Why Are They Changing the COVID Narrative?

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  • 12/05/2023

If you have been an avid reader here at UncoverDC, you know more about COVID-19 than most. We released the first volume of our reporting a few months ago, which contained the work we had done through September of 2021. This work was based on truth, science, and fact. However, it ran counter to the "approved" narrative the legacy media and institutions were pushing on the American public in favor of mandatory vaccination and continued fear. But something has changed, and it appears that these same institutions want to start adopting some facts and some science as they attempt to navigate the new COVID variant named Omicron.

So, what is different with Omicron versus the other variants we have experienced, namely Alpha and Delta? The outright push for vaccination, you see!

The institutions and talking heads in this country spent months attempting to indoctrinate as many people as possible, letting all of them know that the vaccines were the answer to everyday life. They said that if you would just get the shot, everything could go back to normal. Except, everyone didn't get the shot, and UK data is clear; the vaccines not only don't work but have negative efficacy against Omicron. That means that if you have been vaccinated, you are more likely to be infected with COVID, not less. We have reported on this phenomenon here and here, but who are we to attempt to provide good, lifesaving data to the world? Conspiracy theorists! That's who!

Data from: https://www.ourfreedomfiles.com/drive/s/PMDIF8YSNTIcXdBN2AQaVbO6NiTMIP

According to the CDC COVID data tracker, 73.3% of the U.S. population has had at least one dose of a COVID "vaccine." They say that 85.5% of the population greater than 18 years of age have had at least one shot and that 95% of the population 65 and older are in the one-shot "vaccinated" group. The numbers are slightly lower for those considered "fully vaccinated," a term whose definition changes as quickly as the definition of the word "vaccination" itself. The CDC tells us that 205.8 million people have been "fully vaccinated," and 68.8 million have received a booster dose. Why are these numbers important? This is strictly my opinion, but I don't think many reading this would disagree. It's because, with each passing day, it becomes clearer that Americans who have not yet had a shot aren't going to get the shot, and there is a large enough percentage of us out here without it that they need to do some cleanup on aisle COVID-19. Oh, and we are loud. We aren't going away.

Chart from https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations_vacc-total-admin-rate-total

They tried bribes. They tried keeping us from going to concerts, restaurants, and movies. When all of that failed, they tried forcing us to inject ourselves with the shot using mandates at our workplaces, and even those are failing in spectacular fashion. They tried using muppets to entice us to "vaccinate" our kids. All of it has come home to roost, and they must do something.

If all the vaccinated people start realizing that the unvaccinated people are in better shape than they are, the institutionalists will have a pretty big issue on their hands. The failure of these experimental shots is impossible to ignore at this point. It isn't just their complete inability to keep you from getting sick with COVID, it's the fact that more and more vaccine-injured people are speaking out, and more and more Americans are getting tired of these tyrannical leaders coming for our children. It's too late for them to fix the mess they find themselves in, but we are now going to explore all the ways "science" has suddenly made its way back to these "authority" figures. When we are done with this exercise, we will need to reflect on what has just happened to us over the past two years. Who will be held accountable for it, and how? But for now, let's just document their hypocrisy, shall we?

The Beginning: Masks

One of the single most polarizing issues outside of vaccination, mask-wearing was the entryway to COVID tyranny. In March of 2020, Anthony Fauci told 60 Minutes that "there's no reason to be walking around with a mask" and that they are "…not providing the perfect protection that people think…". His emails confirmed the theory, and you can read about all of that goodness here.

Things abruptly changed, however, and we were then told that to participate in polite society or go to work or school, you needed to have some sort of fabric covering your face. Kids everywhere were forced into masks to attend class. You couldn't enter a shopping mall or supermarket without one slapped on, and they began the rapid march toward tyranny by imploring state and local government to force people to wear them. You still can't get on a plane without one, and any governor who has shunned them has been chastised and destroyed by the "mask proponents." It was the first in a long line of freedom stripping activities.

UncoverDC has reported on the utter failure of masks to protect you from an airborne virus for two years. One particularly enlightening column appeared in July of 2020. It, of course, got us into a lot of trouble with Facebook. Another with good science can be found here. As a matter of fact, up through September of 2020, we had printed at least 30 columns on why masks were an utter failure. Each of them remains poignant and true to this day.

Throughout, the powers-that-be in the media, institutions, and government has likened non-compliance with masking and the rejection of the policy to "insurrection." One need look no further than how they've demonized parents imploring school-boards to stop forcing their kids to suffocate all day for no good reason. Here Donna Brazile titles her piece "Threats against school boards over masks and critical race theory threaten our way of life." Here NPR has an entire article designed to dox groups protesting mask mandates at school board meetings, with a meta description that reads the following: "In several states and districts around the country, protestors have been disrupting school board meetings. They're opposed to mask policies..." These are just two examples that came up immediately. There are thousands more.

The controversy that some refuse to wear masks has led to an extremely divided society. Some, even today, are being removed from retail stores, attacked on planes, screamed at, and stalked by other patrons. Surely, you don't want to kill grandma! Wear your mask, you selfish, insurrectionist, right-wing freak".

Well, not so fast. Something has changed. For me, the most telling example of this was this clip with Doctor Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the FDA. He says this (and I quote) "Cloth masks aren't going to provide a lot of protection; that's the bottom line. This is an airborne illness, we know that now, understand that, and a cloth mask is not going to protect you from a virus that spreads through airborne transmission". (emphasis added) Wait, what?

So, you mean to tell me it has taken you and the rest of the medical establishment in this country two full years to realize that COVID-19 is a virus that spreads through airborne transmission and that cloth masks (or any mask easily obtainable by the general public) aren't going to be enough to protect anyone from the virus? This is how long it took for you to realize that? And you want us to trust you when you tell us vaccines are "safe and effective?" Surely that can't be true!

Let's see what another of the mask tyrants has to say. It may only be Dr. Scott Gottlieb that is this uninformed on the efficacy of masks.

Dr. Leana Wen is surely of a different mindset. She has been demanding compliance with masks for two years. It's sort of her thing. In May of 2021, she was shocked when the CDC said that vaccinated people could take off their masks; by this point, masks were known as any piece of fabric with a cool designer logo that covers your face. As a matter of fact, she has been clamoring about mask mandates for years. So, imagine my shock when she came out and said just this past week: "Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. There's no place for them in light of Omicron." They call her an expert. An expert!

There is so much more here, but you get the point. The bottom line, masks don't work. They know they don't work. Now they can tell you they don't work because nothing else has worked that they've suggested, and everyone is angry, and no one trusts them anymore. So, it's time, now friends, to minimize everything and get back to normal, mkay?

Hospitalized with COVID, not from COVID. Died with COVID, not from COVID

My oh my. That is quite the distinction, no? This is complicated because it is so long and storied, but I will sum it up for you as quickly as I can. It seemed that from the beginning of the pandemic, the most important thing to those using it as a weapon of tyranny and political influence was cases and deaths. Throughout, we have heard stories of incidental COVID positives, or people getting into fatal car accidents, being tested for COVID, showing positive, and then having it labeled as a COVID death. How many people in hospitals actually died from COVID and not with COVID? In August of 2020, we published a column that explained that metric. At the time, data showed that only 6 percent of total deaths were from Coronavirus only. The rest of the deaths had at least 2.6-4 other comorbidities that contributed to the fatality. Of course, the data has been refined, and information has grown a lot since then, but the same story we have been telling remains true: most people who are not considered high risk will survive COVID. Infinitely more will survive if allowed access to early treatment, a topic for another column.

We learned that hospitals had a financial incentive to claim COVID cases and deaths. I shared the link to the fact check on that claim because it is so utterly ridiculous I need you to read it. We learned that hospitals were overcounting COVID patients because there was an inability to distinguish between positive swabs taken from the same patient each day, thereby inflating the case count. We learned that the CDC was politicizing hospital data using an antiquated system from a high-level HHS insider who contacted UncoverDC.

Even until very recently, hospitalization numbers have been used to allow CDC director Rochelle Walensky and others to declare this a "pandemic of the unvaccinated," indicating that all who are hospitalized are unvaccinated people placing a strain on our medical facilities and putting everyone in danger. "Get vaccinated. Save others and yourself."

That may have been more true for the Delta strain, and it's exactly what experts in the field have told us would happen. It isn't true anymore. Data from Germany is stunning when it comes to Omicron infections. And experts are saying that it will likely worsen with each booster shot. The negative efficacy data I shared earlier is a tell. So what has happened now?

All of a sudden we are separating from and with, and incidental discovery of. Fauci did this just the other day for the first time in two-plus years. This has never been done before. Before, the more hospitalizations, the better. The more people in the hospital testing positive for COVID, the better the propaganda and the narrative was. Now, with so many vaccinated people sick with COVID, it is imperative we move the goalposts and explain that there is, in fact, a difference between people who are tested in hospital and test positive and people who are admitted for COVID itself. Especially, and listen closely, when it comes to children. Just the other day on MSNBC, Fauci said the following:

"But the other important thing is that if you look at the children who are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID as opposed to because of COVID," Fauci continued. "And what we mean by that—if a child goes in the hospital, they automatically get tested for COVID. And they get counted as a COVID-hospitalized individual. When in fact, they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that. So it's overcounting the number of children who are, quote, 'hospitalized with COVID,' as opposed to because of COVID."

They are using the same narrative for adults, as well, but Fauci's focus on kids was telling. Also telling was the fact that he chose to use appendicitis as a theoretical cause for hospitalization. It's been noted as a possible safety signal for the "vaccines."

I hear a record scratch and skip in my head. Didn't we just go through a massive campaign to get our kids the shot to protect adults, something we have never done before in human history? Weren't we guaranteed that this shot would keep our kids from getting sick? And not only that, but what has changed in hospital policy in the past two weeks that makes this a new phenomenon? The answer to that is that absolutely nothing has changed. So, if you are a thinking person, Fauci just admitted that hospitals have been overcounting COVID cases for two years. The single metric they have used to scare the bejeezus out of us has been wildly misrepresented from the start?! Say it ain't so!!

I made a bold prediction on my podcast the other day that the cash cow will soon come to an end, and they will stop testing everyone for COVID no matter the reason they visit the hospital. They just can't have valid numbers out anymore. Or, should I say, they don't have the leeway left to weaponize those numbers.

I can hear it now "the tests don't work! Stop using tests!" Au contraire, I am very well aware. It brings me to my next section.

PCR Tests Produce Positive Results for too Long, and Can't Tell the Difference Between Cold and Flu

UncoverDC was arguably the first outlet to raise the alarm on the PCR test. In our column, published on April 7, 2020, journalist Celia Farber outlined in painstaking detail her experience reporting on the PCR test with the help of its creator, Dr. Kary Mullis. If you haven't read this masterpiece yet, I implore you to do so. UncoverDC has known the PCR test is bunk since the very beginning of this mess.

From changing the cycle threshold to problems with analysis and proper scientific controls at state labs, the first volume of our COVID report had almost 40 stories explaining how poorly these tests performed and how they were being abused for control and propaganda purposes. However, they were still being used to dictate every single facet of normal life.

People who didn't want the shot were forced to swab their nose once or twice weekly before being able to work. A negative test was needed if you were without the shot and wanted to attend an event or fly to a foreign country. If you were just obsessed with knowing whether you were "sick," you ran out to get tested and hoped the PCR gods would grant you favor. Asymptomatic positives were the norm; just ask golfer Jon Rahm. All of them counted towards the mythical and abused "case count." All of them were useless.

When I interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough the first time for the Dark to Light Podcast, he told me he feared that there were thousands of "COVID" deaths that weren't actually case positives for COVID but misdiagnosed flu cases that were treated with the controversial and deadly medication cocktail recommended by the CDC and NIH. It was devastating to hear. We potentially killed thousands of people by giving them dangerous drugs for something they didn't even have and locking them away isolated in a hospital ICU (where they weren't getting any care, let alone intensive care) until they were stuck on a ventilator. For the flu. Because of PCR tests. That were never meant to be used to detect a virus in the first place. I'll pause for a minute so you can get your breath back. I know I've lost mine.

As per the CDC, case counts aren't important anymore. We can't use testing to determine when people can return to work or school, certainly not during an active, now revived flu season. We absolutely can not use PCR tests to determine when our health care workers can return, vaccinated or unvaccinated; as a matter of fact, they are allowed to return while still symptomatic. Almost like a bad cold or flu from back in the day, when you are fever-free for 24 hours, you are good to go and don't have to stay a prisoner in your home for days on end.

We were all stunned to see Rochelle Walensky say the following last week; almost as though we were in some sort of bad dream. What was happening here?? After two straight years of the PCR test being used to dictate literally every aspect of normal life, Walensky was telling us they were unreliable.

"Walensky denied that the lack of a testing component had anything to do with supply issues involving rapid antigen tests in the U.S. "This really had nothing to do with supply. It had everything to do with knowing what we would do with the information when we got it," Walensky said on "CBS Mornings." Walensky said that PCR tests, which are more sensitive, would "not be viable" because they pick up traces of the virus for weeks. "So we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs," Walensky told "Good Morning America."

Why suddenly now were PCR tests "too sensitive" to be used to end a quarantine? Were they always too sensitive? Did something change?

Yes. Too many people are sick. They don't want to know how many people are sick because it would completely shut down society under their old rules, and since they have gotten so many people injected, it would be readily apparent to anyone looking at case numbers that vaccines are useless against COVID.

Again, I predict that we will very soon see a rapid halt to counting cases at all. Everything will change back to the way things were, just like what Chris Hayes said this weekend:

"The risk went from something we hadn't really dealt with before in our lifetimes, to something that looks more like the flu. The flu can still be dangerous—but we do not reorient our lives around the flu."

Ya don't say, Chris!? Where have you been the past two years? Oh yes—that's right—calling those of us proclaiming this very thing murderers, insurrectionists and worse. I digress.

Lastly, it's the CDC DLS (Division of Laboratory Systems) telling us that the PCR test can't designate between the flu and COVID.

CDC information for labs and testing sites

Knowing what these people have done to society, it is very hard for me to type right now. They are trying so hard to whitewash it all and just act as though all of this is normal and this is the way it always was. The problem is, we know better. Before doctors knew COVID was a "thing," they were already DOING this. It was how I was able to write this column titled "Could CDC Data Prove COVID-19 Infections in November of 2019?" The short answer is yes. Before they knew about COVID, they tested patients with viral respiratory illness for flu apart from anything else. It's how we saw the uptick in Influenza-like Illness (ILI) in all of the states (and more) documented in the article. Everyone just stopped doing that for no discernable reason other than case count and COVID.

In closing, their narrative switch isn't lost on those of us who have been paying attention. Send this column to a friend who is edging closer to your side of the fence. Have them listen to trusted experts who have been warning about all of this for a long time. And please, give them a dose of Actual Journalism at UncoverDC, an outlet that has been telling you the truth since day one of this "pandemic."

It may save a life.


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