The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 6, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

First, let me begin with a correction. Yesterday I incorrectly understated the final close of the Dow, which was 36,799



1) As the nation prepares to celebrate Patriot Day when ordinary citizens reclaimed their capital, 46% of Americans see the “fine people” at the FBI as Biteme’s personal Gestapo.

2) Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who once touted a picture of himself as a tattooed biker smoking a cigarette, tried to enhance his image as a rebel and tough guy by denouncing the Patriot Day protestors as terrorists.

3) More on the “fine people” at the FBI, who knew that the central patsy in the phony kidnapping case of Michigan Governor Witless Protection was mentally ill, calling him “Captain Autism” behind his back.

4) At least one Republican, New York’s Elise Stefanik, blames Botoxic for her role in the Patriot Day activities, but stops well short of suggesting the Speaker was in on the plot to turn a peaceful protest into a “riot.”

COMMENT: It is important to understand the Patriot Day hysteria from the DemoKKKrats for exactly what it is—a transparent and desperate attempt to change the narrative from their massive failures on the economy, in foreign policy, on the border, in the cities, in any legislation whatsoever, and most of all on the China Virus. Biteme is now at a Real Clear Politics average disapproval of 54%. This is a measure highly skewed to DemoKKKrats by including D+9 polls. What these Patriot Day harangues mean is that the DemoKKKrats’ internal numbers must be devastating—at ELE levels (Extinction Level Event, if you watched.

5) Arizona Senator (who continues to surprise) Kyrsten Sinema has come out against nuking the Senate filibuster. Senate DemoKKKrats now turn all their energies against Manchin-on-a-Hill.

6) Slow the roll to GETTR: The new comms director is an anti-Trump/pro-Hillary stooge.

7) Is there a single human with one active brain cell who did not see this coming? Cambridge study says “Authoritarianism” may be necessary to fight the Hoax Climate Change.

-The Great Rush Limbaugh called this more than 30 years ago.

8) More suppression and cancel culture: A Reuter's data scientist was fired because he questioned the Black Lives Matter mantra at his company.



9) A Euro court has tossed a case brought by a homosexual activist against a Christian bakery, saying he had not been discriminated against.

-He reportedly reacted by polishing off two dozen eclairs in protest, but this remains unconfirmed.

10) Sweden creates a ministry of propaganda called the Psychological Defense Agency to “combat disinformation.”

-Reportedly the early candidates for the head of his goofball agency are Josef Goebbels III and Baghdad Bobbie Mohammed—again, that part is unconfirmed.

11) Speaking of totalitarianism and disinformation, a Canadian tenured professor has been fired for being critical of Black Lives Matter, the racist wing of the racist Left.

12) Thousands of police deployed in Xi’an, China, to quell rising public anger against lockdowns and food shortages.

-Just wait till they find out the OhMyGod variant is the common cold.



13) U.S. automaker Chrysler plans to go full electric, will no longer offer internal combustion vehicles.

-They will soon proudly announce their membership in the “Worst Polluters on the Planet” club for their lithium batteries.

14) Three arrested in scheme to steal thousands of undelivered Amazon packages.

-So that’s where my Harry Potter Christmas books went.

15) The U.S. November trade deficit hits near-record high of $80.2 billion.

16) New jobless claims rose to 207,000 last month higher than the always-vaunted “expectations.”



17) The RINO Governor of Maryland, Larry (Hulky) Hogan has declared a state of emergency over the Virus and deployed the National Guard.

18) A ChiCom researcher stole U.S. monoclonal antibody secrets in 2015.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

19) Florida Surgeon General: If you don’t have symptoms, don’t get tested.

-Common sense at last.

20) Predictably, the New York teachers’ union is ramping up pressure to go remote over the China Virus surge.

21) Well of course they do: The U.S. Postal Service has begged Biteme to suspend the upcoming vax-or-test mandate for its 650,000 employees saying it would have a “catastrophic” impact on its ability to deliver the mail on time.

-I think I hear a waiver in the wind.

22) The Mayo Clinic has fired 700 unvaxxed employees. I’m sure they will hire unvaxxed temporary replacements soon.

23) Finally . . . and try to follow this one . . . a married Idaho sheriff’s deputy, aged 49, is charged after she “duped” a former Olympic speed skater—now 68—who was dying from Mad Cow Disease, into starting a relationship and forcing him to leave everything to her in his will.

-My question is why did they name a disease after Nancy Pelosi?


And that’s Today’s News


Larry Schweikart can be found at the Wild World of History and at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @OtherWalls and on Gettr.

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