The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 29, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow




1) Steve Bannon has drawn first blood: DOJ accuses him of “misleading and frivolous” attempts to turn his persecution into a “public spectacle.” Er, no, Grand Moff Garland, you did that.

2) GOP cements hold on battleground state legislatures (Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio).

3) Lou Barletta holds a wide lead over all GOP rivals in Pennsylvania primary. (Good guy).

4) If this holds, it would be the death knell for DemoKKKrats in all but the most safe districts: only 4% of Americans think the country is doing “very well” while 70% say things are going “very badly.”

-Let’s go Brandon!

5) DemoKKKrat advisory group, Third Way, sends dismal memo to DemoKKKrats: “weak national brand,” “voters unhappy with the direction of the country,” no clear path to recovery.

6) Supreme Court prepares to hear “biggest abortion case in decades.” Mississippi challenge could end Roe v. Wade.

7) Feel good story of the day. Fatboy Slim’s book (i.e., Chris Christie), Republican Rescue, has yet to crack Amazon’s top 100, let alone the New York Slimes’s top 100, despite massive air time.

8) This is NOT going to go well with the Q-tips: Mike Flynn says Qanon is a CIA disinformation campaign created by the left.

9) “Defund NYPD” governor candidate lives on an Army base.

10) Kansas DemoKKKrat calls for fellow DemoKKKrat representative to step down after DUI.

11) In Kollyfornia, female inmates sue state for placing transoid “women” in women’s prisons, creating an unsafe environment.



12) “Oh noes!” The newest “worst-ever” variant of the China virus makes vaxxes 40% less effective. UK/Israel ban travel from South Africa, but not the U.S.

-Psst. The vaxxes were barely 60% effective before.

13) Doctor sounds alarm as stillbirth numbers explode in Canada.

14) Dr. Fallacy’s torture chamber open again, this time for Rhesus monkeys.

15) Alex Berenson, one of the few rational media voices on the China Virus, reports on a New England Journal of Medicine study that raises the possibility of uncontrolled autoimmune response that is much higher in vaxxed than in those with natural immunity.

16) Court rules against vax mandate for prisoners.

17) Australia has recorded 11 times more deaths in 8 months following the China Virus vaxxes than it has deaths attributable to ALL other deaths for every other vax over the previous 50 years.

18) Official FDA report finds all-cause death rate higher among the vaxxed and admits young myocarditis victims have required intensive care.

19) Fully vaxxed rocker Bryan Adams tested positive for the China Virus for the second time in a month.

-Shocked, I tell ya.

20) China Virus death toll under the Demented Pervert to pass deaths under Trump in less time.

21) Merck Molnupiravir pill efficacy drops to 30%. Yeah, that’s the Magic Bullet.

22) Former pro calls for investigation after another soccer player suddenly collapses.

-Gee, let’s see, what changed? Can’t put my finger on it . . . .

23) Qatar study: those who recovered from China Virus at little risk of reinfection.

24) Don’t worry, folks: they now have a new different “drug cocktail’ that is four times more effective at keeping patients out of intensive care.

-“Used as a part of transgender hormone therapy”



25) ESPN is hemorrhaging subscribers, down to 76 million as Disney scrambles to stem tide.

26) Customers boycott Best Buy and Levi’s for offering “employee counseling” after Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict.

27) Stacks of empty containers—100,000—build up in beautiful Kollyfornia. Well, you know, beautiful except for acres of homeless camps, streets littered with feces & drug needles, $8 gas. But the weather!!

28) Turkish currency crisis sees Turks abandon Lira for dollars.

29) Chicoms to start their own Twitter, Wibo, with $547m listing. I’m sure it will be as free as our Twit.

30) New Abba Vegas show could fetch $1 billion.

31) Disney’s latest PC movie, “Encanto,” opens to just over half that of pre-pandemic holiday launch, and just one-third of Frozen II.  House of Gucci only pulls in $21.8 over five days (pretty much a bomb).

32) File under, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Cinemark Theaters carry Netflix films.




33) The “Pinocchio of Parliament,” and Australian MP who lied about his military service and wore a fake medal for years was jailed.

34) Belarus dictator Lukashenko tells migrants they don’t have to go home. “Go through” (to Poland). This, folks, is an act of war.

35) Egypt celebrates the grand reopening of its 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes: 1.7-mile road with 1,050 statues. (You’ll probably find Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jefferson in there somewhere).

36) Dutch police arrest couple trying to flee quarantine. Does this vaguely sound like the 1930s and a certain Teutonic country?

37) And finally, ever wonder where your package went? Hundreds of Fed Ex packages tossed into an Alabama ravine.


And that’s Today’s News

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