The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 30, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1)  A battle over executive privilege heads to the courts as Trump fights the January 6 (Patriot Day) committee’s overreach.

2) The Demented Pervert’s China Virus mandate suffers another defeat as a Missouri judge blocks vaxxes for healthcare employees in ten states. This follows the ruling by the Ninth Circuit over the weekend putting a stay on the mandate for California children.

3) DemoKKKrats considering the “nuclear option” to remove Harris—including nominating her to the Supreme Court.

4) Twit CEO Jack Dorsey announces his resignation as a total Leninist appears ready to take over.

5) CNN conducting “review” after Chris Cuomo is found using media connections to help brother, Nipplepin Venthoarder, Andrew.

6) The canaries in the coal mine are really singing. Another DemoKKKrat, Tom Suzzi (NY) quitting Congress to run for NY governor. If you care, keeping count, this is #18, and it’s not even Christmas 2021!!

7) Three congressmen file suit against Botoxic for reduction in their compensation merely for expressing themselves based on the 27th Amendment.

8) The ten biggest tests of Trump’s “stranglehold” (WaCompost verbiage) on the GOP in 2022. This includes Brian Kemp and Liz Cheney.

9) According to so-called actor Seth Rogan, this is just part of “living in the big city”: actor Bradley Cooper held up at knifepoint in NYC.

10) Trial of the hoaxster Juicy Smol-yey, that French actor, begins.

11) Political odds of Trump winning in 2024, rise.

12) People fleeing Kollyfornia. In the top five outbound migration states, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan.

-Lessee, what do these states have in common? Can’t quite put my finger on it.

13) Americans moving to states that reflect their own views on abortion, maskie mandates, and Communist Racist Theory (i.e., people are fleeing blue states).

14) Was the Muslim man who masqueraded as an Orthodox Jew and married a New York Jewish woman an NSA agent? The “fine people” at the FBI are investigating.

15) Legal experts say Kyle Rittenhouse cannot be prosecuted under civil rights laws.

16) Another “race” to avoid a gubment shutdown by Friday as DemoKKKrats and lackey GOP work to “avoid furloughing” federal workers.

-I say, furlough them all. Permanently. We’ll survive.

17) Oakland mayor reverses plans to defund cops after crime spree with three killed over Thanksgiving weekend, including a security guard shot by looters.

18) Olympic relay runner Emmit King and friend Albert Wells shoot each other to death in disagreement.



19) Dow crashes 350 points after Moderna CEO says it will take months to develop the Omicron vax.

-Or, you know, could be people are waking up to the fact that the Demented Pervert is doing everything he can to destroy the economy. Just maybe.



20) File this under irony: German euthanasia clinics refusing unvaxxed customers.

21) Yo, Global Warming Hoaxsters! 18 ships stranded in Arctic off Russia due to “unexpected” freeze.

22) Does this count as “green” energy? New cement-making process with a composite in South Korea makes concrete that generates electricity.



23) Tucker Carlson calls Biteme’s handling of the China Virus the “greatest public policy failure of all time.” No one in charge has even acknowledged the magnitude of the failure.

24) If the vax works so well, why are China Virus cases soaring in Pennsylvania?

25) Biteme’s China Virus death milestone: more Americans have died of the virus this year than in all of 2020. Thanks, Rutabaga.

26) Forbes, carrying water for the pro-vaxxers, says that China Virus vaxxes don’t alter your DNA—but “thanks to your immune system, your DNA is a tiny bit altered after you get any vaccine.”


27) Lara Logan compares Dr. Fallacy to Josef Mengele. “People all across the world are saying this.”

28) Finally, in the “dark world” of female dating strategy, women are told to avoid “useless scrotes” and categorizes men into “low and high value” based on finance and penis size.


And that’s Today’s News

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