Fulton County Tabulator Time-Machine

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  • 09/19/2023

Once again, Fulton County has embarrassed its citizens while maddening the country. The deeper we look, the more confirmation we receive that what happened in Fulton County was not just "sloppy," nor was it well-intentioned workers simply out of steam. This was not coordinated chaos, but chaos that seems coordinated. The destroyed ballot images, the hand-count audit disaster, temp-workers, and Dominion staffing at a premium usually reserved for the "champagne room," missing drop-box ballot transfer forms, etc. It's almost as if they tried.

We submitted an open records request to Fulton County for the November 03 general election poll tapes. We also specifically requested the poll tapes from early voting, which began on October 12 and ended on October 30.

What is a poll tape, you ask? A poll tape is like a close-out tape for a cash register or a bank teller's drawer except for a voting machine. The poll manager prints the tape when the polls open after confirming there no ballots are in the machine. This is called a "zero-tape." When the polls close, the poll manager prints another tape that list the location, date, time when the poll opened, and when the poll closed. Then it also lists the total number of votes and the totals for each candidate in every race. At the bottom of the poll tape, the poll manager and witnesses sign the poll tape to affirm the tape is accurate and that the poll was properly closed.

After some back and forth with Fulton County, we finally received the poll tapes (We did not receive the zero-tapes. Fulton County quoted a price of $1,500), which confirmed what we suspected. Most early voting machines remained open from the beginning of early voting until the end of Election Day in contravention to the stated process of closing the early machines three days prior to Election Day. The reason this matters is because early voting polls were opened on one tabulating machine, used for early voting until October 30, then the card was removed and placed in a different tabulator on Election Day, which was then closed under a different person's watch. In fact, this botched process of closing out the poll tapes was done at Fulton County's English Street warehouse by a "system specialist" out of public view—again, in violation of the official process that requires witnesses and signatures.

This scenario is simply unacceptable, but what's worse is the poll tapes from early voting that we received are all unsigned, except for 3! Examples below:

Unsigned Poll Tapes

This process would not be acceptable in a bank, at your grocery store, or at your business and certainly not for a contested election of national significance.

If that wasn't bad enough, we have poll tapes from different early voting locations whose POLLS WERE CLOSED ON THE SAME TABULATOR- AT THE SAME TIME!

Overlapping Poll Tapes

The standard process is to take the card from the early voting location, put it into the tabulator, select the option to "close the poll," and when it's complete, select "print tape." Every poll is required to print three copies of each poll tape. In the instance shown above, we have one poll being closed and printed on a tabulator while another poll location is being closed and printed simultaneously on the same tabulator (the tabulator ID is assignable by the user, but not the serial number). A simply impossible feat. Not just once, either. Here are more examples of the same:

Overlapping Poll Closing

Overlapping Poll Closing

We asked the Elections Director of Cobb County, Ms. Janine Eveler, to offer a plausible explanation. Her response:

"Sorry, I don't know that one."

When I asked Fulton County, I was told they would ask "Dominic." Interestingly, Dominic Olomo was a Dominion Voting Systems employee who worked in Fulton County for the 2020 election. We found out the same Dominic Olomo now works for Fulton County as the Department of Registration and Elections information system manager.

If Fulton County can't explain what happened with these poll tapes, how can we have any faith in Fulton's results in the November 03, 2020 election?

We even have a poll tape that was opened as expected on October 12, 2020, but closed on December 05, 2019!

2019 Poll Tape

Right now, the only explanation is that Fulton County voting machines are capable of time travel.

More to come soon.


*Please know that the work featured in this article is from a small team of dedicated analysts, researchers, and patriots who are determined to find the truth. They remain anonymous to prevent "influence" from affecting their work but do deserve credit. Those individuals include: "Dog&Bone", "RonC", "CrackerJack2", "David C" and "Kevin M".

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