incident continues a string of anti-Semitic attacks by Islamic terrorists.

-Shhhhh. Can we say that?

16) Poll: most Americans believe democracy is at risk of extinction.

-As long as the DemoKKKrat Party exists, they are right.

17) Since actually disciplining kids is not on the table, a Pennsylvania school board offered to pay thousands for private school costs if hazing suspects would just leave their district.

-Didn’t we try this with the Barbary Pirates? How’d that work out?

18) Tulsi Gabbard (Hottie-HI) says that Biteme’s policies and rhetoric aimed at political opponents are the “foundation of authoritarianism.”

19) Believe it or not, election probes are still going on in many states and they undercut the narrative that Biteme won.

20) After hemming-and-hawing, the “fine people” at the FBI finally admit that the Texas synagogue was a case of the “Jewish community” being targeted. What they do not add is “ . . . by a Muslim.”

21) File under karma: a married University of Michigan president is fired from a nearly million-dollar-a-year job after an affair with a female subordinate under the zero-tolerance rules he created.

22) New York City’s new mayor Eric (the Red) Adams, the “law-and-order” candidate, insists the city’s subway is safe after female Deloitte executive was pushed to her death in front of a train.



23) The Chinese real estate turmoil is not over, with the Logan Group stock sinking to a record low and as China’s centra bank cuts rates.

24) The Hoax News media is just now beginning to notice food supply chain issues.

25) In Kollyfornia a Union Pacific official blames L.A.’s far-left policies for the massive train thefts, considers pulling company from the city.

26) Will inflation spell doom for “wokeness?”

27) Wolf Richter (“Wolfstreet”) says a large number of those employees who have dropped out of the workforce have started their own businesses. The bad news? A growing share are those who have a “low propensity to become significant job creators” themselves.

28) Regal theaters owner Cineworld turns cash-positive in fourth quarter due to “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”



29)  Miami rapper Wavy Navy Pooh shot to death while driving.

-And it wasn’t even in Kollyfornia.



30) A rare spinal cord condition is now identified as a potential adverse effect of the vaxxes says an EU drug regulator.

31) Dr. Fallacy’s $10 million portfolio includes a fund that invests in ChiCom companies.

-Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya!

32) DemoKKKrats are moving away from lockdown restrictions over fears of being crushed politically. “People have run out of patience.”

33) Google mandates weekly China Virus tests.

34) The CDC has dropped mandatory China Virus protocols for cruise lines.

35) Dr. Paul Alexander lists 453(!) athlete cardiac arrests, 263 dead. Yet the Hoax News media is silent.

36) Finally, the Dallas Cowboys, after failing to get a ball spotted in time to get a final play-off, were eliminated once again from the playoffs, marking 26 years without reaching a Super Bowl.

-Rumor is they are negotiating with the hapless Cleveland Browns for rights to the Browns name.


And that’s Today’s News


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