The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 14, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, blocked the OSHA vax mandate from the Biteme administration. The court, 5-4, let stand the mandate on health care workers whose institutions were receiving federal funds.

-Two messages: for the most part, Biteme’s vaxiopathic rampage is over, and second, if ya takes federal money, ya plays by their rules.

2) In his opinion, Justice Neil Gorsuch used the words of Biteme’s own chief of staff, Ron Klain (“the ultimate workaround”) against him.

3) Just who is the “insurrectionist?” The Rutabaga calls on businesses to ignore the Supes’ ruling and force vaxxes anyway.

-Yeah, that’s the ticket to major lawsuit settlements. This Demented Pervert makes a box of rocks look like the Mensa club.

4) Normally we don’t report “x-says-y-about-z” stories here at Today’s News, but this is an exception. The Tuckster slams Kegger Kavanaugh as a “Cringing Little Liberal” after his vax vote.

5) Oblivious, the Rutabaga goes on a rant about the so-called “voting rights” bill that would of course restrict the ability to vote for many Americans, shouting “Count the Vote!”

-(He admits Lenin was right: it’s not who votes that count but who counts the vote).

6) The Rutabaga more or less admits defeat of his hoax election-rigging scheme: “I don’t know whether we can get this done.”

-Lemme explain in a language you can understand Biteme: No su puede.

7) Meanwhile a huge blow is struck for legitimate elections in Wisconsin, as a judge rules absentee ballot drop boxes cannot be used.

-The wheels are coming off the illegal DemoKKKrat clown car across the country, folks.

 8) . . . while Indiana will require voting machines with paper ballot backups by 2024.

9) Senator Linda Grahamnesty, attempting to be on all sides of the road at once, now says he’ll only back Yertle as majority leader if McConnell has a working relationship with President Trump.

-You know what Mr. Miagi said, Linda? “Walk on right side of road, ok. Walk on left side of road, ok. Walk down middle of road, get squished like grape.”

10) The completely politicized DOJ, contradicting Biteme’s own DHS, repeats the unfounded claim of rising school board violence.

-This criminal organization—the DOJ—can not be removed from power soon enough.

11) The leftoids continue to ramp up the rhetoric: MSNBC contributor compares the GOP to Hamas or the IRA, a “front for a terrorist movement.”

-Wait, I thought leftoids liked Hamas and the IRA. What am I missing?

12) Baltimore’s top prosecutor, DemoKKKrat Marilyn Mosby, is indicted on perjury charges for claiming China Virus relief on mortgage applications to buy two Florida vacation homes.

-First, why are they all going to Florida if it’s so terrible? Second, Kampuchea Harris praised her for always doing “the right thing,” which in DemoKKKrat-ese means lying.

13) From American Thinker: DemoKKKrats to face the same catastrophic fate as the Whigs (and I would add, the Federalists).

-Increasingly a regional party confined to the coasts, DemoKKKrats are incapable of addressing any truly national issues.

14) Another fully politicized agency, the National Academy of Sciences, blames the U.S. for plastic ocean waste when India, China, and the Philippines are the leading offenders.

15) My interview with a leading GOP congressman. His take on the FBI and the upcoming elections is interesting.

16) Called this! Exactly one day before Senator Marco Rubio snipes at the January 6 (Patriot Day) commission, I said he would be the first to join Senator Ted Cruz in criticizing the whole fiasco.

17) At least give the Patriot Day committee some credit: they finally got eleven of the “Oath Keepers” indicted on charges of sedition. Whether they will see those charges reduced or plea-bargained down remains a question. (So far the most common charge is “parading” or the equivalent of jaywalking).

18) A second South American reporter collapses on air!

19) Biteme plans wind farms to power 10 million homes. So our energy supply is going to be weather? That’s reliable.

20) Microsoft launches a new investigation into Bill (“A shot for you, a shot for you . . .”) Gates for sexual harassment after activist investors demand answers.

21) America’s leading historian of firearms, John Lott, Jr.: As gun sales soared, the number of violent crimes committed with guns plummeted.

22)  . . . while the DemoKKKrats’ war on cops results in the highest death level for line-of-duty police since 1930.

23) Feel-good story of the day: Michael Avenatti claims the only book he was allowed to read in prison was Donald Trump’s 1987 The Art of the Deal.

24) In a little-noticed story, Ghislaine Maxwell gives up her battle to keep the identities of high profile John Does secret; they are named in the sealed civil suit against Andrew that accuser Virginia Giuffre demands be made public.

25) Meanwhile, embattled Houston Texans former quarterback Deshaun Watson begins making “five and six-figure settlement offers” to 22 women suing him for sexual misconduct. One has already reportedly turned down a $100,000 offer.



26) The student loan company Navient to forgive $1.7 billion in debt from 66,000 borrowers after 39 states reach a predatory lending agreement.

27) Deutschbank and other international banks prepare for the Fed to shrink its holdings by up to $100 billion a month, as all central banks start turning off the cash spigots.

28) In Kollyfornia, looters steal Amazon and UPS packages from waiting trains outside the Los Angeles sorting depot.



29) Cankles and Bill look to get back into politics after their flopped FX impeachment series aptly named “American Crime Story.”



30) A major Danish newspaper apologizes for parroting the government’s China Virus lies without scrutiny.

31) . . . while the A.P., in a major admission of defeat, will no longer emphasize case counts.

-They think this will help Biteme by reducing emphasis on growing cases, but it will in fact move the Virus out of the public mind, ending the Rutabaga’s reason for tyrannical policies.

32) The U.S. military granted its first religious exemptions to the vax. Seeing handwriting on the wall?

33) Finally, so I guess Paul Ehrlich (The Population Bomb) is wrong again. A “spectacular discovery” in Antarctica was made of a massive icefish breeding colony with 60 million nests.

-Guess we won’t be running out of seafood after all.



And that’s Today’s News


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