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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 20, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) DemoKKKrats now know what it is like to be McCained: Senator Machin-on-a-Hill not only kills Biteme’s Build Back Boondoggle but stuns White House by refusing a call from the Rutabaga minutes before announcing his position on live TV.

-All that was missing here was the thumbs down!

2) At his Texas rally, Donald Trump said “Our country needs a savior right now. Our country has a savior. And it’s not me. . . . Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of our strength and our hope.

3) DemoKKKrat National Committee members preparing for a dispute over how to handle the 2024 nomination calendar (i.e., expecting Biteme not to be there, and preparing for primaries).

4) White House backtracks after President Harris says they were not prepared for the new China Virus variants.

5) The Freedom Caucus vows complete takeover of the GOP in the 2022 midterms.

-Let’s hope they begin by replacing McCarthy as the leader.

6) Republicans prepare a slew of probes when they win back the House, including Biteme’s Afghan debacle, China Virus Origins, and NSA spying.

-Now do the Patriot Day hoax investigators.

7) File under “True dat!”: Swimming World editor says transoid swimmer Lia Thomas has an unfair advantage that is like those of doped swimmers.

8) Another reason we should not have public schools: D.C. teacher put on leave after making kids aged eight and nine re-enact the Holocaust with a Jewish boy chosen to play Hitler and others ordered to roleplay digging mass graves or dying in gas chambers.

9) “Woke” issues distracted military leaders from Afghanistan as American soldiers died.

10) North Las Vegas mayor switches parties.

-Again, one more of those little “canaries in the coal mine” that points to a massive GOP win in 2022.

11) Rasmussen: Biteme at 40%. This is good—remember, we don’t want him to crash too quickly.

12) Growing list of federal court suits could force end of January 6 Patriot Day committee.

13) How the media lost touch with reality: They were drawn from extremely elite backgrounds.

14) Kayleigh McEnany says that Donald Trump is the reason we are even talking about Roe v. Wade.

15) As Nicholas Sandmann celebrates his third victory in suits against Hoax News media (thirteen to go!), a federal judge allows Michael Flynn’s suit against CNN to proceed.

16) Alabama judge removed from the bench for calling a colleague an “Uncle Tom” and labeling another colleague a “fat bitch” and a third employee a “heifer.”

17) In Kollyfornia, Los Angeles D.A. won’t prosecute crimes of sexual battery, assault, and burglary under his extended “restorative justice” program.

18)  . . . while the San Francisco mayor finally admits the city is in “a crisis” and declares a “state of emergency” to combat the “nasty” streets of the Tenderloin district.

19) More peace and harmony in Kollyfornia as rapper Drakeo the Ruler dies after being stabbed at a Los Angeles music festival.

20) Constitutional carry clears the Ohio state senate.

21) Ray Epps’s on-camera confession that the feds were agent provocateurs on Patriot Day—now has more details from Revolver.

22) Speaking of conspiracies, the evil Dr. Fallacy colluded with the head of the NIH to discredit experts who called for the end to lockdowns.

23) The evil woke Pentagon now orders a company to stop making faith-based dog tags because of “complaint” from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

24) File under pigs flying: Alka Stelter, the potato, has argued for “letting kids live normal lives” and not closing schools again.



25)  The port of Los Angeles sees a huge drop in exports.

26) Stocks sink on worries over Biteme’s agenda and more tyrannical measures.

27) Do you remember when ads used to actually sell products? This is what a real Christmas ad used to look like.

28) Coal use is reaching record levels in India and China.

29) Why were “experts” and “forecasters” so wrong on the China Virus’s societal impact?

-Cuz the experts are almost always wrong. No, I’m not kidding. That’s what the story says.

30) U.S.-based toy chains stepping up to fill the void left by the locked-down international market.

31) China Virus welfare, health fears push Americans away from work.

-That and the decades-long Millenniallist pablum that all work must be “meaningful.”

32) This year, Hollywood’s China relationship finally unraveled.

-About time.



33) Poland passes a media bill that affects the ability of foreign corporations to own Polish news media.

34) Ukraine recognizes Jerusalem as the “one and only” capital of Israel. Plans to open a diplomatic office there.

35) The World Council for Health has called for an immediate halt to the China Virus experimental “vaccines.”

36) Ruh roh: the most recent NASA data shows a decline in the sea level.



37)  A growing number of companies, Cleveland Clinic, Amtrack, Huntington-INgallas, the University of Iowa, and others have repealed their vax mandates.

38) . . .  Even as the 3-judge 6th Circuit panel reinstates the business mandate.

39) Americans increasingly refuse to obey mandates in the name of fighting the China Virus.

40) Ohio National Guard is mobilized to help with rising China Virus rates.

41) The NFL, apparently realizing it cannot keep doing what it’s doing, will test vaccinated players less frequently.

-Wait till the first China Virus testing scandal appears, where the mob has gained access to test administrators or those who “analyze” test results. Wanna bet some star players test positive just before a championship?

42) Now the DemoKKKrats have two senators who have tested positive for the China Virus, as BookerT&theMSGs joins ComanChe on the bench.

43) Ryanair CEO says unvaxxed shouldn’t be allowed to enter supermarkets, hospitals, or airplanes.

44)  . . . while the TRIPLE-vaxxed Southwest Airlines CEO tests positive for the China Virus.

45) The CDC underreported the unvaxxed by over 10 million.

-(Hearing from a source that in Israel, only 45% of the people are vaxxed even once, contrary to gubment claims).

46) And finally, President Trump demands the Chicoms pay $60 trillion in China Virus damages.

-Far be it from me to disagree with Donald the Great, but sir, isn’t that a little low? I think we should at least also get Hong Kong and China’s Disneylands.


And that’s Today’s News

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