2) Georgia investigators have a “ballot trafficker” who admits to being paid thousands in the 2020 election" } The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 5, 2022 | uncoverdc.com | uncoverdc.com 2) Georgia investigators have a “ballot trafficker” who admits to being paid thousands in the 2020 election"/>

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 5, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) says she won’t seek reelection. #25

-I predicted in my substack column yesterday that the final number might be 35-37.

2) Georgia investigators have a “ballot trafficker” who admits to being paid thousands in the 2020 election fraud, dumping tens of thousands of illegal ballots in drop boxes in the middle of the night.

-This trafficker is just one of 242! But, you know, the Rutabaga got 81 million votes.


3) The Biteme regime has withheld its annual report on ICE deportations.

4) Journalist quits Hoax News media after admitting the Canadian Broadcasting System promotes “Deep State” propaganda by “far-left” operatives.


5) Constitutional law professor predicts that the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to overrule Roe v. Wade.

-My own court expert, whom I call Zen Master—and who has yet to be wrong—has also predicted this.

6) Having failed with the China Virus, globalist leaders have war-gamed a cyberattack on the World Bank and other financial institutions in their next attempt to institute the “Great Reset.”

7) A tech boss has emailed his colleagues and the governor of Utah to claim that the China Virus is a Jewish plot.

8) Another aide to Kampuchea Harris quits as claims of “bullying” mount.

-Keep an eye on this. Remember, they can’t get rid of the Rutabaga until they oust Harris and put in Buttplugs.

9) In Nevada, a court has found the state’s “ghost gun” law “unconstitutionally vague.”


10) Woke NASCAR rejects Brandon Brown’s “Let’s go Brandon” sponsorship deal.

11) Scientists identify gut-derived metabolites that play a role in stopping the spread of Multiple Sclerosis.

12) . . . and an apparently harmless and effective treatment for “eye floaters” has emerged.

-As I noted in yesterday’s column, isn’t it interesting all these positive stories about medicine are surfacing all of a sudden? Almost like the medical community knows its reputation is about equal to that of the Rutabaga and serial killers.

13) Members of the Montana judiciary quashed subpoenas that were probing their own public lobbying.

-But “trust the courts,” right?

14) On I-95 in Virginia, a blizzard left some people stranded on the road for 24 hours.

-Where is Buttplugs? Or “Comfortable” Ralph Northam?

15) The Demented Pervert reminds us there is a “lot of reason to be hopeful for 2020.”

-Obviously he was in error, thinking it was 1920.



16) Pootie-poot lashes out at Germany for “sawing the branch they sit on” during the EU gas crisis. (EU gas companies have been redirecting fuel to Poland).

17) Kazakhstan’s government resigns in mass protest over fuel prices.

-Question for Congressional DemoKKKrats: are these people “insurrectionists” or patriots?

18) Prince Andrew’s first hearing on the Epstein-related case is “brutal” for him. Judge makes clear he doesn’t accept the lawyers’ arguments.

-Is Andy to be the final sacrificial lamb to keep the Epstein list secret?

19) John Stewart’s attempt to paint Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling as an anti-Semite fails when a Jewish charity defends the writer, saying “sometimes a goblin is just a goblin.”

-And an unfunny “comedian” is just a snockdocker.

20) And while we’re on the subject of epic fails, Megxit and the Ginger Duke raised less than $50,000 for their Archewell charity in their first year, spending more on legal fees to dissolve their previous UK foundation.



21) Wall Street keeps on rollin’: Dow hits all-time high.

22) Consumer tech sales to hit $505 billion in 2022 says the producer of the Consumer Electronics Show.



23)  “Cobra Kai” closes a superb fourth season with a shocking ending.

24)  . . . while the uber-popular “Yellowstone” wraps its latest season with a marriage ceremony that includes a priest kidnapped by Beth in a ratings record-setter. (9.3 million viewers on Paramount Network)



25) As we all expected, finally Australia has had to send COVID positive nurses to work in hospitals due to staff shortages.


26) Another young professional soccer player dies from a heart attack; vax status being withheld.


27) An emergency application filed late in December asks the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate a halt to the 100+ employer vax mandate.


28) Tracy Beanz: “Why are they changing the COVID narrative?”

Answer: They don’t have the leeway to weaponize China Virus numbers anymore, especially with the admission of test failures.


29) Frontline doctor uses vitamins and supplements as well as “off-label medications” to treat the China Virus: out of 4,000 patients, only five ended up in the hospital and none died.

30) A Danish study finds that the OhMyGod variant of the China Virus spreads faster among the vaxxed.

-Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya.

31) In a surprising about-face, New York Governor Kathy Hochul requires more detailed China Virus hospitalization reporting (i.e., hospitalized “for” the China Virus or simply tested positive after being admitted for something else).

32) Finally, DemoKKKrats are seeking to build a Patriot Day, January 6 memorial.



-Why pay for a new one? May I suggest we simply import this from Milan, Italy.


And that’s Today’s News


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