The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 30, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty on sex-trafficking charges, but no names were named and all records sealed.

-The conventional wisdom is that she will be Epsteined in jail, but the deal may have been in from the get-go: the defense calls no damaging witnesses for the clients, she is found guilty and serves a short sentence, and shuts up.

2) Speaking of Maxwell, a suit brought by Virginia Guiffre against Maxwell’s, er, “associate” Jeffrey Epstein (who did not commit suicide) that resulted in a settlement in 2009 is to have all details made public by Reuters next week. This includes information on Prince Andrew.

3) The actual inventor of the mRNA technology used to produce the China Virus vaxxes has been banned from Twitter for citing government reports.

4) Since we are discussing canceling, Canada has canceled the unvaxxed Joe Rogan who can’t even attend his own sold-out show in Vancouver.

5) CNN’s pedophile problem escalates.

-CNN would lose all its viewers, except it doesn’t have any.

6) The Boss still has it: Trump-backed Ted Budd leads former RINO governor Pat McCrory in the North Carolina GOP primary.

7) The “Delta Karen,” Patricia Cornwall who slapped a male passenger for not wearing a mask while eating, had a restraining order from her stepfather for threatening to kill her own mother.

-She was removed from the flight upon arrival, taken into custody by the FBI, and served with federal charges.

8) American Thinker: “Covid con is all the DemoKKKrats have.”

COMMENT: When the Rutabaga took office, he wasted no time destroying the U.S. energy sector and ending energy independence; then he smashed the U.S. economy; then he botched the Afghan pullout. They indeed have nothing else. Biteme’s deliberate opening of the border is a horrific fiasco. The DemoKKKrats in general have lost families with their hateful transoid and Communist Racist Theory policies. So the China Virus was—and is—all they ever had. And Biteme now has more deaths than Trump did, despite (or more likely, because of) the vaxxes.

-Just remember: we don’t want the Rutabaga to crash too fast. We need this to be a slow death spiral into the teens by 2024, so that we come as close as possible to permanently eliminating the Evil Party once and for all.

9) The governor of Michigan, Witless Protection, has signed a bill allowing schools to use secretaries and other staff not certified as teachers to . . . well, . . . teach due to the shortage caused by the “pandemic.”

-Of course, the shortage was not caused by the pandemic at all but by the vax requirements.

10) On the subject of Witless Protection, the FBI informant who helped stage the phony kidnapping plot of Witless is charged with fraud.

-Good. Now do all the inhabitants of the Hoover building.

11) Racist black women who harassed Arizona State University male students at the “multicultural center” are found guilty.



12) A rise in stock futures leads analysts to expect a 71st all-time high.

13) Jobless claims near pre-China Virus lows.

14) Tesla has recalled 475,000 Model 3 and Model 5 electric cars.

15) The World Bank has warned of the risk of double-dip recessions as inflation and China Virus restrictions impede economic recovery.

16) The U.S. trade deficit shot up in November: economist Peter Schiff: “the U.S. economy is a complete disaster. It has never been weaker.”



17) The ChiComs are working on “brain-control weaponry” that paralyzes and controls opponents rather than killing them.

18) Failure of a booster rocket on a Russkie military satellite, haled as a success, to “come crashing down” towards earth in weeks.



19) U.S. troops will not have to get a China Virus booster shot.

20) The centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have reinstated the China Virus vax mandate.

21) An independent doctor has submitted a fluvoxamine EUA application to the FDA, circumventing Big Pharma

22) The CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, said that the current guidelines don’t require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks.

-So the tests can’t tell if you still have the virus or not.

But . . . “trust the science.”

23) Marines say they are being “crushed” by the vax refusals, calling it a “political purge.” Zero religious exemptions have been granted so far.

24) Triple-vaxxed 40-49-year-olds are ten times more likely to catch the OhMyGod variant than the unvaxxed in the UK.

25) A vax mandate for domestic air travel is not on the table for the Biteme administration, says CDC director after Dr. Fallacy pops off again.

26) Aaron Rodgers says that the NFL secretly administered China Virus drugs HCQ and Ivermectin even as the league was publicly deriding them in support of Dr. Fallacy’s code.

27) Finally, actress Betty White (whom I met) and who turns 100 in three weeks says her key to longevity is to “avoid eating anything green". I think it’s working.”


And that’s Today’s News


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