The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 13, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The Demented Pervert has fallen to a new low in the “A+” rated poll by Nate Silver of 33%. As Sean Davis shows, those are “shockingly bad” numbers for a pollster that had Biteme winning Florida by 5 and Ohio by 4 in 2020 (he lost both, badly). And now he is at just 25% with independents.

2) The whole Patriot Day (January 6) “investigation” is falling apart, looking totally corrupt: now it is revealed the Capitol cop Michale Byrd who killed Ashli Babbitt was never interviewed.

 3) . . . while the man actually seen on video inciting a riot, Ray Epps, claims through his attorney that he was not an FBI informant. And his attorney dodges whether Epps’ questioning was under oath.

-Oh, and Epps’ attorney . . . is a former FBI agent. Can’t make this up.

4) The Tuckster hones in on FBI obfuscation: Why won’t the FBI simply deny its agents were involved in the Patriot Day activities? (Cuz they were).

5) And not a moment too soon: Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky suggests it’s time to dissolve the DOJ and FBI.

6) Yet more evidence the Patriot Day fiasco investigation is collapsing as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, something of a mush, has found a spine and refuses to participate in Botoxic’s Star Chamber proceedings.

7) A ray of hope for DemoKKKrats? Sheila Cherfilu-McCormick wins deceased Alcee Hastings’ 20th congressional seat with 73%—the same percentage Hastings got.

8) discovered that the Fulton, County Georgia “poll tapes” revealed that the early voting machines remained open from the beginning of voting until election day in contravention to state laws requiring them to be closed three days prior to election day.

- . . . but with different tabulator cards under a different person’s watch. A perfect fraud greenhouse.

9) Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe pens note denying suicide: “I’m not suicidal, I love my life.”

-Hard to Epstein him now.

10) USA Today faces backlash and deletes a series of tweets that “normalize” pedophilia by claiming it was “misunderstood.”

-No. No, it wasn’t. As the kids in South Park said, “Dude. You have sex with children.

11) Ronnie Spector, lead singer of “Be My Baby” the Ronettes, dies at 78.

12) The Biteme administration has delayed the trial of an alleged Iranian spy for the third time.

-Don’t wanna upset the mullahs.

13) It appears ICE managed to “lose” 47,000 illegals. That’s what an incompetent gubment looks like.

14) The father of the Loudoun County girl who was raped by a “boy in a skirt” reveals his daughter was attacked a second time; case for “malicious wounding” to begin next week.

15) Paul Manafort, President Trump’s second campaign manager, claims Mulehead put pressure on him to say things that were not true.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

16) The U.S. Army proving completely unattractive as a life choice, is offering as much as $50,000 in bonus pay to recruit soldiers.

-I mean, who doesn’t want to work for this guy?



17) Canada has put in place an exemption to the vax for its truckers . . . but still will require U.S. truckers to have the vax.



18) The eight richest U.S. counties are suburbs of San Francisco and D.C. This is what historian Burton Folsom called “political entrepreneurship.”

19) Here we go again. This is a recurring story: Jobless claims higher than “expected” at 230,000 (vs. 200,000 “expected”).

20) Producer price inflation has now risen 9.7% from one year ago, highest on record.

21) Two of the three fastest-growing tech hubs are in red cities (Miami and Dallas).

22) Woke Microsoft Word offers feature that suggests PC alternatives to phrases that offend snowflakes.

-Wonder what it will do with my words, such as spoogenugget, dicknipple, and clockschnocker?



23) “Walking Dead” star criticizes Hollywood wokism; roles should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

24) Wedding bliss for lunatics Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly who celebrated their engagement by drinking each other’s blood.

-“Oh, Schweikart, that’s nonsense. Elites don’t drink blood.”



25) Call it the Yellow Star list: the feds are compiling a list of employees who sought religious exemptions to escape the China Virus vax.

26) Major companies, including Walgreens and CVS, are cutting paid sick leave for unvaxxed.

27) Chile begins its fourth China Virus vax dose.

28) Signs of the end: International authorities sour on boosters while FDA continues to promote.

-How long before the FDA is nicknamed the “Federal Death Agency?”

29) DemoKKKrats are frustrated with Biteme’s OhMyGod response. Probably not fascist enough.

30) Utah and Minnesota face lawsuits for prioritizing non-whites in China Virus treatment.

31) Finally, “Broadway Joe” Namath pays tribute to the great Jets wide receiver Don Maynard who died at age 86. Maynard didn’t catch a pass in the Jets’ Super Bowl win because he was in double coverage the entire game—but had a fantastic championship game vs the Raiders.


And that’s Today’s News


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