The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 10, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1)Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson to run for re-election, poking a big hole in DemoKKKrat plans to hold the senate.

2) Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio becomes the latest to refuse to cooperate with the Patriot Day (January 6) Committee.

3) Outgoing Arkansas RINO Governor Asa Hutchinson cast aspersions at President Trump and blamed him for the Patriot Day festivities.

4) Trump labels the Patriot Day activities a “Fedsurrection.”

-He ain’t wrong.

5) The truth is leaking out: Patriot Day (January 6) was neither an “insurrection” nor a “rebellion” according to courts. So far, not one person has been charged with either, let alone convicted.

6) The Demented Pervert Biteme conducted fewer press conferences than the last five presidents, earning the nickname “hidin’ Biden.”

-Or simply, the Rutabaga.

7) You know it’s bad when Biteme is at 46% disapproval in Kollyfornia (only 42% approve).

-(And those were ballot-harvested poll respondents).

8) Another poll: Trafalgar finds that almost 80% of Americans believe that the U.S. nation is in a “state of decay.”

9) Another Republican Senator announces his reelection bid, RINO John (Way-too-Thune) in South Dakota, further damaging DemoKKKrats’ hopes of holding the Senate.

10) The Ivy League destroyed women's sports in a year, pledging “unwavering commitment” to the transoid male swimmer swimming in women’s events.

11)  . . . while the University of Memphis has canceled a plan to pay profs to go woke.

12) You know how they never found the person(s) who planted the pipe bombs? Maybe because it was part of a plan by the feds to turn Harris into a sacrifice? Harris, it appears, was in DemoKKKrat Headquarters on January 6, Patriot Day.

13) One transoid defeats another transoid in “women’s” sports.

14) South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, having whiffed on transoid issues with the NCAA over a year ago, now attempts a political revival claiming she would resist NCAA transoid mandates.

-Um hum.

COMMENT: At one time I thought Kristi Noem had great potential, possibly a running mate for Trump in a future election. But first, she backed down to the NCAA, and second, she backed down to Biteme’s demand NOT to have fireworks at Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July. What would De Santis do? I think in each case he would have stood up to the NCAA and the feds. In the case of the transoid athlete's bill, he would have called in the legislative leaders and asked for minor fixes if he thought the bill wasn’t good law; and in the case of the fireworks, he would have held them anyway. Leaders don’t back down. It’s always two steps forward and, if necessary, one step back.

15) A federal judge dismisses a case of a Christian photographer who refuses to take pics of same-sex “weddings.”

16) “Full House” former star Bob Saget, 65, found dead in Florida hotel room.



17) Norweigian conscripts are instructed to return their military underwear as supply chain issues hit.

It appears Norway is taking it in the shorts.



18) Connecticut is sending China Virus positive patients into nursing homes.

-I think Nipplepin Venthoarder in New York tried this. Course, he hasn’t been charged with any of the deaths, so give it a try.

19) Brussels Airlines made over 3,000 unnecessary flights—some empty—to maintain airport slots during the China Virus.

20)  . . . while Royal Caribbean canceled voyages on four ships due to the China Virus surge despite requiring vaxxes to board...

21) Flailing Biteme struggles to extricate the regime from the China Virus nightmare he caused. Now says the China Virus won’t go away but “new normal” will “be better.”

22) Study of 145 countries finds that the China Virus vax has NOT reduced death or transmission; in fact, the opposite happened.

23) Citi Group to fire unvaxxed employees as of January 14.

24) Massachusetts is on the verge of firing a partially-vaxxed state worker who sought a medical waiver after suffering an allergic reaction to the first shot.

-It’s likely everyone has had a “reaction” to the first shot, only many don’t know it yet.

25) Some Angelenos say it’s time to learn to live with the China Virus.

-I wonder if they said this through their masks.

26) Is the Hoax News mainstream media turning on the CDC? Some now claim it broke public trust.

-We don’t call him Dr. Fallacy here for nothing.

27) There is a healthcare worker shortage in Kollyfornia after firing all the unvaxxed.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya. God help anyone who has to go to a hospital for medical care these days.

28) Coming to the surface now: the ex-head of the UK’s vax taskforce calls for an end to mass vaxxes.

29) Finally, file this under an alternative to bitcoin: a foraging badger uncovers a hoard of more than 200 Roman coins dating to the third century.

-Reportedly Wall Street has seen a sudden rush on BitBadger.


And that’s Today’s News


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